Dance crazes?

I want to take some time to talk about Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was one of the greatest dancers of all time,  he created some amazing and now world famous dance moves like the lean and the moon walk. The man was truly a genius who as well as becoming a very well known celebrity he also showed the world that dancing is not just a hobby or a pass time, its a passion and Michael shared his passion for Dance with the entire world.


Recently dance crazes have hit the scene all over the UK to my knowledge there are only two at the moment Gangham Style and the more recent craze the Harlem Shake so these will be the two I shall discuss.

Gangham Style

The first of the Dance Crazes is Gangham Style, Gangham Style is a rodeo like dance craze which was created for Korean artist PHY for his music video which is also called Gangham Style. The dance its self dosent bother me that much I actually find it to be a very creative dance my favourite part is when PHY pretends to ride a horse. Like I said the dance dosent annoy me but what does annoy me is the song in the music video, I have hated that god forsaken song ever since it got popular all I hear is wub sounds and a whole bunch of lyrics that aren’t even in English apart from one line “Hey sexy lady”  which gets repeated now and again. I don’t see the point in PSY singing a song mostly in Korean and then using one English line occasionally that would be like me writing a blog and then writing it in Spanish half way through.


The Harlem Shake

Someone please explain why this is popular I have honestly watched a whole bunch of videos to try and understand why people like the Harlem Shake but all I’m seeing is people air humping for a few seconds before having a wobble fit  with randomness in the background when the bass drops. Is this real life, is this what the world has come to because if it is I want to bring you all back to Michael Jackson.


I’m not saying its wrong to like these Dance Crazes to be honest all I want is answers to why their so popular because honestly I don’t get it.

I hope you enjoyed this raggle fraggle blog

This is my opinion if you respect mine I will respect yours

This blog was written by Dan (Padawan)


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