The Christmas Wish (1998) Review


Business man Will Martin (Neil Patrick Harries) is visiting his Grandmother for her first Christmas since her husband past away, while looking through some of his grandfather’s old journals Will discovers that his Grandfather had a secret woman in his life called Lillian, Will sets out to find this woman in order to help put his Grandmother’s mind at peace but this journey may be much more difficult than he anticipated.


I’m not quite sure how I feel about this movie, the plot was very interesting and through out the entire film I was trying to figure out who Lillian was and at times I wasn’t sure if we would even find out, the film was very slow which was its biggest problem because it had this really interesting plot that should have grabbed the attention of the viewer but half the time I was falling asleep due to how badly paced and boring the film was.


Only half of the cast gave an effort to show any enthusiasm at all, most of the actors I found to be either really boring or extremely annoying, the little boy who was obsessed with Dinosaurs did not help at all, I don’t know what it is but for some reason six year old’s are extremely headache inducing on camera, the little boy in this film was almost as annoying as the little boy in The Babadook (if you haven’t seen the Babadook trust me the little boy is the absolute worst).


On a lighter note given all of my complaints its at least a really nice movie which tries to spread what is apparently the meaning of Christmas, I’m actually really surprised that this isn’t aired on TV that often as it’s a really unique and different kind of Christmas movie and even though I complained that the some of the cast are really annoying they wont ruin the film for you this isn’t Jim Carrey stars in the Grinch so you don’t have too much to worry about.

An unknown Christmas film that is probably unknown for a reason, still worth giving this one a shot though.

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Birthday Cake M and M’s Review



When I saw that you could get Birthday Cake flavoured M and M’s I was immediately confused because birthday cake is not a flavour, yeah you eat it on someone’s birthday but the cake is always a certain type of cake such as chocolate, sponge, carrot etc, at least that’s how things tend to work in the UK.


One Pack of Birthday Cake M and M’s has

190 calories

70 fat calories

8g total fat

5g saturated fat

0g trans fat

5mg cholesterol

30mg sodium

28g total carbs

1g fiber

25g sugar

2g protein

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

4 percent calcium

2 percent iron



You may not be able to notice in the above picture but compared to original M and M’s the Birthday Cake M and M’s are almost double in size and they only come in a variety of three colours Red, Yellow and Blue



underneath the shell lies the usual Milk Chocolate that you will find inside of  any other M and M’s  candy but what surprised me the most was the flavour of the chocolate because it legitimately tastes like chocolate cake, the chocolate cake flavour is actually quite amazing because you get the obvious taste of chocolate but you also get a surprising fruity flavour that tastes very similar to the jam that you find in between the layers of most cakes.

Birthday Cake M and M’s really surprised me, I expected that they would have hardly any cake flavour at all and that they would be nothing but a cheap product that M and M’s put together to make a quick buck, but too my surprise there was a large quantity in the single packet I bought and they legitimately taste like chocolate cake.

Birthday Cake M and M’s are great and I really wish that they were sold in the UK 10/10

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Grape Kool Aid Review


image 4


Grape Kool Aid is just one of the many Kool Aid flavours available, for those of you who don’t know Kool Aid is a very popular American Beverage and is something that I have always wanted to try.




Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Calcium Phosphate, Salt, Artificial Flavour, Ascorbic Acid(Vitamin C), Red 40, Blue 1

From looking at the ingredients Kool Aid Grape isn’t actually that bad for you, the only things I would really worry about if I was giving this to child would be the artificial flavouring and the Red and Blue dyes that are used.

Kool Aid Grape is not very nutritional it has zero fat, carbs and proteins but it does contain 10 percent Vitamin C and 10mg of sodium, on the bright side it is caffeine free.

I was very surprised to read that there are no calories in the beverage, I’m not sure if the ingredients and nutritional facts are the same for each flavour and I probably wont know until I try another type of Kool Aid.

Making Kool Aid is really easy, the instructions say to pour the entire sachet into a pitcher, add one cup of sugar, add a gallon (four pints) of cold water and stir, however it is possible to make one single pint size glass and that is what I did.

image (1)


The first task is to add the Kool Aid, I added about 1 and half tea spoons

image (2)

Next add 1 table spoon of white sugar

image (3)


finally fill your glass with water and stir the mixture.

Grape Kool Aid is a dark purple coloured mixture that was so dark that I could not see through it at all, the taste didn’t surprise me the best way I can describe it is that it tasted like grape flavoured sherbet mixed with water, the grape flavour is very artificial and a little sour to the taste

I would have preferred real grape flavour as I’m not a big fan of artificial grape but if you like the artificial stuff and are a big fan of grape sherbet then I am sure you will love Grape Kool Aid.

Looking forward to the next flavour


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The best Trick or Treat Candies

Halloween is getting more close now than that moon in Majoras Mask so I feel that now is a good time to talk about candy and don’t worry I’m not gonna tell you how bad candy is for your teeth and that you should choose an apple over caramel because I was a kid once and I am still and probably will always be a man who loves his sugar, This blog is going to be a look back at some of my favourite candies from my trick or treating past.




Lollypops AKA Suckers are a great little treat because as well as being so damn tasty, they also come in a variety of flavours and you can suck them at your heart’s desire, don’t bite them though because if you haven’t got strong teeth you may end up like this .



ImageAs a kid every time my mum said go and pick a chocolate bar from the shop I would immediately scout the shelves looking for something with caramel inside, caramels are better than ordinary chocolate because when you bite ordinary chocolate that’s all you get just a lump of chocolate but when you break through the chocolate seal of a caramel you get to taste the golden river of goodness that’s inside and that’s why I loved caramels as a kid and why you will want them in your trick or treat basket.

Fun sized Candies

Image I never really understood why they were called fun sized candy bars because what’s so fun about eating a smaller version of a candy bar which already exists, maybe they should have called them cute editions or something any way these are awesome for one reason only, the variety to choose from I personally love the snickers, reeses and baby ruth bars.

Popping Candy


It isn’t the taste of popping candy which makes it so awesome it’s the sound you hear when it is slowly dissolving on your tongue, it sort of sounds like you brain is slowing dissolving and each brain cell is individually popping one by one “wait that’s not fun that’s disgusting”. Popping candy can come in a variety of flavours but the most common flavour is cola.

Jelly sweets

 ImageWhether it’s Gummy Bears, Jelly Snakes, Fried Eggs, Lips and Teeth, Fruit pastilles or those bugs with the gooey stuff inside we all have a favourite Jelly sweet. Jelly sweets are amazing because there is a different variety in so many ways there is a variety in flavour most jelly sweets come in a mix of flavours, and there is also a huge range of different kinds of jelly sweets some are covered in sugar, some are filled with a tasty gooey liquid, some have this soft white thing on the bottom and some are just jelly sweets. Jelly sweets are my favourite non chocolate sweet and they kick ass.

The entire above are my favourite treats form my trick or treating past, really any candy is a nice treat but some are just nicer than others. One candy you don’t want in your trick or treat baskets is liquorice because that stuffs nasty it has a really horrible taste like your taking some vile medicine your doctors prescribed to you I guess it could be worse you could be as unlucky as Charlie Brown and get nothing but a rock.

Happy Halloween for tomorrow and I hope you all have good day and I hope your receive the candy you wish for.

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