Froot Loops: Tropical Review

Now I know I haven’t reviewed regular Froot Loops yet but I couldn’t resist grabbing these are they are limited edition

Froot Loops Tropical is a limited edition varient of Froot Loops Cereal from Kellogs. In the UK we got a version of Froot Loops with a lot of flavour taken out of it due to our sugar laws, our version is quite depressing and is not very popular. I haven’t eaten the USA version of Froot Loops in over 20 years so I cant remember what its like, I will be reviewing this version as a stand alone product as I am unable to compare it to the original.

The back of this box is really fun, it is very colourful and full of activities for children to enjoy

One serving of the cereal is 3/4 of a cup which is approximately 96 grams in UK measurement.

One serving of Froot Loops Tropical has

1g of fat

75mg of sodium

34g Carbohydrates

12g Sugar

2g of protein

Upon opening the box the smell is very strong, it has a scent similar to a tropical squash which I suppose is to be expected

These are pretty tasty dry, not many people realise this but all the colours are the same flavour, I think the cereal tastes like dried banana which is one of my favourite snacks, the flavour is not as strong as the smell which is a tad disappointing though

Adding milk only enhanced the smell and taste, this is much better with milk added but it still just tastes like a banana cereal, its not as tropical as it advertises so if you want really tropical I would probably skip this otherwise if you love banana’s this is will be a great cereal for you to try.

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Post: Fruity Pebbles Review


Fruity Pebbles as well as its sister cereal Cocoa Pebbles are cereal brands based on the animated sitcom the Flintstones, they were both released in 1971 and have been popular in American homes ever since.

The commercials for pebbles are really great, they are very entertaining and will make you want to try the cereal, they have changed a lot over the years but I like the commercials where Barney is trying to steal the cereal from Fred the best.

Today we will looking at the fruity pebbles version of the cereal.


The box comes with some games on the back which will keep children entertained for a short while.

One serving of the cereal is half a cup which in uk measurements is 135 grams.

One serving of fruity pebbles has

110 calories

1 gram of saturated fat

140 milligrams of sodium

20 milligrams of potassium

9 grams of sugar

14 grams of other carbohydrates

and 1 gram of protein.


Upon opening the box you can smell a very strong artificial fruit scent that fills your nostrils.


I tried all of the different colours dry and they all taste the same, it a very artificial flavour but it is nice.


The cereal is a lot nicer with milk but it is very sweet, I cant see me eating this on a daily basis but as an occasional treat it would make a nice dessert.

The cereal goes soggy really fast which is a shame for me because I enjoy crunchy cereal but this didn’t affect the taste of the cereal at all.

Fruity Pebbles is a cereal that is not available in the United Kingdom so I had to get this imported, it is very enjoyable but as I have already mentioned it is incredibly sweet so keep this in mind before you order a box online.

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Bad ass USA Cereals we don’t get the UK


As you all may know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is a large variety of breakfast cereals to choose from but here in the UK not a lot of people eat breakfast cereals or breakfast for that matter.

Your parents may say try and eat some or stop being lazy and eat your damn cereal, were not eating our cereal because we are lazy, we are not eating our cereal because cereal in the UK fucking sucks and most of it taste like cardboard.

Like almost everything else in America breakfast time is all rainbows and unicorns not because there a nation who believes in having a balanced diet, no they all love breakfast because of their fucking breakfast cereals this is because instead of being stuck with all the protein and fibre kids need for breakfast American cereals give kids all the unhealthy sugary goodness that’s kids want.

This is going to be a list of the top 3 USA breakfast cereals that I want to be sold in the UK.

3. Trix 


Let me tell you why most fruit flavoured cereals suck it’s because lot of them don’t taste like fruit. That’s freaking ridiculous kids don’t want to eat fruit anyway so what’s the point in advertising a cereal that tastes like fruit when in reality it taste like crap. Trix on the other hand genuinely does taste like fruit and it’s pretty damn tasty too. I think that to make a cereal have high sales on the market it needs to have a good mascot to represent the cereal. Trix the rabbit is a hilarious mascot I feel bad for him sometimes because he can never have his own cereal because apparently Trix is for kids.

2.  Lucky Charms

 ImageThis cereal is so fucking trippy that its awesome imagine getting a basic bowl of cereal which is kind of boring then throwing a rainbow of marshmallows in the bowl which truly brings out the sugary and fruity flavours that kid’s desire. That’s what lucky charms tastes like it’s not the best but it sure tastes good


The number one cereal I think we need to have in the UK even if it’s just once a year for Halloween has got to be Count Chocula.

ImageThis cereal is so bad for you but its tastes so amazing that we don’t care about what it’s doing to our bodies or our teeth. Lucky charms had a basic cereal with fruity flavoured marshmallows Count Chocula has chocolate cereal with chocolate marshmallows in my opinion that’s every kid’s dream.  Count Chocula was created by General Mills in 1971 and was released along with a strawberry version of the cereal called Frankenberry


As time passed and the popularity of both Count Chocula and Frankenberry got much larger General Mills released some other cereals Boo Berry a blueberry version of the cereal, Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy both mixed fruit flavours of the cereals Fruit brute and Yummy Mummy didn’t last long and were soon scrapped.

Image      Image

In stores all over America you can still buy Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry cereals but when the cereal first got released you only had two choices Count Chocula or Frankenberry and you had to pick a side you couldn’t choose both and this caused a similar argument to which is better SNES or Genesis I personally prefer Count Chocula but that’s just my opinion

which do you prefer?

P.S if you’re wondering how I know what these cereals taste like I’ve been to America and I have tried all of them as well as other cereals which didn’t satisfy my taste buds as much as these did.

This blog was written by Dan