Is there a true meaning to Christmas?

Whats the meaning of Christmas?

Some would say its too celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

Others would explain that its about spending time with family and appreciating those around you

and these days most children would say that its about getting presents from Santa Claus

but is there a real answer?


In order to try and figure out an answer to such a controversial question I think that we should at first talk about what Christmas used to be about.


Christianity is probably the most famous and popular religion in the world and of course December 25th is a very important day in regards to the Christian faith as this is indeed the birth date of Jesus Christ.

Christians traditionally celebrate Christmas by acting out the birth of Christ through Nativity plays, opening advent calendars which are used to count the days before Christmas, Singing songs about the good Lord and by exchanging gifts between friends and family members to help remind each other of the gift of God.


Whats that?

Christmas cant be a Christian tradition because your child plays Mary in the Nativity every year at her non catholic school, you and your family knock on doors singing Christmas songs to your neighbors, your children open a door on their advent calendars every morning in December and on Christmas day they have lots of presents to open.

You say you do all of this without fail every Christmas but you and your family are not in any way religious?


Well I would be lying if I said that you didn’t make a good argument, so how did we change Christmas from a religious holiday to a holiday that is celebrated world wide?

The answer to this is quite simple, all we actually did is we just made a few slight and sneaky changes first of all the Nativity hasn’t changed much if not at all and I think this is important because it helps remind us of the holidays origins.


Advent calendars are known to provide between 24 and 25 chocolates as a little treat for children to enjoy every day leading up to Christmas but originally they included small wooden religious figures such as baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Angel but most of them were just used to help children count the days leading up to the birth of Christ, the days leading to Christmas are known as Advent according to the Christian Faith.

Christmas Carols have always been a thing but the songs have changed immensely from what used to be sung, for example most Christians would sing O Little Town of Bethlehem or Hark the Herald Angels Sing but most non religious Christmas lovers may sing Rudolph the red nose Reindeer or Jingle Bells which of course have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus or the religion that follows him.


Earlier I mentioned that Christians would give gifts to friends and family members in order to help remind them of the gift of god, the biggest difference here is that traditionally you would give one small gift to a friend of family member and most of the time this would be hand made, these days children tend to get loads of presents which will usually include an I-Pad an XBOX or a computer and of course these gifts are usually brought by Santa who I may talk about in a Christmas blog next year.

So whats the meaning of Christmas?

I hope this article has left you pondering an answer to this question, personally I like to celebrate Christmas like most people of the 21st century but I have always considered Christmas a celebration of the birth of Christ and I don’t think that will ever change.

I suppose the true meaning of Christmas is what ever you make of it but in reality these days the meaning is more to do with corporate companies making a lot of money on advertising than it is too do with religion or appreciating family and to me that’s a very sad and unfortunate reality which will probably never change.

Why else do you think we see Christmas stuff in October

I hope you enjoyed this festive article

Any references to Christian celebrations are in reference to old Christian traditions

I know this is slightly early for a Christmas blog but there is a good reason behind this.

Every two days from the 2nd of December on-wards I will be using a special system which will select a random Christmas movie for me to review (even if it’s not animated)  and I may also be doing some collaboration  blogs with another blogger which will involve some fun Christmas antics.

The First of the Twelve films I am going to review is


Look forward to that and for now Happy Holidays

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Saturday animated movie review: Shrek

Sharpen your pitchforks and light your torches because I am one of the few people who don’t like Shrek



Shrek voiced by Mike Myers is an ogre who lives a peaceful life in a swamp, Shrek is a stereotypical ogre who enjoys mud baths, eating bugs and animals, being disgusting and scaring away any villagers who try to kill him. One day Shrek finds a bunch of fairy tale creatures are living on his swamp because the evil Lord Farquad has banished them from their homes, because of this Shrek heads off on an adventure with a donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy to find Lord Farquad and to get his swamp back. Shrek finds Lord Farquad and is told that he will get his swamp back if he rescues Princess Fiona voiced by Cameron Diaz from her tower which is guarded by a ferocious dragon Shrek agrees and heads out with Donkey to rescue the princess.

So what don’t I like about this movie, well in my opinion its just boring I will agree that I like the story and there are some moments which get a laugh out of me like the part when Fiona sang to the birds and they exploded that had me in stitches when I first saw the movie and what does she do with the eggs does she raise them, no she cooks them and that’s awesome. I wish the movie had more jokes like this instead of annoying pop songs and jokes which a lot of the time don’t make sense, its like when Donkey says he is going to make waffles the entire thatre was laughing at that joke and I don’t get it, is it because he is a donkey and shouldnt be able to make waffles because he has hooves?. Another thing that annoys me is that most of the movie is Shrek and Donkey talking which could be a good thing if what they talk about most of the time had a purpose or was funny but it isnt it just drags on and annoys the hell out of me. I do on the other hand really enjoy some of the characters my particular favourite being the ginger bread man, the animation is really impressive and at the end of the movie the morale that even if someone is ugly on the outside they can be loving, caring and beautiful on the inside is executed perfectly and is a lot better than most Disney Morales.

My final verdict is that if you have not yet seen Shrek go and see it because its not a terrible film its just overated in my opinion

I do however love the sequel but I will get to that another day

I hope you have enjoyed this raggle fraggle review
This review was written by Dan
If you respect my opinion I will respect yours