Spider Man (2002) (PC,PS2,GC,XBOX) Review


In the past four years of writing reviews for this website I haven’t really delved into the world of super heroes, we’ve all seen the movies but what about the video games that came after them?, I haven’t really played many super hero games but after Sam Raimi released the first Spider Man film I remember begging my parents to buy me the game that Christmas, I recently repurchased the game for nostalgia but was it as good as I remember?

spider-man-the-movie-pcThe first thing that stands out with this game is that it doesn’t have much in common with the movie at all, the first stage of the game actually takes place long after Peter is bitten by the spider as its his mission to track down Uncle Ben’s killer.


The rest of the game has a unique story line, Spider Man ends up taking on all of sorts of super villains including The Shocker, The Vulture, Scorpion and Kraven the Hunter (Kraven is only in the XBOX version of the game), of course the Green Goblin is still the main antagonist in the game but apart from one level every time you fight him its different to the movie, even the final battle doesn’t take place where it does in the film, I personally really like that the game is so unique but some people may be a little put off by its differences.


Spider Man is a general beat em up game and it consists of 24 stages, most of the game is boss fights which are all really fun, some stages require Spider Man to hide in the shadows and sneak about but most of time you will be beating up bad guys and trying to complete a goal to finish the stage, Peter doesn’t just fight with punches and kicks as he can also use different fighting techniques by using his web, there are a lot of moves you can unlock but for me the most useful was shooting my web at enemies while I was swinging through the air, other useful moves include tying up bad guys with your web, pulling enemies towards you by lassoing them with your web and creating an exploding shield around your body, you do have to be careful though as you can run out of web and it can only be topped up if you find a blue spider, you can also top up your health by finding red spiders and you can unlock new fighting moves by finding gold spiders.


The biggest problem I have with this game is that when you are outside you cant land on the street otherwise you will die, its kinda annoying because in the movie Spider Man is able to walk about in the street so why cant he here, it doesn’t make any sense what so ever.

The game controls pretty well when you are stable or fighting, I found the controls to be tight and responsive but when I was swinging I had a lot of trouble trying to make Spider Man go in the direction I wanted him too go, he just kept bumping into the sides of buildings and due to the way the game is designed sometimes he would grab onto a building when I bumped into it, this slowed me down and was a particular pain on levels where I had to chase the villains.

Graphically for a game that came out in 2002 it looks fairly impressive, I was very surprised with how smooth the animation was when I was playing the game, for some reason the cut scenes look quite pixelated which really sucks considering how great the game play looks.

I don’t remember any music in this game at all which isn’t a good sign because that means that it blatantly wasn’t that good and I cant really comment on it because like I said none of it was memorable to me.

maxresdefault (1)

Through out the game you will gain points depending on your performance, these points will unlock loads of really cool secrets, the best in my opinion is pin head bowling where you can team up with a friend and can swing into bad guys to get points, other unlockables include secret cut scenes, being able to change Spider Man’s model so you can play as Mary Jane, a Police Officer, Peter Parker etc, you can unlock the ability to play a Green Goblin campaign if you beat the game on the Hero or Super Hero difficulty, this campaign is almost exactly the same as the main game and I recommend skipping it.

Spider Man is a pretty fun licensed game, it’s not perfect by any means but it definitely stands out with its unique story and different game play styles, it’s really cheap to pick up these days and if you ever come across it I recommend picking it up especially if your a Spidey fan.


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Silent Night (2002) Review


Elizabeth Vincken and her son Fritz seek shelter in a cabin in the woods during World War 2, two American soldiers invade the cabin in hopes of finding a bed for a fallen comrade, its not long until three German soldiers turn up and try to kill the Americans but some how Elizabeth convinces all of the soldiers to leave their guns outside and spend Christmas together.


When I heard that this was based on a true story I was genuinely shocked, the plot seems very far-fetched and you would think it almost impossible that enemy forces in World War 2 could ever become friends even if it is Christmas.


Like I said almost impossible, this apparently really did happen and if that is the case then this movie being bad would be quite an insult to all of those involved in the real life historical event.


Luckily this film is fantastic all of the actors do a fairly decent job of expressing convincing emotions of sadness,fear and happiness, the movies only actress Linda Hamilton who plays Elizabeth does an exceptional job in her role as the caring mother who hates the war and only wants peace.

Throughout the movie all of the soldiers slowly warm up to each other and they slowly start to realize that even though they are fighting for different sides of the war all of the soldiers share many similarities.

Silent Night is a wonderful movie, it is surprisingly charming and family friendly for a film that carries such a serious subject matter, very young viewers will likely find the film to be uninteresting and boring but anyone who enjoys a good drama or has an interest in History will surely love this film.

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Attack on Titan E25 Wall Assault on Stohess, Part 3

Spoliers !!!


The Epic battle between Erin Annie begins and while they are fighting we start to see flashbacks of Annie’s past, in these flashbacks Annie seems to be with her father and it appears that he may be the reason that Annie has the titan ability it all seems very similar to how Erin’s father gave him the titan ability, I wonder where Erin’s father is because we haven’t seen him since part 1.

Annie and her father flashback

Annie manages to beat Erin half to death by constantly smashing his head when he trapped in a corner and after he seems defeated she makes a run for the wall in an attempt to escape, but unluckily for her Erin gets back up and he appears to have gained the same amount of power as her, Erin’s eyes have now turned blue, he has strange red markings all over his body and he appears to be on fire, also his voice has now changed from Erin’s usual voice to something more dark and menacing.

Erins new titan form

Erin manages to tackle Annie just before she reaches the wall and he crushes her face with the fist of his new body, after all of this Annie still manages to get away and starts climbing the wall but luckily Mikasa swoops in and slices off all of Annie’s fingers making her fall to the ground, when Annie hits the ground Erin pounces in her and starts ripping her body to pieces like and animal on its prey, he finally sees Annie in her human form but he stops himself from killing her when he sees that there are tears streaming down her face.

Annie crying

In an unusual turn of events both Annie and Erin start to merge bodies which I’m sure would give some pretty awesome results but after realising how dangerous this could be Captain Levi quickly cuts Erin out of his titan body.

After rescuing Erin the scouts notice that Annie has cocooned herself in what appears to be the material that shielded her from attacks in the previous episodes, she also seems to be in a coma which is good because it means that she wont harm anyone but its also bad because now the scouts cant get any information out of her.

Annie’s Cocooned body is now under constant watch both day and night and the episode ends with a narrator telling us that “it would still take much sacrifice and time before humanity learned what it was that held them captive” and during this speech the camera zooms in on Erin’s body showing us the key to his dads basement.

This episode was great and a fantastic end to both part 2 and season 1 of Attack on Titan, it was surprising to see Annie having all of those flashbacks because it helps show that maybe she isn’t as bad as she is portrayed to be and it also shows that there may be a lot more people who have been given the titan ability, we haven’t seen Erin’s dad in a long time so maybe he is part of an organisation that secretly admires the titans and maybe that’s why he gave Erin the titan ability and it is also possible that Annie’s father may be part of this secret organisation as well.

I am certain that there will be a season 2 of Attack on Titan due to its popularity and its many unanswered questions, I cant wait until I can learn more about Attack on Titan and its many dark secrets.


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