Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo review

When it comes to easter there is only one animated movie which springs to my mind, Ive always wondered why easter is the most unpopular holiday to have animated movies. Christmas and Halloween have got loads of animated movies so why not easter? Oh well I guess I will just have to review the only one I can think of Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo

Springtime with Roo is about Roo wanting to celebrate Easter with all of his friends. Roo and the gang all go to Rabbits house so they can get the annual Easter decorations that they use every year, problem is that Rabbit wants to celebrate Spring Cleaning Day instead so he cancels Easter forever for his own selfish needs and he makes everyone clean his house. Later on we find out that Rabbit canceled eater because last year no one followed his schedule and did things how they wanted, so they could make sure that Roo had a great first Easter, everyone left Rabbit and did the Easer egg hunt without him. The movie now turns into Charles Dickens tale and all of Rabbits friends have left home because they are fed up with Rabbits attitude,  Rabbit is upset and begs for a second chance, he wakes up the next morning and realises that isnt too late to save Easter. I won’t say no more but if you are familiar with the story of Scrooge then you already know how the story is going to end.

I’m not going to lie after buying this on eBay and looking at the cover I wasnt expecting a lot from this movie especially since it never got a theatrical release. I wasnt expecting a lot but I wasnt expecting it too suck either. There is nothing about this movie which makes it worth seeing , the animation is mediocre, the songs are annoying and overall the movie is just boring. If you want to see a decent Winnie the Pooh movie go and watch the Grand of adventures of Winnie the Pooh or even the Tigger Movie but I defiantly wouldnt watch this one.

If both Tigger and Piglet got half decent movies then its only fair that Roo does too, and where the hell Owl in this movie?  Did he die or something I guess he was pretty old, but come on Owl is quite a big character in world of Winnie Pooh some indication of his where abouts would have been nice.

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The mysteries of easter cracked wide open (sort of)

Easter the nations excuse to eat loads and loads of junk food and a holiday which celebrates Jesus Christ resurrecting from the dead (if you believe in that stuff). Easter may just be another holiday but a lot of it dosent really make sense as people often wonder why we have the easter bunny and why we celebrate easter by eating chocolate eggs. If you are one of these people then wonder no more as I have looked into these mysteries and I believe I have discovered answers which may put our minds at rest.


Question 1

Why is easter sometimes celebrated on different dates of the year?

Easter is celebrated on different dates between the 21st of March and the 25th of April depending on when there is a full moon in spring. I didn’t even know that easter was celebrated on different dates each year but if this is true It make me wonder what happens if there isnt a full moon one year do we just not celebrate easter?

Question 2

Why chocolate eggs?

Over the weeks of easter it is considered tradition to eat hollow eggs made of chocolate but back when easter first became a christian holiday (originally a pagan celebration) it was concidered wrong to eat eggs during the week before easter so any eggs laid where saved and decorated for children as gifts for easter. The tradition was carried on by Victorians who gave children carboared eggs which were filled with easter gifts.

Chocolate eggs originated in the 19th century in Germany and France problem was that the chocolate eggs were hard and had a bitter taste to them, as time passed  chocolate making techniques improved and hollow chocolate eggs were developed they quickly became popular and the tradition of giving chocolate eggs on easter has stuck ever since.

Question 3

Why do we have the easter bunny?

Originally we didn’t have a mascot for easter but in the 19th century a legend of a character who delivers the eggs was told to children. The character was soon revealed to be a bunny rabbit this is because bunnies have lots of babies at once (kittens) this symbolizes life. So the easter bunny delivers eggs as a symbol of new life which links back to the ressurection of christ on Easter Sunday. Apparently not all countries have an easter bunny because Switzerland has an easter cuckoo and Germany has an easter fox.

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This blog was written by Dan (Padawan)