ZBOX June 2017 Unboxing and Review


The June Zbox has finally arrived, due too one item not arriving to Zavvi’s warehouse on time, June’s box was delayed and as a result it shipped quite late and only recently arrived on July 1st.


Each box comes with a small magazine which discusses the boxes theme for the month, Junes ZBOX is all about villains, I really like the design of cover here, it blatantly takes inspiration from the Joker who is one of my favourite comic book villains.

IMG_20170701_130335Every box comes with an exclusive T-shirt, the design for June is this really inspired artwork based on Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin.


The smallest item this month was an air freshener designed around Mad Max, to be honest I have never seen Mad Max so this item doesn’t mean much to me


Another item I was disappointed with this month was this Storm Trooper print, I love Star Wars but I really don’t the Art Style that was used here, I cant help but feel that this was only  thrown into the box for filler I cant imagine this piece of cardboard does much to help make up the 40 pounds value which Zavvi promises to provide.


I’m not one to often my toys keep my toys in the box but this Lex Luthor figure I just cant bring myself to open, its awesome and due to the small parts I don’t want to open it just in case I end up losing them,  it was also possible to receive a figure of Deadman a DC character I don’t recognise but after doing some research he is definitely a character I am interested in checking out.


This Joker apron is pretty cool, I already have a full Batman apron and oven glove set so I was really pleased with this item, unfortunately I am dieting at the moment so I wont be baking cakes for a few months however I am looking forward to wearing this when the time comes.


Every box comes with a small badge which commemorates that you received that months box , the design this month is again based on the Joker, the way that the artist has made the laughter his teeth is very clever and its a small detail that makes this badge a lot more interesting than it needed to be.

July’s ZBOX is all about Teams, I imagine you might find an item to help bring hype for the upcoming Justice League film along side a few more items from different franchises, I personally would like to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get some love this month but we will have to wait and see.

If you would like to subscribe to the Zbox you can do by following this link https://www.zavvi.com/zbox/zbox-subscription/11142494.html?widget_id=54

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Street Fighter 2 (SNES/Genesis) Review

Whether it’s the nostalgic ‘Hadouken’ or that theme that just goes with everything, we all love street fighter. Now normally I would do the first game of a series to show how it began but the first game is on a very old system that’s rare and the game sucks ass. But I will do the game that began the series we know today, the original street fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo.

Street Fighter 2 was released 4 years after the original Street Fighter as arcade machines and all across the globe children would empty their wallets of hard earned pocket money to play this iconic game. Capcom managed to get their game to be part of the fighting game boom of the 90s which would bring other companies to create fighting games such as Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat and Virtua Fighter just to name a few. The following year Capcom decided to release a version of the game on the SNES, the game would prove to be the company’s best selling game both back then and even in today’s standards. To try to cash in on the success of the game they released Street Fighter 2: Champion edition on both Arcade and on home consoles, then there was the special champion edition, then turbo, then New Challengers, then…. you know what fuck this I’m not going to go through the remakes cause there are too many and this would ruin the name of Street Fighter, well at least we’re not talking about the movie (god what a piece of shit that was).


It’s basically a world tournament held to crown the world’s best fighter, of course there is a nasty plan by fighter/dictator M.Bison and his crime organisation ‘Shadaloo’ for world domination (cause that’s so original). But the beauty of Street Fighter is that the fighters all have different stories behind them with different ambitions and reasons to become the world’s greatest, whether it’s avenging your buddy or doing it for the motherland.


The graphics of the game do well in capturing the actions of the fighters even during heavy combat or someone spamming the special moves (you know who you are), of course at the time it was groundbreaking to see 2D graphics at this level both in the arcade and at home.


Yet again I will mention something about this game being brand spanking new and unique the reason for that is because it is. Each character has a unique style of fighting and this can be reflected in the combos. Of course like the different fighting styles most people will be able to do them, but only a few will be able to master them.


The soundtrack is very fitting for each of the scenarios that they are played in. Of course it will soon become one of the most nostalgic soundtracks in gaming, one of the songs has even become a meme because of it’s pure awesomeness (but you don’t need me to tell you that).

Final Verdict

To be honest I can’t understand if anyone wouldn’t play it, it’s one of the best fighting games ever and it has helped shape the fighting game area of the industry. Besides it’s pretty easy to get the game through it’s hundreds of remakes, but sometimes you have to go with the original.

In fact go out there and get a Street Fighter game to play on your Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, 3DS or whatever you want. Although make sure it’s not the one about the movie.