Captain Cooks – Smooth and Spiced Rum Review

Sometimes you can only afford a cheaper option when it comes to rum, buying the cheaper rums is sometimes a gamble on it’s quality but was I left surprised by Lidl’s own rum Captain Cooks Original Smooth and Spiced.

The back of the bottle has a small message which is very basic, its reads ” This amber – coloured Captain Cooks Spiced Rum Based Spirit Drink captivates with its mild spices and its incomparable flavour. It provides an excellent base for mixed drinks.”

The Rum is 35 percent alcohol and it comes in a fully recyclable bottle.

The spirit gives of a very strong artificial vanilla smell, it has a slight chemical taste to it but is pleasant enough to be enjoyed as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive premium rums.

Mixed this rum is very good, the artificial chemical flavour is gone and you have a lovely sweet vanilla flavour which works extremely well with a cola but should be just as good with a beverage of your choice. This is far from some of the best rum I have ever had but if I ever am in need of a cheap rum to bring to a party this may be the one that I choose and if you would like to try this rum you can find it in the alcohol isle of your local Lidl.

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