Special Delivery (2000) Review


Lloyd Steadman is a clumsy delivery man for the Little Wings adoption agency, due to unforeseen circumstances Lloyd is the replacement delivery man for the Beck family and it is now his job to deliver the Becks their new son in time for Christmas.


This doesn’t exactly go to plan because Lloyd manages to accidentally switch the real baby with a toy doll, this causes all sorts of complications for the Beck family who with the exception of the husband are surprisingly ok with this and they even invite Lloyd to stay with them for Christmas.

I have to be honest if some idiot lost my Daughter they would most definitely not be staying at my house for Christmas.


I really liked the Husband in this movie I thought his lines and dialogue were perfect for this kind of film, his rage and anger at Lloyd were definitely the best parts of the flick, I hated everyone else though they kept treating the husband like he was the bad guy and this wasn’t just played up to attempt decent comedy, the film portrayed Mr Beck as if he was a horrible person for not wanting to be around Lloyd, his Wife treated the whole situation as if Lloyd simply smashed a mug and brushed the whole thing off.


I was left with so many questions while I was watching this film, why isn’t the entire family angry at Lloyd?, why did Lloyd not immediately get fired?, why didn’t the police get involved? THIS IDIOT LEFT AN INFANT BY ITSELF IN A BUSY AIRPORT  last time I checked abandoning a child is against the law.

What also didn’t help this movie was Andy Dick (Lloyd), he was so annoying I just wanted to punch him in the face, his acting was atrocious and it honestly felt like he was just there for the pay cheque, the film is not funny at all, a lot of the comedy relies on the comedic affect of slap stick and its just awful, the jokes are really badly paced and a lot of the time they are either really over the top or extremely unrealistic.

Special Delivery is an ok movie, I wouldn’t recommend watching it but if you do you might like it as a lot of people seem to really enjoy the film, its just not for me.

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Attack on Titan E22 Defeated The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6

Spoilers !!!


After the female titan took Erin in the last episode Mikasa wants to have revenge by taking the female titans life, Captain Levi believes that Erin is dead but he also realises that he needs Erin’s abilities so he tells Mikasa that their only objective is too remove Erin from the female titans body before she leaves the forest.

Captain Levi manages to chase down the female titan and he quickly slices at each of her muscles leaving her motionless, Mikasa attempts to kill the titan but Captain Levi quickly stops her knowing that this is impossible, they both spot Erin’s body covered in slime laying on the female titan’s tongue, they quickly grab Erin and leave the forest but surprisingly this has left the female titan quite emotional as a single tear runs down her cheek, who is the Titan and why is she so emotionally attached to Erin?

female titan cryingDuring their escape the survey corps are being chased by a titan who is getting closer and closer to them, they are unable to out run this titan due to the weight of all of the corpses in their wagons, a very emotional scene plays where the soldiers have to abandon the bodies in order to gain more speed to escape, its a very sad thought that the soldiers could be letting go of the bodies of some of their best friends.

We see that Erin is alive during the wagon chase which is a very comforting thought, we get to see sensitive side to Captain Levi who gives a soldier called Dieter the badge of his friend Ivan, he was very upset because he had to throw his friends corpse away and Captain Levi gave him this to help him cope with the loss, its a very touching moment.

Ivans Badge


The soldiers return to town after failing their mission, the towns folks are very ungrateful for the sacrifice of the soldiers and they keep complaining about the wasted money and they blame the soldiers for the many deaths that happened over the course of the mission, the criticism upsets Erin but he soon sees a little boy who is very excited and this reminds Erin of himself many years ago.

All of those responsible for the missions failure have been summoned to the capital and Erin is to most likely be handed over to the Military Police who wanted him killed during the court case.

I really enjoyed this episode, there was not as much action sequences as the last episode but the emotional moments were very well directed and left me feeling very emotional, Attack on Titan is a very serious show even if it may seem a little silly too some people, I really hope that Erin does not get handed to the Military Police as that would not leave humanity with much hope at all.

great episode but I did enjoy the last episode just a little bit more