Kings Quest 2: Romancing the Throne Review

After being a little disappointed with the original Kings Quest, I jumped straight into Kings Quest 2 hoping to find a more interesting and satisfying experience. I have beaten the game and here are my thoughts.

Title Screen

Yet again you take control of Sir Graham who is now the king of Daventry, Graham is lonely and wants to find a fair maiden to become his Queen who will help him rule the kingdom.

after many failures of trying to find a bride to satisfy him Graham consults the magic mirror to help him find his one true love, The mirror shows him a mysterious tower located somewhere in the Kingdom of Kolyma which holds a beautiful girl waiting to be rescued, Graham now sets off to rescue his future bride.


Again we are given a simple to follow plot, and again I really appreciate this as the game does not need an in depth story line to be interesting and a simple to follow plot is going to benefit younger players of the game. Of course if you want a more in depth look into the games story consult the manual because Sierra did expand on the plot within the manual.

Kings Quest 2 has much better controls than its predecessor, this time around you cant use the mouse at all within the game, but using just the keyboard works really well. I complained that the first game had clunky controls when you tried to move but luckily this time around not once did I have that issue. The controls were smooth and it was easy for me to walk around and communicate with the games environments without stress.

instead of three treasures this time you need to find three keys, that will unlock three doors allowing you to travel through a portal to where the Princess awaits.

You have to ride a seahorse to Atlantis to find King Triton who will give you a key


One key you can only reach by flying high in the sky on a magic carpet


And the final key is inside of Dracula’s castle


Reaching these keys is not easy because as you might expect there are a lot of puzzles to solve within the game and your not just dealing with these three NPC’s.

You also need to steal from a gnome, rescue a woman’s pet bird from a witch, help heal red riding hoods sick grandmother and so much more.


Sadly just like the original Kings Quest, Kings Quest two also lacks in the audio department with very few audio samples within the game.

Overall I am still to find a kings quest game that I will truly love, Kings Quest two was an enjoyable experience, It was more interesting than the original and in my opinion it had more enjoyable characters and puzzles.

Again it lacked in audio but on the bright side it was full of detail and it looks fantastic considering it was released in 1984. Also the game is full of really cool Easter eggs and secrets to look out for.

In my opinion Kings Quest 2 was slightly better than the first game but not by much.

I give kings Quest 2 a 6.9/10.

and with that I say, Bring on the Third game.

I hope you enjoyed this Review of Kings Quest 2

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By Padawan


King’s Quest 1: Quest for the Crown (1990 Edition) Review

A few weeks ago a friend of mine begged me to play through and review a series of games called Kings Quest, I had heard about the games many times growing up, but I always skipped them because at the time I was more interested in my Sega so I tended to stay away from PC gaming.

I remember playing a Kings Quest game when I was in Primary school but at the Time I was way to young to be able to understand the puzzles and the complexity of the game.

It’s been over 15 years but I have finally finished Kings Quest 1: Quest for the Crown

Title Screen

in the game you play as Sir Graham the most heroic Knight in all of Daventry

Sir Graeme

The kingdom of Daventry is suffering from many hardships which can only be put to rest if a hero finds three legendary treasures that are hidden through out the kingdom, the treasures are a Mirror guarded by a ferocious dragon, a chest guarded by a towering giant and a shield guarded by the mischievous leprechaun king. During these hardships King Edward is dying and has called upon Sir Graham to find the three treasures and as a reward he will be crowned king of Daventry.


I like that the game has a simple to follow plot as this is a children’s game, a lot of critics complain that the plot isn’t very immersive and in depth compared to other fantasy series such as The Elder Scrolls. I don’t personally agree with this theory but if you really want a more in depth plot take a look at the games manual because there is an entire section expanding on the games story.

The most important aspect is the game play and for the most part its really great, for those who don’t know kings quest is a typing adventure game, you have the ability to move Sir Graham around the kingdom by either moving with the arrow keys or clicking with the mouse.

You can then communicate with the in game NPC’s and enviroments by typing an action such as look, talk, move, give, take, jump and duck


I really enjoyed the gameplay in some ways it reminded me of old Zelda games with its vast world and complex puzzles, but thats not to say that the gameplay didn’t suffer from some major issues such as its controls. Long time fans may dissagree but to me the controls felt really clunky. If I wanted to use the arrow keys to move Sir Graham I couldnt stop moving in that direction and this often led to my death but I also found that if I used the mouse to move I no longer had this issue but instead I would get stuck behind in game objects such as trees.

The controls did not help in certain areas which required fast or careful movements such as climbing a beanstalk or walking across a tree branch.


the puzzles and the layout of the map is perfect nothing really feels out of place and the map isn’t so big that the game gets too complicated but I do feel that younger players really struggle to figure out some of the games puzzles as their isn’t many clues and the player is left to figure things out by them self, I feel that the game could have benefited from a couple of difficulty options.

The game looks fantastic, I must say that for a game that came out in 1990 I am very impressed, the in game environments and NPC’s are absolutely full of detail and the game really benefits from a great mix of colours


My biggest issue is the lack of audio in the game, there is very few audio tracks in the game and the majority of the game has hardly any sound at all. I would be more forgiving if this was the original and not the remake as this is an issue they could have fixed for the re-release

I really enjoyed kings Quest 1, it was not as good as I expected it as it suffered a lot of major issues but when it shined it really shined. I had a great time and I cant wait to play the sequel 6.7/10

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By Padawan

Why is the Sims Fun?

I’ve always wondered why people love The Sims Video games so much, all you do is control a virtual human through mindless everyday tasks like taking a Dump, reading the newspaper, going to work, taking a shower among other things.


Why is this fun?, what about this game makes it so interesting?, What aspect keeps bringing us back game after game?

Well lets begin by discussing the general lifestyle of the average human being, most people live by a routine of how they do things and in what order, for example when I wake up I will use the toilet, have a shower, brush my teeth, get changed, walk my dog, make breakfast, wash the dishes, go to work, come home from work, use toilet again, watch TV, make Food, Play video games then I go to sleep and repeat everything again the next day. That is my routine and I use that routine almost every single day.

everyday things

As I stated most people have a routine which they use to help them get through life every single day. But here’s the problem life can be pretty depressing, we may live by a routine but what happens when things don’t go to plan one day and something terrible happens for example maybe you will go bankrupt or you may get fired from your job cutting off any income, meaning you cant pay your bills, water rates or rent. If things like this do happen you may need to change your routine to fit around your newer lifestyle and in some cases you can literally be doomed as you will be constantly in debt causing you to live a stressful and depressing life.

The Sims is literally everything I just said but in a video game, you take control of virtual human and you make them perform everyday tasks like go to work, have a shower etc. So why do we play these games? is it the funny language they speak or the fact that you can give them hilarious names and motivations.


I think its because the Sims isn’t really a game , its more of a life simulator. Have you ever noticed that a lot of people who play the Sims create big mansions and buy loads of really cool sound systems, massive TV’s in every room, Arcade machines, a big swimming pool.

A lot of people have dream lives that they want to live and for the most part The Sims allows people to create a virtual reality allowing the player to create their own family, house and lifestyle and they can choose how they want to live it. the best part is that if anything goes wrong you can just start again something which is extremely rare in real life and that is why I think people get so addicted to The Sims, even if they may not realise that they return to the game just so they can live their virtual lives for just a few more hours each day.

The Sims = A virtual Lifestyle without any of the Bullshit !!

Thanks for reading my Theory to why the Sims is fun
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By Padawan

Tomb Raider 2013 (PC, 360,PS3) Review

I have wanted a really dark, action filled and serious Tomb Raider game for quite some time now, little did I know that in the year of 2013 my dream Tomb Raider game would become a reality.


A lot of people were sceptical when this game got announced and I am not going to lie I was as well, but can you blame us for being sceptical over a Tomb Raider game with an age rating of 18. The idea of a Tomb Raider game having such a high age recommendation is un-heard of, so how was this new Tomb Raider? lets take a look

You play as Treasure Hunter Lara Croft

Lara Croft

Lara and her crew are on a Research Vessel called the Endurance, Lara and the crew are looking for the Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan. When Lara notices an island in the distance she tells her crew that she wants a closer look, upon approaching the Island the Research Vessel is split in half separating Lara from the rest of the crew. Lara goes searching for the rest of her crew and she eventually finds her friend Sam who is sharing the heat of a fire with a man called Mathias.

Lara falls asleep and awakens to find both Sam and Mathias missing. Later on Lara discovers that Mathias and a bunch of other men have Sam captive and plan to use her as a sacrifice to Himiko the sun queen. Himiko’s soul is transferred to different females generation to generation, when one Himiko gets old or dies her soul is then transferred to the last chosen Himiko, Sam is the female chosen to be part of the soul transfer ceremony.

Also some mysterious force is preventing Lara or anyone else from leaving the island. Lara’s new mission is to find the rest of her crew, rescue Sam and to discover the curse preventing them from leaving the Island.

Tomb raider has such awesome game play, Lara will find multiple tools and weapons through out her adventure such as pickaxe which will allow her climb mountains, rope which she can shoot from her bow to bring down doors and to help her get to hard to reach areas.

Lara Rope

As well as useful tools Lara is also carries a pretty kickass arsenal of weapons this includes a Bow and Arrow, Hand Gun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle and a Grenade Launcher. Each weapon has its own uses the shot gun can be used to destroy wooden barriers that may be blocking your path, the grenade launcher can be used to blow up metal doors and the bow and arrow has multiple uses such as setting fire to wood and explosives and it also helps Lara to use the rope to more of an advantage.

wooden barrier

By far the most useful weapon is the bow and arrow not just because it has multiple uses but it can also be used to take out enemies quietly, if there is a group of enemies Lara can shoot an arrow at a near by wall, this will cause some of the enemies to search away from that area leaving just one poor guy to be killed without anyone else noticing.


When your not sneaking around and killing bad guys, Lara will stumble across some unfortunate environmental hazards these can include Lara falling into a fast flowing river and having to avoid any obstacles in order to survive, or she may be running across a bridge which is quickly falling to pieces beneath her feet. One of my favourite parts of the game is about half way through Lara is using a parachute and has too avoid trees so that she doesn’t get injured.

lara river

So what happens if you aren’t able to avoid these obstacles? oh dear

lara dead implaled

As well as this the game controls perfectly, I played on keyboard and mouse and found no difficulty getting use to the controls what so ever, I even played a bit using an Xbox 360 controller and again the game controlled perfectly so no complaints for that. I do however have one complaint about the game play, There are way too many quick time events in this game, I don’t mind a couple but at least 50 percent of the game play requires them and it really gets annoying after having to use the same quick time events for the same things over and over again through out the game.

Now as it is a Tomb Raider game you will be pleased to know that there are loads of hidden tombs that Lara can raid, when in these tombs you will usually be faced with a puzzle or two before you are able to reach any treasure that hidden within the tomb.

As well some awesome game play, tomb raider also has a really awesome soundtrack, the music is all orchestrated and it sounds beautiful a lot of the time the music made me wonder if it was composed by John Williams because the music really sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones film, as you can tell this suited the game quite nicely.

Tomb Raider a Survivor is Born

A beautiful soundtrack needs some beautiful visuals to go with it and let me just say you wont be let down with the way the game looks. Everything in the game looks amazing and you can tell that the developers really went a long way to make this game as breathtaking to look at as it is to play.

First of all Lara’s new character model is so freaking cool, she has this really awesome roughened up look to her that just says “stand in my way, I dare you” but she also doesn’t look like a complete killing machine which allows the player to sympathise with her character.


Here are a few pictures of the Island


Tomb-Raider forest


tomb raider shanty town

Seriously the graphics and visuals in Tomb Raider are amazing, the game would often play a cut scene and when it returned to game play I wouldn’t move for a minute because I thought the cut scene was still playing, yeah the visuals are that good.

Tomb Raider was an incredible game, this is by far my favourite Tomb Raider game ever and it’s also the only Tomb Raider game I have enjoyed enough to actually finish, It has flawless controls, really awesome game play, breathtaking visuals and a beautiful soundtrack, the only problem is the constant quick time events and I really hope they work on those for the sequel.

Tomb Raider was one awesome adventure 9/10

I hope you enjoyed this review of Tomb Raider
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By Padawan

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3, XBOX 360, PC)

Street Fighter, the franchise that has given birth to many different fighting games that we know today. As well as the memes and the countless remakes of the same game, cause apparently there is no such thing as too many versions of Street Fighter 2. When Street Fighter IV was first released I was tempted to get it but I noticed that they missed out characters from Street Fighter 2 that I loved, luckily Capcom decided to add those characters to the roster when the game goes super (thanks for asking). 


Once again another fighting tournament attracts fighters from all over the world with different goals in mind, some fight for power, some fight for country and some fight cause it’s all they can do. Pretty much the same in any Street Fighter game.


The gameplay is what you would expect from a Street Fighter game or any fighting game for that matter. Keep hitting your opponent till his/her health bar is empty whilst making sure he/she doesn’t do the same to you, that is the bare concept but achieving it is where the fun lies. The best way to achieve victory in Street Fighter involves employing strategy and performing combos, each character has their own set of special moves and combos so learning about them is key to kicking ass.

Here are some features that are important for you to know about if you want to be winning like Charlie Sheen:-

Focus Attacks – Focus attacks can be used to stun an enemy and giving you some breathing time to execute a special move or regain composure.

Super Combo – Super combos are basically upgraded versions of a character’s special move that pack more of a punch. Using these super moves drains some of your super meter which can be refilled by hitting your enemy.

Ultra Combo – This is your character’s signature move that is so powerful that it produces it’s own cinematic cutscene. Each character has two Ultra Combos to choose from before the match begins. The Ultra Combo meter or ‘Revenge meter’ is filled when you take damage from your enemy.

Outside of fighting there are bonus stages involving breaking barrels or destroying a car which are fan favourites throughout the series. Plus there is a  training mode and trials mode which you can use to get to grips with your character and prepare yourself for matches. Speaking of matches you can also go online and challenge players from across the world, but beware as there are strong fighters out there (most of them Asian).

But I’m Shoryuken handle it…


I highly recommend that you get this if you don’t already have any fighting games in your collection, it brings the series to the modern day whilst keeping the traditional aspects that made it a hit during the years that Street Fighter was first conceived.


DMC: Devil May Cry (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

DMC: Devil May Cry or Devil May Cry 5 or Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry or Dev… you know what I don’t care what people call it this isn’t a Suicune debate this is a review. So let’s get to it


Before I get into the story I have to clarify that this game is a prequel, so despite the box art he will eventually have white hair in the game. Anyway DMC takes place in a modern day city that seems like any other city to the civilian when really it is controlled by the demons who enslave humanity through media, soft drinks, CCTV cameras etc. Dante on the other hand can see through the lines and throughout his young life he is constantly hunted down by the demons and in most occasions is taken to a parallel world called ‘Limbo’, which runs along with the human world but with a demonic twist. After a night out in a club followed by a three player game of bedroom twister with two ladies (if you know what I’m saying) he is confronted by a median named ‘Kat’ who is part of an organisation called ‘the order’, the demon propaganda labels the order as soulless terrorists when really they are fighting against the demons to free mankind. The anonymous themed organisation is led by ‘Vergil’ who turns out to be Dante’s twin brother, the rest of the story consists of Dante finding about him getting to grips with his powers as a nephilim and bringing down the demons who are enslaving mankind until reaching the demon king ‘Mundus’. There is more to the story but I don’t wanna spoil although fans of the series will know what to expect, I’m just sad there isn’t a demon equivalent of Geordie shore that you kill in the most badass way possible.


The gameplay is something that even the haters of the game have to love. Normal attacks are done with Y (triangle)*, jumping is done by A (X)*, fire guns by repeatedly tapping X (square)* and launching enemies (which in the first Devil May Cry was done by Holding R1 whilst moving the stick away then pressing the circle button on the PS2) you just press B (circle)* or you can hold it to launch yourself so you can juggle enemies. Devil Trigger can be activated by press both the sticks down, during this period enemies are suspended in the air and Dante’s attacks become stronger whilst his health regenerates. Pulling off combos is easy to learn and rewarding to master, plus the demon and angel weapons add to the fun by giving you the opportunity to spice up combos to get your style rank Dirty to SSSensational. Along with Demon and Angel weapons there is also a grappling system which can lunge you towards enemies or pull enemies towards you depending on how you want to kill your enemies, this is achieved by holding the left or right trigger then using the button you would use for your guns.

Once more the camera system is way better than previous Devil May Cry games as you have proper control of the camera which was a relief. Unfortunately there is one major ball ache in that you cannot lock on to targets, this became annoying when I tried to use the demon pull to rip off the shield of a flying dude but instead I pulled a grunt closer to me and then the flying demon shot me and I had to build my rank up again.

*PC keys vary


The visuals in this game are pretty awesome in my opinion, this can be expected from the developers Ninja Theory who can make a post apocalyptic world so colourful in their previous game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. For this game they decided to create a clever colour contrast by making the normal world a grey like view of a clouded reality which then transitioned into the colourful and graphic world of Limbo. When Devil Trigger is active the background is turned to gray scale giving a sense of Dante’s demonic power, plus they made a clever reference to the original Dante during Devil Trigger by giving Dante the White hair and Red coat look that he is famously known for.


Devil May Cry has known to have a kick ass soundtrack, this one is no exception. There is the metal soundtrack that fans would enjoy from rock band ‘Combichrist’ whilst incorporating more modern genres like Drum and Bass and Dubstep from electronic artists Noisia who previously worked on Motorstorm: Apocalypse. This direction of music is one that I really enjoy and I would happily buy the soundtrack to this game in a heartbeat.


This game could’ve been perfect but due to certain flaws (mainly the lock on fiasco) and that the playtime is kinda short lived I would not be able to stick this in my Top 5 games of all time, but I still have plenty of love for this game. Now I just have to wait til the new DLC comes out…


Far Cry Review 3 (PS3, XBOX 360 & PC)

Hello and Happy New Year from Raggle Fraggle. After waiting since Christmas you’re probably eager to know what game I will dive into for your Thursday fix, well believe it or not I am reviewing somewhat of a recent game. To bring you back into the Raggle Fraggle state of mind here is the review of Far Cry 3.


You are Jason Brody, a young man enjoying a sky diving holiday on Rook Island with his group friends. Unfortunately the island turns out to be run by pirates who kidnap Jason and his friends so that they can be sold to the slave market. The pirates are lead by Vaas, one of the most psychotic villains in video game history. One of your brothers Grant helps you escape the prison camp which tragically results in him being shot by Vaas being so psycho he lets you run away while yelling “Run Forest, Run”. After your escape you almost drown in a river until an island inhabitant named Dennis rescues you and helps you to become a warrior of the Rakyat people led by Citra who turns out to be Vaas’s sister.

During your quest to find your friends you will come across strange and twisted characters as well as the fact that Vaas is actually employed by a criminal mastermind named Hoyt who adds to the difficulty when you encounter his Privateers.


Machinima called this game ‘Skyrim with Guns’, although to be honest there is more to this game than just the aspects that Elder Scrolls V had. You could say that there is a resemblance to assassin’s creed when you uncover more map locations by climbing the radio towers. Plus there are some core features that were decent or flawed in Far Cry 2 that have been improved for the sequel. There are plenty of story missions accompanied with side quests and collectibles to keep the game lengthy, plus you can craft syringes, holsters, ammo cases and much more to help you. Overall the gameplay is refined and it has managed to keep me from starting Black Ops 2 until recently.


The visuals do not disapoint one bit, despite that the island’s landscape and nature would prove a massive challenge the graphics stay on top with vivid colour, lush greenery and even flowing water effects. In some sections of the game your character perspective of the environment become something otherworldly due to hallucinogenics or insanity, this is where Far Cry 3 does what others cannot by getting the right blend of euphoria and grit.


Now you would think that they could just slap on a few maps with a few modes on multiplayer and call it a day right? Well never would you have been so wrong. Not only is there a multiplayer that can beat most games in the current market as there is also a cooperative campaign with characters that are reminiscent of those you would find in left 4 dead or Darkness 2. And to put the icing (plus cream and sprinkles) on the cake there is the return of the map editor, hell yes.

Final Verdict

A game with very few flaws, lengthy campaign, decent multiplayer, cool co-op mode and a map editor, well what can be said apart from compliments and praises. One thing is for sure it is officially one of my top 3 games of all time, that’s right you heard it here folks. Highly recommend  you buy this if you didn’t get it during Crimbo, you can get it discounted now which is also a bonus………………………………………………… are you still here? GO AND BUY THIS GAME! Please