Luigi’s Mansion (Nintendo GameCube) review

We all love Mario games there’s no sense in denying it but did you ever wonder why his brother Luigi didn’t get any games. Today we all know about Luigi’s mansion but Luigi’s very first game was called Mario is Missing it was an educational game on the NES and I’m not going lie it sucked goomba balls and even though there was a remake on the SNES which by the way was also terrible. For a long time Luigi didn’t look like he was going to get any games or at least any good games but Little did we know that in 2001 in the USA and 2002 in Europe Luigi was going to get a good game and that game was called Luigi’s Mansion.



Luigi has won a mansion but he didn’t enter any competitions to actually win the mansion, now at this point I would realise that it was a scam and the mansion probably doesn’t even exist. Obviously the Mario bros don’t have much common sense because they both agree to meet at the front of the mansion to take a look around, when Luigi arrives at the mansion Mario is nowhere in sight so Luigi enters the mansion to see if he went inside.  Once inside of the mansion Luigi comes across his first ghost Luigi gets scared and backs into the corner if the room to his luck an old man comes to Luigi’s rescue with a flash light and a vacuum cleaner, after dealing with the ghost the old man introduces himself as Prof. E. Gadd. The professor takes Luigi back to his laboratory and explains that the mansion is fake and the ghosts have escaped from the paintings they were previously trapped in and that chances are that they have captured Mario, after hearing this tragic news Luigi agrees to go and look for his brother in the mansion the professor allows Luigi to use his flashlight and vacuum cleaner AKA the Poltergust 3000 as long as Luigi returns all of the ghosts to their paintings Luigi agrees and his spooky adventure begins.


Game play

In my opinion the most important aspect of a video game are the controls because a video game is no fun at all if the controls suck, luckily the controls in Luigi’s Mansion are not that bad but it does sometimes feel like the controls are a little bit slippery this means that the characters feel like they are in an ice skating ring luckily Luigi can skate a little.

Apart from the not so great controls there is plenty to do in Luigi’s Mansion first of all there is the game itself the objective is to re-capture all of the ghosts but it’s not as straight forward as it sounds because to capture each ghost Luigi has to figure out how to make the ghosts show their hearts once the heart is showing Luigi needs to shine the flash light on the ghost to stun it and then suck them up in the vacuum cleaner.

 ImageIn the bottom right corner of the image above you can see the game boy horror this device is used to communicate with the environment, to enter mouse holes, to warp to the beginning of the mansion by communicating with the mirrors, it contains a full map of the mansion and it also indicates when you are in the presence of a portrait ghost or a Boo.

As well as King boo there are 50 other boos which Luigi needs to find and capture throughout the game (BTW you will find a boo in every new room of the mansion).  There are two reason why you should try to capture all of the boo’s the first reason is because if you don’t collect enough boo’s the game won’t let you progress though the game until to collect the needed amount, the second reason is because if you collect them all you will receive a boo crystal which is worth a hell of a lot of money which will go towards Luigi’s end home.


As well as coming across ghosts and boo’s Luigi should also collect as much money and diamonds as he can because it will all go towards Luigi’s end mansion and it will also help increase you overall grade , yes this is one of those few games which actually grades your performance at the end I personally do not like this part of the game because it’s a kids game and children aren’t  like adults if you give an adult and F they may be disappointed but if you a child an F after they were really happy that they beat the game they may actually cry and no one likes to see a child cry shame on you Nintendo shame on you.


For a game that came out in 2002 the graphics in Luigi’s mansion are pretty good I think personally think they could be a little bit better but they’re not that bad so I can’t complain too much. The overall design of the mansion is satisfying and the ghosts look really awesome, Luigi looks great too I think his facial expressions are hilarious the one complaint about the graphics I can think of is the look of the textures I don’t expect them to live up to video game textures today but some things in the game seriously look like they a bits of Lego without the stumps I say some because most things in the game look great, a small complain but nothing too disappointing.


This game doesn’t have too much music but the music you do get is really awesome and catchy, I don’t know every track in the game so I’m just gonna talk about the main theme I personally think it kicks ass plus when you beat the game the end credits theme sounds amazing it’s a really nice track and it is satisfying to hear it after beating the game. There really isn’t much I can say about the music so I will leave two links one for the main theme song and one for the remix enjoy the awesomeness.

Main theme song-

Credits theme song-


Ok I guess you could say every portrait ghost is a boss but if I talk about all them I will be writing this review all night so I am only going to mention the actual boss ghosts which you need to defeat to end an ACT.

Chauncey- Chauncey is a demonic baby and he scary as hell, he shrinks Luigi to the size of a mouse, throws him in his crib and then he tries to squish him with balls and flying wooden horses. He is not too difficult to beat just avoid all of the balls and horses until a ball lands in the crib then suck up the ball shoot at Chauncey and suck up that naughty baby (I’m sorry if this sounds really paedophilic it’s just really hard to put the words suck up and baby in the same sentence).

 ImageBogmire- Imagine a pink jelly monster because that’s what Bogmire looks like, I personally think he is the hardest boss before King Boo and with good reason this is because the guy keeps sending dark coloured ghosts after me and if you manage to suck one up to throw at Bogmire you better do it quick before you get hit because you will need to catch a new ghost to throw at him, once you get the hang of it though he’s not too difficult.


 Big Boo- Luigi stumbles across a bunch of boo’s doing some sort of chant in a circle they see Luigi and they mock him before they all fly into each other and form a giant Boo. This boss is really easy all you need to do is suck up an ice element and freeze him, once he is frozen he fall apart into all of the boo’s Luigi will need to suck up each boo before Big Boo reforms again getting smaller each time Luigi must repeat this process until Big Boo is captured.


SPOILER !!! King Boo/ Bowser- At this point you will realise that Bowser is in on Mario’s kidnapping and you will also know that Mario is trapped in a painting. Bowser has been brought back from the dead and is body has been possessed by King Boo, in order to defeat the evil king Luigi needs to get hold of those spiky bombs Bowser is throwing once he gets hold of a bomb Luigi needs to throw a bomb at Bowser’s head so that it comes off then he can suck up King boo repeat this process about 4-5 times and King Boo will be captured and you will have beat the game.


Final Verdict

Putting behind the fact that the game doesn’t look great in all aspects and the lack in music, I’m going to award Luigi’s Mansion an 8/10. The game is defiantly no masterpiece but it’s a great game none the less and if you own a Nintendo GameCube I would recommend Luigi’s Mansion for your collection. I can’t wait for Luigi’s Mansion 2 on 3ds and from the amount of time it’s taken to make I have got high hopes for the sequel to one of my favourite GameCube titles. I hope you enjoyed this review of Luigi’s Mansion this is my opinion of the game if you respect my opinion I will respect yours.

I hope you guys have a spooky Halloween and try not to rot you teeth with all that candy 😉

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