Gravity Falls Review

3190_gravity_fallsGravity Falls was a hit cartoon series created by Alex Hirsch for the Walt Disney Channel, it first aired in 2012 and it has now finally concluded at the beginning of 2016, the show about a brother and a sister spending the summer in a mysterious town became very popular amongst millions of viewers and Gravity Falls soon became known for its quality, I have now seen the entire series and I am ready to share my opinion.


Twins Dipper and Mabel Pines are spending their summer vacation with Stanley Pines (Great Uncle), They are spending the summer in a mysterious town called Gravity Falls, where Stanley is making them work at his business the Mystery Shack where he guides tourists through a fake museum of mythical creatures and mysterious artifacts, Dipper soon gets bored of this and decides to go and explore the town while his sister Mabel is seeking romance, Dipper accidentally discovers a Journal which is filled with mysterious legends and secrets which may help uncover the dark secrets and hidden mysteries of Gravity Falls.


Apart from the few episodes that really expand on the shows main plot, alot of the episodes can be watched out of order without many consequences as a big portion of the show is just Mabel and Dipper going on adventures and trying to resolve a problem they have discovered in Gravity Falls, most of these problems can be resolved by someone searching for the answers in one of the journals image

When the show does focus on the main plot its hard to not get glued to the tv, for a Disney Channel show it’s surprisingly addictive and many of the non plot themed episodes are full of cryptic clues to some of the towns mysteries image

All of the main cast are very lovable. but surprisingly almost every character in the entire show has a personality and some even have interesting backstories, personally my favourite character is Mabel Pines but my favourite background character is Blendin Blandin a time traveler you will meet in season 1

Gravity falls is one of the best looking children’s cartoon shows I have seen in a very long time, the animation is smooth and the pixels are at a minimum so the show looks absolutely flawless, I highly recommend watching it in HD so you can truly appreciate it’s beauty.

Overall Gravity Falls was one of best animated series I have ever had the pleasure of sitting down and watching, it is a little sad that the show has finished but I know for a fact that the fandom the show had brought together will be around for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Gravity Falls

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Attack on Titan E14 Can’t Look Into His Eyes Yet Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1

Spoilers !!!



Attack on Titan is finally back and I am extremely hyped to review all of Part 2, but before we begin I have one question Why did they change the theme song?

I loved the old theme song it was intense and really fun to sing along too,  I still have it stuck in my head from when I reviewed part 1 last year, the new one just doesn’t feel right to me but that’s just my opinion and I wont let this effect my opinion on the actual episode.

Erin is still locked up in that dungeon where we left him last time, some scouts who are unknown to Erin release him from his prison and appear to be taking him somewhere.

Erin being transported to the court roomErin soon finds out that the scouts are taking him to a court room where he will be on trial to find out whether he will end up in the custody of the military police or the survey corps.

Both of these groups want Erin for different reasons and both have very different ideas on what will be Erin’s fate, the military police plan to execute and dispose of Erin as soon as possible because they believe that he is too dangerous to be kept alive, the survey corps plan to use Erin to the benefit of the soldiers by employing him to use his titan ability to take out a large amount of titans and to help with more difficult tasks, such as when Erin moved the boulder back in episode 13.

Erin on trial


As you can imagine there are lots of arguments between both of these groups and it does not seem that Erin will be staying alive much longer.

The Judge reminds the court room that Erin tried to kill Mikasa when he was in titan form (This is from episode 11) when he attempted to punch her.

This again sets everyone off but they are quickly silenced by the Judge, Erin does not remember trying to hurt Mikasa and is understandably very confused the Judge asks if this is true and Mikasa admits that it did happen, but she also reminds the court room that Erin saved her life twice prior to this while he was in titan form.

Everyone starts worrying that Mikasa might be a titan too and of course due to this they also feel that she should die, this finally sets off a very quiet Erin, he begs them that Mikasa is innocent but this only scares the military police who aim a rifle at his head and are about to shoot.

Before anything drastic happens Captain Levi walks over to Erin and starts beating the crap into him, he hits him so hard that even one of Erin’s teeth gets knocked out of his mouth. This triggers Mikasa to help but Armin quickly stops her before she gets herself killed.

Armin stopping Mikasa


Captain Levi’s strange behaviour turned out to be his plan to get the Judge to turn Erin over to the survey corps.

Because Captain Levi has shown that he has full control over Erin and that he could kill him if needed too, the survey corps explain a plan to take Erin outside of the Walls to see if he really has full control when he transforms, if he is successful they will use him for their main goal of taking back Zhiganshina and eventually getting into the basement of his old home, if he fails they agree with the Judge that they will kill him, the Judge agrees to this and the survey corps win the trial.

While the Survey Corps are celebrating Hanji Zoe (One of the scouts that brought him to the court room) asks to see inside of his mouth but she is shocked to find out that his missing tooth has grown back.

This episode was really intense I had no idea what was going to happen and the arguments in the court room made me very nervous for Erin, the animation was amazing it was very smooth and extremely well done this episode showed some of the best animation I have seen from the show so far, as much as this episode was really intense and fun to watch I will admit that it was a little hard to follow, I wasn’t really sure what was going on a lot of the time because many new characters were brought in all at once and I needed to watch the court scene three times before I truly understood everything that was being explained.

Apart from this the episode was very intense and a great start to part 2


I hope you enjoyed this Attack on Titan review

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