Lets Take a Look at Miimoto

So you may be aware that Nintendo recently announced a new line of apps they are creating for smart phones and tablets, this is in my knowledge the second app they have officially released with the first being the rather popular Pokemon Shuffle.

Pokemon Shuffle

After Pokemon Shuffle’s wide success Nintendo started to advertise a new game called Miimoto which allows players to create a Mii and to keep them inside of their phones or tablets.

Everyone was skeptical of this because Nintendo also admitted that a big portion of the game would need players to buy items with real money, this is very similar to the many online game scams out there such as Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin which are free to sign up for but everything else will cost money.

Miimoto got released today and i decided to download it to see what it is all about.

Please keep note that only some of these images are of my mii, this is because I forgot to take screenshots during the setup of the app.


The first thing you will need to do is sign in with either your Nintendo ID, Facebook, Google Plus or just via the Nintendo Website, then you will need to create a mii for the app, my first complaint is that I couldn’t transfer a copy of my mii from my Wii U to my phone and instead had to start from scratch, this is something I hope they fix in the future


After you have your mii you can either answer questions about yourself to go into polls for example I got asked my favorite food and how I deal with stress, you can buy some clothes for your mii, if you sign up today you get a free Mario hat, you can take photos of your mii which you can then send to friends over social media, email or snapchat, you can add friends either using social media or by scanning that friends QR code other wise they need to be sat right next to you and you can play some mini games to help you earn some free coins for shopping as well as some other goodies.

This is the games menu which is used for selecting multiple options


From here you can view your profile, change clothes, change the way your mii looks, search through multiple greetings, take pictures of your mii and you can also store pictures in a gallery, complete some rather boring Nintendo Missions (Add friends for 100 points, create mii for 50 points etc) you can create a QR code which you can use to send your mii to multiple accounts and devices, look for gifts from friends or Nintendo, and change the apps settings.


When taking a photo you can pose your mii in different positions and you can even change the images background.


Finally what is by far my favorite feature of the app is that your mii can talk to you and they even have a voice which you can customize .


  • Free to download
  • Fun photo feature
  • Lots of choice for mii creation
  • Minigames are quite fun


  • Not much to do
  • Not enough freedom of choice
  • Adding friends is difficult
  • Your character seems to be stuck in the room and cant seem to leave at all
  • In game items are not cheap

At the end of the day Miimoto is an ok experience but it needs a lot of work, the biggest issue with the game is that you will get bored quickly due to the lack of things to do.

There are a few things I would do to fix some issues, first of all we need to be able to leave the building so that we can communicate with other mii’s, this could also be a new way to add friends, the shop needs work because at the moment you can only buy fashion items and very few furniture, instead of charging us to play mini-games how about we get one free game a day because at least then we would have more of a motive to boot up the app, giving us free rewards for registering Wii U/3DS games, finally Nintendo you need to add this to the E-shop there is no excuse and it would be much easier to play this on the game pad while looking at the game on the TV.

I know I haven’t been very positive regarding the app but please keep in mind that this is only day one of the apps release, yes it’s true that Nintendo should have given us more things to do before the app was released but that doesn’t mean that things wont get better in the future and when they do I will update this article.

If you would like to add my mii to your miimoto here is my QR Code



I hope you enjoyed my look at Miimoto

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(Guest Post) 6 Easiest Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is at this time, the fastest, most fun and amazing way to share the beautiful and exciting things in life with family and friends, Instagram is used by both individuals as well as businesses to get seen by the world and get admired for what they are posting.

Making your place on Instagram might be easy but becoming popular or making yourself known on this social media platform is no easy task as everyone is trying to reach the top, having more and more followers to follow on Instagram might seem easy but in reality it is a very difficult task as only uploading good pictures or videos is not enough and there is a lot more that you will have to do in order to get more followers and enjoy success on this medium.

This article explains some of the easiest ways to get more followers on Instagram and share your posts with a larger audience:

Announce yourself to the world

Social media is all about creating a colourful and creative presence; the more creative and the most amazing presence you manage to create for yourself and the large number of followers you will able to attract.


Create your area of expertise or niche and keep on adding content to it as it will not only establish you as a serious user but also help to get more followers steadily over a period of time.

Connect with people who share similar tastes

Instagram brings hundreds and thousands of people together on one platform and many of them share the same likes and interests and thus it is very easy to get connected to people who share similar tastes.


Check out the people who have similar mind set and add posts accordingly to get more followers and enjoy more exposure on this social platform.

The Photos and People option is the best way to get started on this.

Start hashtag trends

Hashtags are based on popular trends which are a great way to get noticed and increase followers, there are already too many hashtags existing on Instagram and just adding to them will not serve any purpose, the need is for unique and creative hashtag trends that attract people and are relevant for the content that you are posting, this is one of the most effective means to increase your list of followers on Instagram.

Time your posts and content

Just posting content and being on Instagram does not serve any purpose, you need to time your posts and content the right way so that when you post anything it is noticed by people and attracts followers, you will have to ensure that you post a picture or a video regarding an event that has taken place recently as it will lose its worth with the passage of time and will eventually fail to interest followers.

It is very necessary to act smartly and time the posts and content for best results.

Connect with other social networks for better exposure

Reaching out to users with other social networks like Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare is a very smart move as it will help to appear on those social networks when you make any new post or comment on Instagram, it will result in better attention as people will already know you and are more likely to follow you.


All you need to do to connect with other social networks is to go to the Linked Account settings via the settings page on Instagram and look for the best options to extend your network, there are all the available options to start working on your social networking.

Use Gain Followers to enjoy more followers

There are hundreds and thousands of applications and services that make tall claims and promises about getting you followers for Instagram, however not all of them can be trusted as they do not fulfill their promises, there are only a few approved and tested applications that can help to get more followers without any problem.


On these apps, the follows can be purchased through tokens or some other methods to earn the tokens.

Get your Instagram flowing with this great app available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gain-followers-for-instagram/id928851838

Instagram has become a global platform where people from all over the world share their posts and making a place in this platform has become very simple with the help of some of the easiest ways.

Padawan here I did not write this article and I have no credit in it what so ever, please go and check out this app, this person was kind enough to contact me asking if they could post on the website, I really like the app myself and I can see it being very beneficial to many Instagram users.

I enjoy writing articles but I also enjoy helping out other bloggers who have great ideas and products that they want to advertise and share with the world.

If you have any questions, requests for reviews or if you want to just genuinely contact me you can do so at ragglefragglereviews@gmail.com