Super Mario 64 (N64) Review

Super Mario 64 Review (N64)

When it comes to Nintendo 64 games there is one that I believe everyone has played and that’s Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 was the first 3d free roaming Mario game to ever be released this was a big step up from the old side scrolling Mario titles and it was also the first game which allowed us to hear what Mario voice sounded like. This game had quite a big impact on Mario fans so big in fact that there was a remake on the DS which included more playable characters and more in game levels the DS version was also very popular but I’m not here to review that game I’m here to review the original so lets a go and jump straight into this 64 bit masterpiece.

The Story

Mario receives a letter from Princess Peach telling him to go to the castle as the princess has baked a cake for him (don’t they have servants to do that) any way Mario’s a doofus and lets his hormones take over his common sense and so he leaves the dodgy letter and go’s to the castle anyway when he arrives and enters the castle he finds out the letter was fake and Bowser has kidnapped the princess and is hiding in the castle somewhere and it’s Mario’s job to go and rescue her.

The game itself

The controls in this game are perfect that’s because Mario has a lot of moves which all require a different button combination to pull off, luckily Mario 64’s controls are very easy to remember. The game play is really smooth and there is no lag when pressing the buttons, what I really love about the game play is the fact that Mario talks while you play whether it’s a yahoo or yippee it’s pretty awesome it may not be too impressive now but back when the game came out it was pretty mind blowing. The game play is not all perfect though as Mario 64 very slightly suffers from what most N64 games suffer from and that’s bad use of the in game camera,  it’s not as bad as in some games but at times the camera seems to have a mind of it s own and will hide Mario under platforms which can be annoying since at times its caused me to fall off cliffs and die.


The graphics in Mario 64 are beautiful and I’m not over exaggerating for a game that came out in 1996 the graphics are pretty damn impressive and with it being one of the first game to be released on the system it really showed the 3d capabilities that Nintendo are capable of producing. From beginning to end the smoothness of the graphics are really shown off with character movements, in game animations and amazing looking environments throughout. Super Mario 64 looked awesome back then and it still looks pretty awesome today.


If you thought the music in Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Land was good you haven’t heard shit until you’ve heard some of the music from Super Mario 64. Before this game came out Mario fans were used hearing catchy tunes in Mario Titles and catchy tunes is what we expected from Mario 64 but what we heard was like the sound of angels singing from the heavens it wasn’t just a catchy tunes we heard in Mario 64 instead the music was an orchestrated masterpiece today it’s not as good as the music from titles such as Mario Galaxy but back then it was just as good. My personal favourite track from the game is the final music when you’re on your way to final fight with Bowser.


The big guys

In every couple of paintings you will have to defeat what I like to call the big guys these are very large enemies who will usually challenge you to defeat them if you do you will earn a star they can all be defeated similarly and their not too difficult. The big guys I can remember fighting from when I was a kid are King Bob-omb, a giant Thwomp and Giant boo, King Bob-omb is my favourite because he talks about moustaches and moustaches are awesome.


I hate this boss because every time I do it I end up with a blister this is caused by the player having to spin the joystick really fast and pressing the A button to hurl Bowser into bombs which are spread around battle area. This wouldn’t be so bad but the problem is you need to defeat Bowser four times in different locations of the castle until you finally beat the game. The whole idea to beating Bowser is to run behind him and grab his tail (This where the camera really starts play up) once you have his tail spin him around with the joystick and throw him into the bombs do this three times each time you fight Bowser to defeat him make sure you avoid his fire balls though because they take away a lot of health. Once you beat Bowser you see the final cut seen before the end credits to legendary game.

Final Verdict

I love this game and I going to give it an 8/10 because apart from the annoying camera angles and the game physically hurting me it’s a really awesome experience and it was the first 3d Mario game that Nintendo ever made it also really revolutionised the world of gaming so if you own a Nintendo 64 and you don’t have Mario 64 in your collection go out and buy it because it’s pretty bad ass and its great game to have your shelf.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Super Mario 64 this is my opinion of the game if you respect my opinion I will respect yours.

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This review was written by Dan