Havana Club: Anejo Especial Cuban Rum Review

This lovely rum from Havana Club a Cuban rum company does not have a special bottle that really stands out but the I like the design of the sticker on the front and an important note to take from the sticker is that the rum has been double aged in oak barrels.

The back of the bottle again does not stand out, it has the usual safety information and the percentage of alcohol, in this case the percentage is 40 percent, a description of the rum on the back sticker reads “Aged to perfection and deliciously smooth, Havana Club Anajo Especial is an amber coloured rum with notes of vanilla. To produce such a special rum our Maestro’s del Ron Cubano take their time and age it twice. Our rum’s aromatic intensity comes from the old oak barrels it first rests in and it owes its striking smoothness to a second maturation in younger ex-whiskey casks. Fully rounded and perfectly balanced Especial rum makes the ultimate Cuba libre”


From opening the bottle and pouring the rum into a tumbler you can smell a hint of vanilla but personally I would say an oak smell over empowers it, after letting it breath a while I went in for a sip and the vanilla is definitely stronger than the smell suggests however there is a hint of oak in the flavour, the rum is very smooth and delicate to the taste buds.

I was surprised to not enjoy the rum as much when I mixed it with cola, it was still nice but that lovely flavor was taken over by the cola and it had a slightly odd taste to it, I probably won’t be mixing it in the future.

This is really nice rum that in my opinion tastes better neat and would be really nice with a couple of ice cubes, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice this rum is and I only payed 20 pounds which is a really good price for a rum that is this enjoyable, I will definitely be checking our more from Havana Club in the future.

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