Food and Beverage Reviews

White Reese’s

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Grape Kool Aid

Birthday Cake M and M’s

Building a Ginger Bread House FT: What Maff Said

BRUU December 2015 Box

BRUU January 2016 Box

Whittards Luxury White Hot Chocolate

Captain Morgans Original Spiced Gold

Havana Club: Anejo Especial Cuban Rum

Post: Fruity Pebbles

General Mills: Lucky Charms

General Mills: Chocolate Lucky Charms

Barti Spiced

Ben&Jerry’s Netflix and Chilled

Captain Cooks: Smooth and Spiced

Cadbury: Perky Nana

Ranking all the Sneak Energy flavours

Froot Loops Tropical

Swiss Miss with Lucky Charms

DoughMuchDough Edible Cookie Dough’s


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