Cadbury Perky Nana Review

So I woke up this morning to a delivery from Australia, this package contained many snacks from down under which is very exciting as I do not often get to try snacks from across the Globe, out of all the items I received a yellow bar from Cadbury called a Perky Nana immediately caught my eye and I had to try it first.

I couldn’t find much information on this I even checked the Australian Cadbury website but I had no luck, the small piece of information I could find was that the bar consists of soft marsh mallow covered in chocolate

The bar looks as expected, mine has slightly burst due to me lightly poking before I opened the bar, this is a very fragile chocolate, they smell very fruity with an artificial banana smell which again is what you would expect.

I dont think my description of the taste will do this justice but the mix of chocolate and banana marshmallow is amazing, its very sweet, I only took a small bite and I feel satisfied like I want some more but I want to take my time with it instead of shovelling it down.

Why the heck havent we got these the UK Perky Nana is awesome, if ever get to visit Australia I will be buying these in bulk to bring back home.

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