Swiss Miss with Lucky Charms Review

Two of my favourite things combined how could I say no !

Swiss Miss Lucky Charms is a hot cocoa mix I was gifted for xmas by my younger brother, I love hot cocoa and Lucky Charms so needless to say I am very excited about this, its also very reasonably priced to import so I might buy it more regularly if I like it.

The back of the box is fun enough it has a little rhyme on the back which says ” The charms are no secret, it’s quite clear to see; Their powers are what create the magicality.”

“They swim in your mug, as awesome as can be; Combined with Swiss Miss Cocoa, filling hearts with glee.”

I think Swiss Miss is another brand from the USA maybe we can more of their cocoa in the future.

The dietary requirements say that one cup of this cocoa has

180 calories

3% daily fat

3% daily saturated fat

8% daily sodium

13% daily carbohydrates

3% daily dietary fiber

54% Daily Sugars !

1g protein

So as to be expected not exactly very nutritional so perhaps use this as a treat more than a daily sweet drink

next I heated some milk in a mug, I chose oat milk due to dietary choices but any milk will do, you can also just use water if you are criminally insane 😉

Inside are multiple stitched together packages holding your cocoa mix and the marshmallows

I first added the cocoa and tasted, the flavour is very nice, it reminds me of chocolate cereal milk and I’m not sure if that’s because I’m thinking of cereal however its very creamy and chocolatey, very tasty even on its own

I added the mallows which are just the ones from the cereal but wow if this didn’t remind me of chocolate Lucky Charms it definitely does now !, this is a really good hot cocoa, I hope this isn’t limited edition as I really want more in future but due to its high sugars not too regularly

there isn’t much of a smell to the drink other than cheap cocoa mix but I assure you it tasted much better than the less than inviting scent it gives off !

Overall this is a great idea and a treat I will be trying again and again!

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