When Marnie Was There (2014) Review

71qlM5nIi8L._SX342_When Marnie was there is a drama film that was directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi.


Anna a introverted 12 year old girl is sent to live with fosters parents in an area with cleaner air after a recent asthma attack.


While exploring her new temporary home Anna comes across an old mansion which has been empty for years, when she goes home that night in a dream sequence she sees a blond girl in the window of the mansion.


The next night thinking nothing of the dream Anna visits a festival in the town but unfortunately falls out with a local girl prompting Anna to run away to the mansion where she sees the same blond girl from her dream. The two girls become fast friends and learn that they each have a lot in common and a lot of secrets that they must promise not to tell anyone about.


I didn’t really enjoy this one, I found the overall pace quite slow and the story I struggled to get into but that does not mean its a bad film. I really liked the bond between Anna and Marnie they both seem very similar and perfect friends and the reasoning for this is explained in the films ending.


I also love the nighttime animation in the film, I’m not really sure why but I think it was the use of how light glowed in the darkness, it had a quite a whimsical feeling to it and was beautiful to take in.

Unfortunately I cant say much else about this one, there were elements that I really liked by overall I didn’t enjoy it but that is just me I am sure that it has a lot of fans that would disagree.

Thankyou for joining me this Christmas in my experience with the Studio Ghibli movies, these films while not all masterpieces are really very special movies, you can tell a lot of heart and love went into all of them, some of these are my favourite animated films of all time and most of them I would recommend viewing

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