Dante’s Inferno (2010) Review


Dante’s Inferno is an action game developed by Visceral Games and Published by EA, it is very loosely based on the Inferno section of the Divine Comedy written by Dante.



After being unfaithful triggers a chain of events leading to the death of his beloved Beatrice, Dante seeks out Lucifer to free her soul, once he has defeated death and taken his sythe Dante dives into the top layer of Hell his first challenge before adventuring deeper and deeper inching closer to his goal.


The game play is fairly simple and is not complicated, you will be slaughtering armies of demons and the un-dead tormented souls that wander the shores of hell but you will also be using various magical abilities that can be unlocked in the story or via the in-game skill tree. The most useful means of attack in the game is the holy cross that you use to kill at a distance, this is up-gradable and can become the most useful means of attack.


I love the boss designs in this game, they are mostly based on guardians of the circles of Hell as well as Dante’s deceased family members, all of them are very challenging and are visually quite horrifying which suits the fantastically dark visual style of the games world.


There are 27 condemned souls in the game that you will have the chance to judge if you want to free them of their chains in Hell, you can choose either for these but depending on your choice will either raise you holy level or your unholy level, three souls in the game can unlock you achievements if you absolve them of their sins.

Dante’s Inferno is fully orchestrated and uses a choir to give the music very church like vibes which of course sounds fantastic and suits the general atmosphere of this game really well and even makes it creepier and more epic than it already is, I have always preferred retro video game sound tracks but this definitely of my favourites from its generation.

Dante’s Inferno is a really great game and is a testament that you can really make a video game out of anything if you put a lot of love into it. It is easily one of my favourite games of the 360 and PS3 generation. The reason I like it so much is because of it’s simplicity the developers knew what they wanted to do with the game and they stuck with it, the only disadvantage to this is that the game is very short with a length of less than 10 hours but the story telling, general vibe and consistently fun challenging game play makes up for this. To top it all off the game looks and sounds gorgeous with again simplicity in both its visuals and its music making them atmospheric but not over complicating things and with that I can only give Dante’s Inferno what it truly deserves and that is a 10/10


Saturday Anime Review: Mardock Scamble The First Compression

Mardock Scramble the first compression follows the story of a young girl called Rune Balot she has had a rough childhood having to deal with sexual abuse from her father. As an adult she has a profession as a prostitute. One day Rune is picked up by a Casino Manager called Shell, he is very kind to Rune but Rune does not believe he is so innocent so she does research on him on a computer, when Shell finds out he is Mad and tricks Rune into getting into a car with him but once she is in the car Shell leaves the vehicle and blows the car up with Rune inside. With all the Crime in Mardock police bring out a new law called scramble 9. Police allow a professor to modify Runes body to fit the needs of scramble 9, he then brings Rune back from the dead and both him and his mouse named Oeufcoque (who by the way can turn into anything even a car) trains Rune so she can seek revenge on her Killer.


Mardock Scramble the first compression is a great movie which any action/Anime fan will love. It has a great sound track and the animation is really impressive.  The story line is very creative and it has a really great cast of characters even if a lot of them are really weird. The movie may not seem weird from this review but once you see it you will know what I mean 😉

Mardock Scramble is in no way suitable for children as it contain many scenes filled with violence and gore, it also has many different sex scenes and scenes with full frontal nudity.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Mardock Scramble the first compression this review is of my own opinion of the movie, if you respect my opinion I will respect yours.

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