Spongebob’s Truth or Square (TV Special) Review.

Created in celebration of the shows 10th anniversary, Spongebob’s Truth or Square was a very special moment in the shows history thanks to its silly premise and many celebrity cameos.

The animated section of the special follows Spongebob and friends during the celebration of the Krusty Krabs Eleventy Seventh anniversary. Due to unfortunate events caused by Spongebob’s decorating, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Mr Krabs end up trapped inside of the freezer where they are able to talk about memories including when Spongebob first moved into Bikini Bottom, where his pineapple came from and when he tried his first Krabby Patty.

My favourite animated section of the show was a homage to classic cartoons from the 1930’s such as the older mickey cartoons and Betty Boop.

The other half of the special focuses on live action, Patchy the Pirate has managed to get himself a spot hosting a Spongebob fan show where he has managed to gather special guests including the Queen of England and the fifth best ventriloquist in the world but the only guest that doesn’t turn up is Spongebob Squarepants which causes Patchy to attempt to find Bikini Bottom and if anyone knows Patchy things never really work out for him and its no different here.

The Robin Williams Cameo was very funny but a little bit upsetting for me personally, I love Robin Williams and it makes me a little sad knowing that he’s passed away and will no longer be able to bless us with his comedic talents.

My favourite part of the whole special has got to be the song “We’ve got Scurvy” sang by Pink.

Spongebob’s Truth or Square is definitely an usual special but its wackiness definitely fits well in the Spongebob universe and while I dont think the animated section is too memorable the many cameos definitely are I didn’t cover all of them here but some honorable mentions are Ricky Gervais, Will Ferrell, Lebron James and Tina Fey. The special is an hour long and if you don’t fancy watching the entire thing I would at least watch clips of the Robin Williams cameo and the song by Pink.

They made a video game with the same title as this special and we will be taking a look at that as my next review for Spongebob month 2020.

My Favourite Spongebob Episodes – Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 3

In this season 2 episode Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are going on vacation and leave Spongebob and Patrick to take care of the Mermalair with strict instructions not to touch anything.

Of course they dont listen and end up releasing the Evil Man Ray who tries to attack them before being affected by the tickle belt that is still attached to his waist. This gives Spongebob and Patrick the idea of rehabilitating Man Ray so that he can become a better person, they try this by giving him tasks to act out with Patrick, as usual Patrick is too stupid to fully understand what he’s doing which makes Man Ray very frustrated but great comedy for us viewers.

Thankfully the Spongebob Squarepants official Youtube Channel has uploaded this clip to the internet, I’ve linked it here and I highly recommend you check it out. It’s definitely one of the shows funniest moments.

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Gravity Falls Review

3190_gravity_fallsGravity Falls was a hit cartoon series created by Alex Hirsch for the Walt Disney Channel, it first aired in 2012 and it has now finally concluded at the beginning of 2016, the show about a brother and a sister spending the summer in a mysterious town became very popular amongst millions of viewers and Gravity Falls soon became known for its quality, I have now seen the entire series and I am ready to share my opinion.


Twins Dipper and Mabel Pines are spending their summer vacation with Stanley Pines (Great Uncle), They are spending the summer in a mysterious town called Gravity Falls, where Stanley is making them work at his business the Mystery Shack where he guides tourists through a fake museum of mythical creatures and mysterious artifacts, Dipper soon gets bored of this and decides to go and explore the town while his sister Mabel is seeking romance, Dipper accidentally discovers a Journal which is filled with mysterious legends and secrets which may help uncover the dark secrets and hidden mysteries of Gravity Falls.


Apart from the few episodes that really expand on the shows main plot, alot of the episodes can be watched out of order without many consequences as a big portion of the show is just Mabel and Dipper going on adventures and trying to resolve a problem they have discovered in Gravity Falls, most of these problems can be resolved by someone searching for the answers in one of the journals image

When the show does focus on the main plot its hard to not get glued to the tv, for a Disney Channel show it’s surprisingly addictive and many of the non plot themed episodes are full of cryptic clues to some of the towns mysteries image

All of the main cast are very lovable. but surprisingly almost every character in the entire show has a personality and some even have interesting backstories, personally my favourite character is Mabel Pines but my favourite background character is Blendin Blandin a time traveler you will meet in season 1

Gravity falls is one of the best looking children’s cartoon shows I have seen in a very long time, the animation is smooth and the pixels are at a minimum so the show looks absolutely flawless, I highly recommend watching it in HD so you can truly appreciate it’s beauty.

Overall Gravity Falls was one of best animated series I have ever had the pleasure of sitting down and watching, it is a little sad that the show has finished but I know for a fact that the fandom the show had brought together will be around for a long time.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Gravity Falls

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