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Fruity Pebbles as well as its sister cereal Cocoa Pebbles are cereal brands based on the animated sitcom the Flintstones, they were both released in 1971 and have been popular in American homes ever since.

The commercials for pebbles are really great, they are very entertaining and will make you want to try the cereal, they have changed a lot over the years but I like the commercials where Barney is trying to steal the cereal from Fred the best.

Today we will looking at the fruity pebbles version of the cereal.


The box comes with some games on the back which will keep children entertained for a short while.

One serving of the cereal is half a cup which in uk measurements is 135 grams.

One serving of fruity pebbles has

110 calories

1 gram of saturated fat

140 milligrams of sodium

20 milligrams of potassium

9 grams of sugar

14 grams of other carbohydrates

and 1 gram of protein.


Upon opening the box you can smell a very strong artificial fruit scent that fills your nostrils.


I tried all of the different colours dry and they all taste the same, it a very artificial flavour but it is nice.


The cereal is a lot nicer with milk but it is very sweet, I cant see me eating this on a daily basis but as an occasional treat it would make a nice dessert.

The cereal goes soggy really fast which is a shame for me because I enjoy crunchy cereal but this didn’t affect the taste of the cereal at all.

Fruity Pebbles is a cereal that is not available in the United Kingdom so I had to get this imported, it is very enjoyable but as I have already mentioned it is incredibly sweet so keep this in mind before you order a box online.

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Why the banana is the greatest fruit ever

Now I will agree that most people including myself would much prefer any kind of junk food over a piece of fruit  but wouldnt fruit be so much more fun if as well as being a nutritious it could also be a great source of entertainment. Guess what I have found a way to make fruit time fun well with bananas any way.


So how fun and creative can you be with bananas well your gonna have to use your imagination if you still got one

Banana gun


Wanna play cowboys and indians but you don’t got a toy gun, no worries just go in the kitchen and grab a banana it looks great and goes well with cheesy lines like “whats the matter feeling yellow” and “why not make like a banana and split”



Ever feel like you just can’t grow that manly moustache you have always wanted, maybe your too young or maybe you just can’t grow facial hair if so fear no more bananas have got you covered with the unique banana moustache, I asure you none of your friends have this, so get a banana moustache today. Available in almost all fruit bowls

Banana phone


Will your parents not allow you to have a mobile phone or grant you access to the landline. Why not just go grab a banana and pretend to call you friends, your imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend or your nan. Actually I wouldnt apparently talking to a banana is a sign of insanity



Need new shoes but you can’t afford to buy a pair, why not slip your feet into some custom made banana shoes , they may feel all squishy at first but you will get used to them besides surely all that mushed banana will be good for your feet I hear their good for warts, blisters and scabs.



Once all your fun is over, its time to eat your delightful fruity snack, some like to pretend to strip the banana, some like to eat theirs with other fruits, pancakes or ice cream, me I like to devour mine like an angry werewolf

After you are done eating the banana maybe use the peel as a new hat


Actually on second thoughts don’t

I hope you enjoyed this raggle fraggle blog
This blog was written by Dan (Padawan)