Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites Review




When I first saw these I was amazed at how cheap they were the person I bought these from asked for only 3 dollars which is the equivalent of about 2 pounds.

I am a big fan of Cookie Dough so I could not resist picking some of these up.

Nutrition Facts


One box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites contains 2 servings of candy.

Each serving contains

200 Calories

10g of Fat

7g of Saturated Fat

0g of Trans Fat

5mg of Cholesterol

65mg of Sodium

27g of Carbohydrates

0g of Dietary Fibre

20g of Sugar

and 1g of Protein

It does not matter how much you love cookie dough, I’m sure everyone will agree that it is not most nutritional thing you can eat so eating these in small doses is highly recommended.

The company that makes Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites has pasted that the product does not contain egg all over the box, I guess this just to show that this particular candy is safe for vegans too eat as in the list of ingredients they do say that they use milk powder instead of milk from an animal.


The product its self is an assortment of cookie dough balls covered in milk chocolate they come on various sizes and shapes which is an aspect that I like because it does give me a bit more faith in the product because it makes it seem that it was not just simply made by machines in a factory.



The milk chocolate is quite flavourless, it does have a very slight chocolate taste to it but in general it honestly just tastes like plastic.


The cookie dough tastes pretty good but again it does not have much flavour too it, although I will admit that the flavour is much stronger and of better quality compared to the chocolate. The cookie dough has a mixture of salty and sweet flavours and the texture of the cookie dough is quite dry.

My biggest issue with the product is that it’s called Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites and as much as there was cookie dough in bite size pieces I failed to find any chocolate chips, I suppose you could argue that the chocolate covering the cookie dough is the chocolate chip but if that is the case surely the product should be named Milk Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites.

This product was really disappointing it lacked in both chocolate chips and flavour and even though they are quite cheap to purchase I recommend staying away from these. 3/10

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Wacky uses of the potato

Ahhh Potatoes a well loved vegetable among the average adult and a mortal enemy to most children but why do children hate potatoes, I think they’re amazing you can do pretty much anything with them and they can be eaten with almost anything. Potatoes are in a way the vegetable equivalent of silly putty. We all know that potatoes can be mashed, jacketed, made into crisps any many other things but there are some things people do with potatoes which we would never think could happen and I’m going to list my  five favourites enjoy.

Potato Facial

If you’ve ever had a facial you know you got to put that weird green stuff on your face and cucumber slices on both of your eye lids, now I don’t know what using cucumber does but apparently if you put two slices of raw potato on your eyes instead it will help reduce puffiness and swelling.

 ImagePotato Vodka

Have you ever had trouble getting your teenage son/daughter to eat their vegetables? If you have don’t worry because I have a solution make vodka out of your potatoes this way your children may be drinking excessively but at the end of the day they are going to eat their vegetables so it makes you less of a bad parent even though you let them drink under age.


 Potato Powered Clock

It’s time for a little bit of science did you know that potatoes contain a special kind of energy which when combined with electrical energy and other Science related things (I would name these but I’ too lazy) it is able to power a small clock. I wish doc Brown was real so I ask him why he didn’t have a potato, clock, he owns clocks of everything else and with him being a scientist it would make sense for him to make one.


 Using raw potatoes to cure headache

If like me you suffer from a lot of headaches and your fed up having to take tablets all the time did you know you can rub too slices of raw potato on each of your temples to help relieve the pain. I’m not kidding this really works and it has been tested by scientists who have also agreed that this theory is correct. What I want to know is who the hell had a head ache and thought I don’t want to take an aspirin, I know I will rub some potato on my face.

(I couldn’t find any images of someone mad enough to do this, so I’m going to upload this picture of a bull dog instead)

Image Potato Sculptures

Do you hate potatoes? If you do there is a way that you can make potato time more fun all you need is some good artistic skills, a carving knife and pretty wild imagination. If you have all of those then you my friend are ready to start carving some potato sculptures “wait what’s that you have a life? oh ok then I think I might get myself one of those”

 ImageI hope you enjoyed today’s blog

If you do anything weird and wacky with potatoes or if you think something is missing on this list then please comment below

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