Mega Man 11 (2018) Review

Mega Man 11 is an action platformer developed by Capcom as the eleventh installment of the original Mega Man franchise, it was released in 2018 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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The game opens with a flashback to Dr Wily and Dr Light at Robot University and shows the player the time when they had the famous argument which caused them to become rivals. Due to Wilys Gear System causing strain on robots Lights research was chosen over Wily’s.

At this point Wily wakes up remembering the power of his Gear System he sets to work on taking over the world once again stealing Lights latest robots with the power of the gear system making Wily almost unstoppable. Thankfully Light kept a prototype of Wily’s original gear system allowing him to install it into Mega Man powering him up ready for battle.

The game follows the usual Mega Man pattern of eight challenging platforming levels each with a Robot Master and most with a mini boss. I was surprised that the game did not hold back on its difficulty. There are four different levels of difficulties to pick from but I personally would recommend either casual or normal.

For every Robot Master you successfully defeat you will gain a new weapon that can be used at any time however with limited energy, each robot master is weak to another masters weapon so you need test out different abilities to ensure that you can survive the many challenges of the game.

The Gear System is a new element of gameplay that can temporarily aid Mega Man, players are able to slow down time or increase the Mega Busters Power, I hardly ever used the power gear but the speed was extremely useful for avoiding large oncoming hazards and to make some precise shots on enemies.

Visually I think this is one of the best looking Mega Man games of the classic series, It doesn’t hold a candle to Mega Man 8 but I really enjoyed the small fun details that Capcom put in this one. I love blast mans stage as they designed the background as TV set giving it a lot of charm.

The soundtrack is ok but really isnt anything special, not that its bad or anything its just very forgetful which is shame considering that some of the previous games have given us some of the most influential video music of all time. I love Mega Man music that gets the player pumped for a battle but is still really fun to listen too and Mega Man 11 did not deliver any of this for myself.

Along side the music the game is fully voice acted and the voice work is much better here than it was in Mega Man 8.

Mega Man 11 is a great game I will admit that its not one of my favourites but is a lot of fun none the less. It has some bonus challenges but the only one worth playing in my opinion is the Dr Lights challenge which puts the player through 30 very difficult short levels. The main game is challenging enough but is made a little easy by its very cheap shop which can be visited between levels even on the stages between Wily’s fortress which is a series first, because of this you can keep stocking up on cheaper weapon and energy tanks making the final battle a breeze. A great blast from the past but one that I wish had a more interesting soundtrack and was perhaps not so generous with its item prices and bolt drops.


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