Food Fight (2012) Review

Following the success of the Toy Story movies Director Lawrence Kasanoff (True Lies, Mortal Kombat film series) founded his own animation studio and called it Threshold Entertainment.

Director Lawrence Kasanoff


Kasanoff wanted to make a film about American Food icons living in a city within a Super Market.
The movie had actually been in development since 2002 but during the development the hard drives containing the films footage were stolen, this meant that Lawrence Kasanoff and the rest of the development team had to start the production again from scratch.

During interviews Kasanoff promised that he got the best voice talents he could find and that some of the best animators world wide would be helping with the development of the film, but sadly the film was never released and was instead locked away in a vault never to be seen by the public eye, until 2011 when it was advertised in a Hollywood news paper. The movie finally got released In 2012 but instead of going to theatres it was instead released straight to DVD.

So with all of the years of development and a wopping budget of 65 million dollars, the final result is one of the worst animated movies of all time

ladies and gentlemen may I present Food Fight


The movie follows the adventures of Dex Dogtective (Charlie Sheen) who has spent six months in a deep depression after his girlfriend Sunshine Goodness (Hilary Duff) went missing.


Things move on for Dex and the rest of Marketopolis until a villain called Lady X (Eva Longoria) and her army of Brand X Minions arrive to take over the store. It is now up to Dex and his best friend Daredevil Dan (Wayne Brady) to save the supermarket.


Food Fight is often referred to as the animated equivalent of The Room but the sad thing is that the movie actually had potential and could have been at least decent but unfortunately everything went wrong.

Food Fight has no redeeming factors, the voice acting sounds like something out of a school play, when characters talk their lips don’t synchronise with the vocals, the characters are all generic and not very interesting, the animation is badly put together and there is a huge error which makes the characters limbs jolt about making it look like the entire film was made on Microsoft Kinect.

My biggest question is where did that 65 million dollars go? because it definitely didn’t go towards the graphics or the visuals because I have seen less disturbing imagery in some horror flicks.







Food Fight is a horrifying mess of a movie it is literally the worst movie I have ever had to sit through and it should not be seen by any one.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Food Fight

Due to a broken computer this was written using my IPhone so I hope it all turned out ok, I am working on PC repairs and everything will be back to normal soon

If you respect my opinion I will respect yours

By Padawan

Walt Disneys Snow white and the seven dwarfs review


As well as being the first animated movie by Disney Snow White and the seven dwarfs is also the first full length animated movie to ever be made so it only seems right to pay tribute to it.

Released in 1937 Snow White and the seven dwarfs is the story of a young princess called Snow White (named for having skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony). The Evil Queen gets told by her mirror that Snow White is pretty than her and the Evil Queen is not having this so she hires a hunter to kill Snow White and bring back her heart. In the mean time Snow White falls in love with a prince who quite literally only has a few lines in the whole movie and most of those lines are sung, any way the hunter finds Snow White but he won’t kill her because apparently she is to pretty and so he tells her to run away and instead he brings what I believe is the heart of a pig to the evil queen. It isnt long until the Queen finds out that Snow White is still alive and shes decides to kill Snow White herself the Evil Queen poisons an apple and takes the form of an old hag before hunting for Snow White


Snow white finds 7 Dwarfs (Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy,Sleepy,Bashful, Dopey and Doc) and she hides out in their cavern, the Dwarfs go to work in he mines and The Evil Queen finds snow white in her hag form and she offers her he apple.


Snow White takes a bite out of the Apple and she dies, the Queen takes off not realising that Snow White can be brought back to life with a kiss from her true love.


For a film that came out in 1937 I have got to say I’m impressed the animation is spectacular for the time, the film has some very delightful songs and as a whole its a very enjoyable film. I recommend seeing this one not just because its a good film also because it is Walt Disneys first animated movie making it a very important part of animation history.