General Mills: Lucky Charms Review


Lucky Charms is a breakfast cereal from company General Mills, it has been popular in kitchens at breakfast time since 1964. The cereal generally consists of oat pieces and marshmallows, my box came with Pokemon cards which is really cool because I couldn’t tell you the last time a box of cereal I have bought has come with something other than cereal.

The commercials are great for Lucky Charms, they consist of the leprechaun Lucky trying to keep children away from his cereal but he almost always gets caught in the end and the children get the cereal, some of the commercials are really memorable and they have helped to make the cereal so popular.


The back of the box has various Pokemon games and information regarding the Pokemon card promotion.

One serving of the cereal is 3/4 of a cup which is approximately 96 grams in UK measurement.

One serving of Lucky Charms has

110 calories

1 gram of fat

170 milligrams of sodium

55 milligrams of potassium

22 grams of carbohydrates

2 grams of protein


The cereal has a very faint sweet smell to it when you open the box but nothing that stands out


The cereal tastes ok dry, the marshmallows do not have a lot of flavour dry but the oats have a very nice flavour similar to cheerios.


The cereal smells sweeter when milk is added but its not an over-empowering smell.

The cereal is nice with milk it reminds of cheerios mixed with sugar and apart from that nothing about it is really that interesting, the marshmallows are definitely what will bring in the kids but for me Lucky Charms are not the greatest cereal when it comes to taste, I do also have a box of the chocolate variety which I am going to review so hopefully that version will bring more flavour to the table.



As a bonus these are the Pokemon cards I got in the box

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