DoughMuchDough (Edible Cookie Dough) Review

Big thankyou to the guys at DoughMuchDough for sending me a full set of their flavours.

I am genuinely so excited about working with these guys because I am big baker and I love making my own cookies and brownies. I have always found that the batter always tastes better than the final product so its really cool to see a company making my ideal treat.

There are currently six flavours available and there multiple ways to eat these. You can get them straight from the tub, warmed up in the microwave or added to other desserts and they can even be baked into actual cookies !

For now I want to try them in their most natural form and later on we will be baking them. I’m curious to see if my official ranking changes once they are baked.

Before we start lets go over some nutritional information.

It should be no surprise that edible cookie doughs are meant to be a treat so its not exactly a shock to find out that these are not very good for you. I was sent the Mini versions of the cookie doughs which each hold 2 servings.

I wont go over the nutrition for all of them but just for an example 75 grams of the most basic flavour Chip Daddy has

314 calories

11 grams of fat

50 grams of carbohydrates

3 grams of protein

0.27 grams of salt.

When you really look at whats in these little tubs its not as bad as some other brands but of course still shouldn’t be eaten too regularly.

With the boring bit of the way lets dive into these bad boys and get ranking.

Fudgy B

This is probably my least favourite but not because that its bad, Its a brownie batter and it is quite sickly, this is one that I could see myself grabbing a spoonful of every time I go into the fridge but compared to the other flavours I didn’t have many cravings for this after I tried it

Jimmies House Party

This flavour gave me some nostalgia because it has been a very long time since I have had a traditional birthday cake. This one has a vanilla batter, white chocolate chips and sprinkles. The flavour is very sweet but not too overpowering as I was eating this it reminded me of six years old, going to friends birthday party at the local Bowling club and eating that sweet and delicious cake that unfortunately had to be spilt between 30 kids.

I really enjoyed this, it was a tiny bit too sweet for me but unlike the Fudgy B I could quite happily get through half a tub in one sitting if I really wanted too, I also think this one will make really tasty cookies when bake it later on.

Sticky Noffee

This Banana flavour batter with toffee pieces tastes just like a banoffee pie. Its packed with flavour and is really nice to eat slowly because I didn’t find myself craving this one all too much I took my time with it and found myself appreciating it for it’s simplicity, I’m glad they didn’t add anything more to this one because it is really nice without being over complicated.

Chip Daddy

You know what for the most basic cookie flavour this one is pretty good, I tastes just like homemade cookie dough and the vanilla really makes a difference, I think the vanilla makes this standout its very strong but really tasty. I often make my own cookies and this tastes better than my cookie dough, I’m definitely going to start adding more vanilla to my recipe from now on.

Date Night

Valentines Day is coming up and if you want to get a unique gift for your loved one buy them a load of Date Night Cookie Dough because this is amazing! Its made of a raspberry dough which gives it a nice zing and the white chocolate chips taste really good if you heat this one up because they melt into that scrumptious fruity flavour. I cannot wait to make cookies with these !

Cherry Bomb

I might be a little bit biased here because I love cherry flavoured sweets. Cherry Bomb is outstanding this is one of the nicest things I have ever eaten in my life, its made with Cherry Bakewell cookie dough and glazed cherry pieces ! its not overly sweet and it has a really tasty and soft texture. It is just like eating spoonfuls of Bakewell’s and you just cant go wrong with this one. Also I want to point out Cherry Bakewell cookies ! seriously cannot wait to try those !!

Its the next day and its time to bake these bad boys!

On my tray I have taken on teaspoon of each mixture and rolled them into balls on my baking tray, I am going eat these in the same order as our raw cookie dough ranking you can see the flavours in the image above

Here you can see all 6 of our snack size cookies, I will eat half of each and saving he rest for another day but here is my official ranking of the baked cookies!

Jimmys House Party

This one was very subtle not overly flavourful but still very nice and I could see myself eating this cookie again, however I don’t think I would go out of my way to bake it as I much preferred its raw form because when its baked a lot of the flavours mellowed out and it was hard to appreciate it as much

Chip Daddy

This one is too no surprise just a regular cookie, it was nice but compared to the other flavours, these ones are not quite as exiting, again the vanilla is really strong and for me this time it took away from taste of the chocolate, it was good but where as its raw form I thought more vanilla really enhanced the taste in its baked form a little less would be beneficial

Sticky Noffee

This one is way better baked ! it maintains its flavours and when baked it really increases the toffee as it melts into the cookie, It tastes very similar to Sticky Toffee Pudding if only the banana flavour was level with the toffee as that may have pushed it higher in my rankings.

Cherry Bomb

These tasted just how I expected them too, I ,love Cherry Bakewells so its no surprise that cherry cookies are right down my alley, I really enjoyed the Cherry flavouring and the warm glazed Cherry pieces inside however I didn’t quite like these as much as the next two just due to preference but these are still some of the best cookies I have eaten in a long time !

Fudgy B

This was scrumptious and very tasty! It tasted very similar to a double chocolate chip cookie fresh from a bakery, this was really good and in my opinion much nicer than its original form.

Date Night

These are amazing just like its raw form that raspberry flavour is so unique in a cookie dough and when you bake these enjoy them while they are hot, those white chocolate chips melt in your mouth and they are phenomenal !

And that is just about all I can say about DoughMuchDough these guys went out of their way to send me some products and I’m not just saying this but out of all the foods I have reviewed these are by far the most unique and the coolest!.

I really appreciate them supporting me by sending me all of their flavours and I only ask that you go and pay them a visit on their website and if you would like to try these order some flavours 🙂

You can also follow them on social media at

Finally another huge thankyou to DoughMuchDough, it has been a real treat reviewing these 🙂

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