A Goofy Movie (1995) Review

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A lot of Disney shows from the late 80’s and early 90’s were very well written and this usually resulted in those shows being turned into a movie at some point a classic example is Duck Tales, Duck Tales was an extremely popular cartoon back in the 90’s and it still is very well known today the show its self was about Uncle Scrooge and his three nephews Huey, Louie and Dewey looking for ancient treasures so they can become rich and the movie followed this same premise making it less like a movie and more like an extended episode of the show.

I watched Goof Troop growing up and it was literally about Goofy being a goof ball, his son Max being in High School and the antics of his grumpy neighbour Pete and his crazy family, so I expected the Goof Troop movie to be the same but longer and yeah it has most of that but it also sends a very important message, the importance of family bonding.

The movie is essentially that Max is a Teenager who wants to move on with his life making his own decisions and learning from his own mistakes, but his Dad Goofy doesn’t want to lose his son so he keeps being over protective while at the same time constantly trying be with Max, Max manages to get in a lot of trouble at school while trying to impress a girl and not long after this the principle calls Goofy and this causes him to organise a camping trip for himself and Max so that they can bond, but the problem is that Max is supposed to be going to a party with a girl he really likes.

Obviously the camping trip Causes Max to have to cancel the date which results in him disappointing the girl, this causes Max to lie to the girl telling her that he is going to be on stage at the rock concert that’s being streamed live over television at the party, the rest of the movie is just a road trip where Max and Goofy attempt to bond and at first things don’t go too well because Max is still mad that he has to cancel his date, throughout the movie this slowly changes and both Max and Goofy start to get along more due to them sharing time together during activities that they both enjoy for example Goofy sits through a vehicle stunt show which he doesn’t like and Max visits a yarn museum which he finds boring but his Dad really enjoys.

things seem to be going really well and then both Max and Goofy fight again, which is great because it shows that these things take time and a few days away together is not going to immediately fix what started off as broken relationship, there’s a really well directed scene near the end of the movie where Max is reading the map and has to decide if he wants to tell his Dad to take a left or a right at a junction where left goes to LA and right goes to the camp site this leaves Max in a difficult situation where he needs to decide what’s more important his relationship with the girl he likes or the relationship between himself and his father, this movie is kind of deep which really surprises me considering that this movie is about Goofy.

I think the plot and the message of the movie is brilliant its not often that we get a Disney movie that isn’t talking about some great danger that’s going to happen, or the murder of someone’s parent or how to become a hero but instead shows an issue that is a reality between a lot teenagers and parents and for that alone this movie deserves a gold medal.

The animation is nothing spectacular but I don’t really expect much considering that this is not a Disney Classic and I don’t think it even went into theatres so this doesn’t bother me too much, the best way I can describe it is that the animation is very similar to that of the original show but with a bit more polish, more vibrant colours, added shadows and shading, more artistic detail and it genuinely just looks better.

Goof Troop

goof troop

A Goofy Movie


I couldn’t really get into any of the musical numbers as they generally just weren’t that interesting and I don’t feel that this movie needed to be a musical because apart from in the final song where Max and Goofy discuss each others true feelings about their relationship none of the songs did anything to progress or benefit the movie, also I kinda wish that more of Pete’s family were in the movie as they are by far my favourite characters from the show and I always felt the Pete and his family were the cause of a lot Goof Troops greatest moments, apart from that this is surprisingly a really good film that spreads a very important message that I believe will benefit both adults and their children.

If you haven’t yet seen A Goofy Movie go give it a shot as it may leave you pleasantly surprised.

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The girl who leapt through time (2006) Review


Makoto Konno is an ordinary teenager, she goes to high school, hates her little sister, her emotions are all over the place and she loves hanging out with her two best friends Chiaki and Kosuke

All Hanging out

Apart from the fact that Makoto is extremely clumsy and a bit of goof ball her life is fairly normal for a girl of her age, but that all changes when she is asked to return some books too one of classrooms in her school, when she arrives the class room appears to be completely empty, she discovers a message on the blackboard which reads “Time waits for no one”


She thinks nothing of this and she returns the books to their proper place but being the klutz she is, she falls on a walnut and crushes it. On her way home she is racing down a steep hill on her bike, she hears a railroad crossing ahead as it is bleeping warning pedestrians of  an incoming train, Makoto tries to use the brakes but they wont work, she hits the rail and flies off her bike straight into the oncoming train and presumably dies.

A few Seconds later she is back on top of the hill and is in pain after falling off her bike and she hears the rail road crossing warn passers by of the same train that hit her previously.

Obviously she gets very confused by this and she goes to visit her Auntie Witch

Aunt Witch

She Explains to Makoto that she had peformed a time leap which means that she leapt through time and time traveled. We also learn that time leaps can be peformed by a lot of teenagers her age, but not many know that they have this ability.

As you may expect like any person who discovers that they can time travel Makoso starts time leaping whenever she can, she starts time leaping to get what she wants, to change how she deals with situations because if she does screw up anything she can reverse time and start again, she even time leaps so she can keep redoing her maths test until she has a perfect grade.

Makoso starts to get very selfish knowing that she can now have multiple chances at any thing that life throws at her and that nothing in her life will ever go wrong again.

At least that’s what she thought because later on in the movie Makoso notices a Tattoo of the number 9 on her arm, at first she thinks nothing of it and she carry’s on time leaping only to realise that the 9  is now a 6, this number represents the amount of time leaps Makoso has left,.

Makoso starts to feel foolish that she wasted almost of all of her time leaps and with only one left she decides that would be a great idea to time leap back to the begging of the movie so that she can get her friend Kosuke in a relationship with a girl who has a crush on him, but by doing this she ends up managing to sprain the girls ankle, since Makoso just walked away not realising what had happened Kosuke borrows Makoso’s bike and starts rushing to his house to get the girls ankle fixed but little does he know that he is heading towards the same train from the beginning of the movie.

Makoso Realises this and with no time leaps left she runs to try and stop her friend before it is too late.

The films plot is very impressive considering that a lot of anime’s are full of action, have an antagonist of some sort and are genuinely un-realistic, but with this anime its not the case at all because these teenagers act like normal teenagers, the high school looks and feels like a normal high school and even when Makoso starts time leaping she uses her new ability for non important things such as redoing karaoke over and over again, going back in time so she can eat her meals for a second time and to just genuinely avoid awkward situations, the reason I bring this up is because when I was a teenager if I this ability I would be using it in a similar manner.

The icing on the cake is the animation, this movie is beautiful every scene is hand drawn and its amazing. What may surprise a lot of people is that the animation and designs of the characters are quite simple but the backgrounds have had so much effort and time put into them that they really stand out, I don’t see this as a bad thing because its actually quite a nice change of pace considering that with most animated films and animes its the characters them selves which stand out the most compared the the rest of the imagery the film has offer, this film is a complete reversal of the usual formula and it works really well because it allows the viewer to really soak in the animation and ultimately 9 times out of ten they will appreciate the animation a lot more as well as the time and effort that went into making the film.

Makoto-and-Chiaki-the-girl-who-leapt-through-time-movie-18174508-604-329 gwl2 1104_girlwholeapt02

The girl who leapt through time is an amazing film it has top notch animation, a wonderful cast of characters, a brilliant plot and writing and it some heart warming and heart breaking moments which are bound to bring out some emotions in any who watches it.

If you haven’t yet seen this movie, I highly recommend giving it a watch

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Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo review

When it comes to easter there is only one animated movie which springs to my mind, Ive always wondered why easter is the most unpopular holiday to have animated movies. Christmas and Halloween have got loads of animated movies so why not easter? Oh well I guess I will just have to review the only one I can think of Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo

Springtime with Roo is about Roo wanting to celebrate Easter with all of his friends. Roo and the gang all go to Rabbits house so they can get the annual Easter decorations that they use every year, problem is that Rabbit wants to celebrate Spring Cleaning Day instead so he cancels Easter forever for his own selfish needs and he makes everyone clean his house. Later on we find out that Rabbit canceled eater because last year no one followed his schedule and did things how they wanted, so they could make sure that Roo had a great first Easter, everyone left Rabbit and did the Easer egg hunt without him. The movie now turns into Charles Dickens tale and all of Rabbits friends have left home because they are fed up with Rabbits attitude,  Rabbit is upset and begs for a second chance, he wakes up the next morning and realises that isnt too late to save Easter. I won’t say no more but if you are familiar with the story of Scrooge then you already know how the story is going to end.

I’m not going to lie after buying this on eBay and looking at the cover I wasnt expecting a lot from this movie especially since it never got a theatrical release. I wasnt expecting a lot but I wasnt expecting it too suck either. There is nothing about this movie which makes it worth seeing , the animation is mediocre, the songs are annoying and overall the movie is just boring. If you want to see a decent Winnie the Pooh movie go and watch the Grand of adventures of Winnie the Pooh or even the Tigger Movie but I defiantly wouldnt watch this one.

If both Tigger and Piglet got half decent movies then its only fair that Roo does too, and where the hell Owl in this movie?  Did he die or something I guess he was pretty old, but come on Owl is quite a big character in world of Winnie Pooh some indication of his where abouts would have been nice.

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Have a great easter
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Walt Disneys Snow white and the seven dwarfs review


As well as being the first animated movie by Disney Snow White and the seven dwarfs is also the first full length animated movie to ever be made so it only seems right to pay tribute to it.

Released in 1937 Snow White and the seven dwarfs is the story of a young princess called Snow White (named for having skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony). The Evil Queen gets told by her mirror that Snow White is pretty than her and the Evil Queen is not having this so she hires a hunter to kill Snow White and bring back her heart. In the mean time Snow White falls in love with a prince who quite literally only has a few lines in the whole movie and most of those lines are sung, any way the hunter finds Snow White but he won’t kill her because apparently she is to pretty and so he tells her to run away and instead he brings what I believe is the heart of a pig to the evil queen. It isnt long until the Queen finds out that Snow White is still alive and shes decides to kill Snow White herself the Evil Queen poisons an apple and takes the form of an old hag before hunting for Snow White


Snow white finds 7 Dwarfs (Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy,Sleepy,Bashful, Dopey and Doc) and she hides out in their cavern, the Dwarfs go to work in he mines and The Evil Queen finds snow white in her hag form and she offers her he apple.


Snow White takes a bite out of the Apple and she dies, the Queen takes off not realising that Snow White can be brought back to life with a kiss from her true love.


For a film that came out in 1937 I have got to say I’m impressed the animation is spectacular for the time, the film has some very delightful songs and as a whole its a very enjoyable film. I recommend seeing this one not just because its a good film also because it is Walt Disneys first animated movie making it a very important part of animation history.