My Neighbour Totoro Review


My Neighbour Totoro has become quite an iconic film over the past few years, it has become so popular that it became the logo for Studio Ghibli the production company responsible for many of the greatest anime’s of all time.

My Neighbour Totoro’s story is that of a family who have decided to move house, they have moved to a fairly quiet location in countryside, I imagine that they moved here to live a peaceful life style but little did they know that where they have moved to is also a hangout for many different spirits.

In any other film this would usually lead to a scary or spooky movie but surprisingly in this film the spirits are just there and they don’t seem to alarm or bother anyone in the family, As you may have guessed one of the neighbouring spirits is the huge Totoro who has a surprising resemblance to the Pokemon Snorlax.




That’s pretty much the movie the girls discover Totoro and the entire film is essentially them interacting with him and that’s what sort of makes it so good, Totoro is a very peculiar character as he seems very human he likes to take naps, he catches the bus and in general he doesn’t actually do much, he doesn’t have much dialogue so making him a lovable character is mostly about the pacing of his actions and trust me the animators really nailed this one on the head, yeah Totoro doesn’t do much but he is so well animated that every time he smiles, bounces or yawns its hard not to love him and the timing of these actions are always perfect and again its difficult to explain without me just telling you to watch the movie but if you do will see what I mean.

The family are great in this movie the dad is a hard working individual but he is also seen to be a lot of fun in many scenes of the film but by far the best characters are the two sisters, these girls honestly seem like real sisters in real life the older sister can at times be bossy but caring and the younger sister is excitable, very curious and genuinely quite innocent

Like I said not a lot goes on in this movie there is a climax near the end of the film but its nothing too crazy so don’t get your hopes up.

I’m not huge on the music in this film it’s not bad I just don’t think that its very memorable but the animation is really something special, at times the animation looks similar to every other Studio Ghibli film but every now and again something really cool and interesting will show up, everyone loves Totoro and his character design but personally I don’t think anything can top the cat bus its so bizarre that this movie has a bus that is also a cat but it looks so cool that you just really wanna ride it.

Cat Bus

My Neighbour Totoro is a special film as its surprisingly brilliant, not a lot goes on in the movie but everything is so well paced and well animated that the entire film is very memorable, the animation and character designs are pretty superb and every character in this film is interesting and likeable, if you ever want to watch a movie that you can chill out too and also appreciate its brilliance then My Neighbour Totoro is the film for you.

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The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker (2003-2013) (GameCube/Wii U) Review

The Legend of Zelda the Animated Series……… Wait no its not

legend-of-zelda-wind-waker-hd-freeThe Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker is one of the most beloved games of the Legend of Zelda franchise and is often considered to be a masterpiece to gaming, but it never used to be looked at in such as positive light as upon the games release it was hated amongst fans due to its less serious plot and characters and its new cheerful and brightly coloured visuals.

Before just a few weeks ago I had only played this game once while I was visiting my cousins back in 2003, even though I only played the game for a short time the memories I had playing have treasured me for many years and I always intended to return the game hoping to have as much fun with it as I did back then I have now played through both the HD remake and the original thanks to my very same cousin kindly lending me the very copy we played those many years ago.

this is a comparison review so I will be using screenshots from both versions of the game.

So how did it hold up?

You play as Link an adventurous young lad who lives with his little Sister Aryll and his Grandmother on Outset Island, its Links birthday and as a gift his Sister lets him borrow her special telescope for one day, while testing the telescope out Link notices a giant bird carrying a girl and dropping her into the forest of fairies which is located on a hill above Outset Island, Link runs into the forest and to his relief the girl is absolutely fine and she introduces herself as Captain Tetra and at the same time she introduces her crew of Pirates, Link and the Pirates decide that its time to leave the forest of fairies but unfortunately as they do the same bird snatches Aryll and takes he away to the Forbidden Fortress.

Aryll Kidnapped


Link suprised the bird stole his sister

The Pirates agree to help Link rescue his sister by escorting him to the Forbidden Fortress and after an intense mission impossible style journey to top of the fortress, Link finally reaches the top only to find out that the evil mastermind behind all of the previous trouble was none other than Ganondorf who has much bigger plans for the fate of the world other than simply kidnapping young girls and its up to Link the Hero of the Winds to stop him.

link and ganondorf


As I mentioned above Wind Waker didn’t do so well upon release due to its change in graphics and visuals but another reason for this is its game play, Wind Waker is the most interesting Zelda title I have ever played because unlike most other games in the series that mostly focus on a serious and dark plot with side missions and other objectives thrown into the mix as a bonus, Wind Waker does the very opposite because it has a big focus on exploring and discovery and less of a focus on the main quest, at the time a lot of Legend of Zelda fans didn’t like this new change of pace and they labelled the game as being a wannabe Zelda title, personally I really like the idea that the game wants players to create there own adventures as these days I feel that most Zelda games don’t have a massive emphasis on adventure which was originally the staple of the franchise.

King of Red Lions sailing

Instead of a horse this time we are given a boat called the King of Red Lions, the King of Red Lions is one of the most useful characters in the game because not only does he help guide you towards your main quests goals but he is also the only way you can travel between towns, islands and dungeons, if you haven’t already guessed the majority of the game takes place in the ocean meaning that most of your objectives and goals are spread all across the world on different islands.

This is a Zelda game so there is a couple of dungeons that you need to complete in order to beat the game but like I said there isn’t many dungeons as the main focus here is side questing, the idea of exploration is really cool and I appreciate that they made this the main focus but unfortunately the map for the ocean kind of sucks due to there not being much indication of where certain areas are on the map, some of the main towns are drawn on the map but the rest is mostly blank and this makes exploring extremely difficult, frustrating and not fun.

tumblr_nigb6z4AcB1qg98wdo1_1280There is a way that you can easily indicate where certain areas are situated on the map but from my experience the only way to do this is to feed your bate (red berries) to certain fish in the ocean, I found a couple of these fish and they did help me with mapping the coordinates of certain islands but I only found a few of them so they actually weren’t that much help.

I feel that this issue could have been fixed in a couple of ways for example how about nothing is indicated on the map but once you discover a new area or island it is automatically added to the map for you.

If you go on-line you can find coordinates to the different areas an example would be that the private cabana is situated on E5 this makes it much easier to traverse the vast world of Wind Waker so they could have fixed the map problem by giving you the opportunity to purchase the coordinates to certain areas in shops or from travelling merchants in the game.

The most obvious fix to this would be to simply provide the player with a physical map of the ocean packed in with the game that has all of the coordinates written onto it (Similar to the Grand Theft Auto games).

Finally for Wii U players the map is seen on the game pad so it would have been cool and useful if we could have drawn our own coordinates on the map using the stylus and the game pad.

This is the the only thing about the game-play that I really dislike so lets now talk about the more positive aspects of the game

Link timed button command attack

With Link being a being a master swords man you are going to be doing a lot of sword fighting in the game and a new attack introduced in Wind Waker is a timed button command, this new attack can be triggered by the player targeting the enemy and not taking damage for a few seconds, then once the command appears they must hit the button before it disappears and if they are successful they will take hit the enemy while dealing some major damage.

deku leaf

Another staple in the Zelda franchise is that in every game a new item is introduced and this time around we got the deku leaf, the deku leaf essentially allows Link to float through the air until his magic meter runs out this is useful for when you are trying to reach far away ledges and platforms, another use to this item is you can blow gusts of air with it which is mostly used to power certain mechanisms in the game luckily this particular use of the deku leaf uses no magic.

This wouldn’t be a Wind Waker review if I didn’t talk about the Wind Waker, the Wind Waker is essentially this games version of the Ocarina, through out the game you will learn new songs you can play using the wind and to the usual Zelda fashion some songs are needed in the game when others are not so important but still useful, for example if you are using the original sail while sailing you will need to sail in the direction of the wind and if you play the Winds Requiem you can change which way the wind is travelling making sailing to your destination much faster and easier, another example is the Ballad of Gales which allows you to warp to previous locations you have already visited.

teacher private cabana

Since the game mostly focuses on everything beyond the main quest you would think that the Side Quests would be very creative and unique compared to side quests in other entries of franchise, but this really isn’t the case as some side quests are genuinely a lot of fun and really stand out such as the Pictograph Quest which has young Link taking Photographs for an aspiring photographer on Windfall Island but apart from the few like this most of the Side quest are generic fetch quests having the player collect 20 of a specific item to be rewarded with rupees or heart pieces, one of the most awesome rewards for completing one of these quests is that Link gains his own Private Cabana which was an unexpected treat.

Both the Gamecube and the Wii U version of Wind Waker have very tight and responsive controls which are expected from a Nintendo Title, the Wii U version is the most beneficial version to play if only for the player not having the need to pause the game in order to switch between items and treasure charts due to the quick and easy access to these menus on the Wii U game pad.

The Wii U port also has a less aggravating final fetch quest at the end of game due to Nintendo kindly removing the majority of the Triforce charts allowing players to only collect three of them compared to the original which made the player collect eight.

The most unique aspect to the Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker is its visuals, Nintendo decided to steer away from the realistic and dark visuals which had become the staple of the series and decided to go with something much more happy which gave more of a childlike and innocent vibe which produced some beautiful final results.

Here are a few screen shots I found of both versions of the game.


Link looking like a boss on the bridge

link hanging around


Wind Waker is a very lively and well animated game, the game itself looks like an artist has gone absolutely nuts with colours and detail, this is also the first time we have really seen Link have a personality as he clearly shows his feelings and emotions using facial expressions through out the game and by using these facial expressions Link can take some magnificent selfies using his pictograph, the graphics are outstanding and are what help make the game really stand out as a unique title in the series.

Wind Waker also has an amazing sound track that really suits the games atmosphere and charm, what makes Wind Wakers soundtrack really stand out is that it always remains fun no matter what situation it is presenting itself too, for example most of the music in the game is fun happy and cheerful but even when the game gets to its more serious moments such as dungeon crawling and emotional scenes the music changes to suit these new environments but it also keeps its fun and cheerful presence as if its reminding you not to take the game to seriously and this is a game design choice that I really enjoy.

The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker is one of the most amazing entries in the franchise due to how unique it is, it was the first game in the series to have a less serious plot, feel and pace which is a touch that I believe only this game could pull off,  the game focuses more on adventuring than it does the main quest which is something that I believe Nintendo should implement into future Zelda titles, because Wind Waker chose to focus more on side questing and exploration I wish that the game had more interesting side quests and better map system because personally this left me very disappointed, the graphics are an interesting and risky choice but they work really well and honestly help give the game more personality, the music also carries this same risk but the final result really works in this type of game.

I will probably be crucified for saying this but I don’t think Wind Waker is one of the best Zelda titles although I believe I could have been if certain aspects of the game were executed better.

I may not have enjoyed Wind Waker as much as many of its fans but I do believe that it is a very unique entry to the franchise due to its personality and its charm.

Wind Waker 6.8/10

Wind Waker HD 7.2/10

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Attack on Titan E21 Crushing Blow The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 5

Spoilers !!!


Even after she was recently devoured the female titan is chasing after the special operations squadron, since all other plans to capture the titan have failed the special opts decide to try blinding her by slicing out her eyes on coordinated strikes, they then start using more coordinate strikes to attack her arm muscles so that she cannot move her arms to protect the weak spot.

female titan no eyes

Unfortunately this plan did not work as the female titan concentrates all of her energy into just one eye and it regenerates in under 30 seconds and she soons kills Petra, Eldo and Oluo of Squad Levi.

Erin sees all of this chaos and he soon comes to the realisation that he should have transformed into a Titan much earlier into the mission but he instead put trust into his comrades who are now all dead, Erin realises that he could have saved many lives if he just listened to his conscience and this thought makes him very sad and very angry.

Erin has had enough and he finally returns to Titan form to tackle the female Titan in a battle to the death.

Erin Titan and female titan fighting Both of the titans fight for what can only be hours and they are both very worn out but unfortunately the female titan knocks Erin’s head clean off and then she pulls Erin out of the body and eats him, Mikasa sees this and she is absolutely distraught Mikasa chases after the female titan and she try’s to slash at her unprotected neck but her blades are completely destroyed, this shows that the female titan might be invincible and that is not good news for the soldiers, Mikasa believes that Erin is still alive and she vows to somehow release  him from within the female titans stomach.

This episode was fantastic, we got to see the female titan at her very worst in an awesome titan battle with Erin, we also see the possibility of the female titan being invincible and I find that to be a very terrifying thought, I really liked that the message of this episode was that you should not always listen to your friends or  comrades as they may be wrong, its little messages like this that make me love this show as much as I do.


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Attack on Titan E19 Bite The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 3

Spoilers !!!



We begin the episode where we left off last time, Captain Levi’s group are still running through the forest while getting chased by the female titan, we learn that Captain Levi’s purpose in setting off the smoke signal was simply an act of impulse to confuse or stun the titan, sadly this did not work.

As a last resort Erin attempts to become a titan but is quickly stopped by his comrades who are  telling him that he should trust them, Erin is now stuck between following his conscience and listening to those who are laying down their lives for him.

Cover your ears


We are now taken into a flash back of Erin’s training for the current mission, he is stood in a well and is told that when Hanji Zoe sets off her smoke signal he should bite his finger but as he tries to do this he does not transform, he bites his hands many times during his attempt at transformation but he still has no luck and this time his wounds wont even heal.

Later on during dinner Erin drops his spoon and as he picks it up his right arm transforms into the arm of a titan, his comrades get out their weapons and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t convince them that he is safe.

Erins Titan Arm


Erin manages to free his arm from the titan flesh,later on that night Hanji Zoe shares a new discovery about Erin’s abilities with the survey corps, it turns out that Erin can only transform when he is trying to achieve some kind of a goal, after learning this Erin’s comrades feel really guilty about shouting at him all of them bite their hands as a way of apologising to Erin, this moment teaches all of Captain Levi’s group about the importance of trust.

Back in the present Erin is still contemplating his big decision but he eventually decides to take the word of his comrades and he keeps moving forward, the female titan is getting very close to Erin at this point but luckily she is attacked with hundreds of harpoons and it turns out that the plan was to capture her alive all along in order to find out who is controlling the titan body

Harpooned Titan

This episode was really cool, it did not have too much action but the emotions and the atmosphere was just fantastic, this is the first episode that really expanded on Levi’s character, the way he reacts to the survey corps when they are trying to kill Erin shows a more sympathetic and caring side to the all out bad-ass we have been shown in previous episodes. I thought that the trust scene was brilliant having Erin’s comrades bite their hands to go through the pain that he goes through every time he wants  to transform was really sweet and in a way shows that even though Erin carries titan DNA they are all very similar and will always stick together.

Absolutely Awesome Cant wait until episode 20


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Attack on Titan E17 Female Titan The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 1

Spoilers !!!


The Survey Corps have been trained and now they are out on their first mission, the Survey corps are using colour coordinated smoke signals to send information to Erwin, Erwin will use these signals to help direct his group away from titans who are travelling alone.

Smoke Signal

The plan seems to be going smoothly until a female titan comes running towards the Survey Corps at a high speed, One poor soldier tries to slay the titan by slicing her in the weak spot but she grabs his wires and slams him into the ground immediately killing him.

Not long after and she is chasing Armin and eventually knocks him off of his horse, I honestly thought that Armin was doomed but to my surprise the titan didn’t hurt him she gently lifts his hood and then she runs off, this shows that she is a very smart titan who may be looking for a specific person.

Female Titan lifing Armins HoodReiner and Jean find Armin sat on the ground looking very dazed and confused they return him his horse and they all head towards the female titan, Armin explains that he believes that the titan is a human who has the ability to take the form of a titan just like Erin, he also tells them to cover their heads as the titan wont attack them if she cant see their faces.

They take on the titan and she fights them back in order to keep them away from the back of her neck, during the fight Armin’s hood  is knocked off as he falls to the ground but the titan still leaves him alone and instead she goes after Reiner and Jean, Armin quickly distracts the titan by screaming at her that she is a cold blood murderer who killed his best friend (this is not a true story) this confuses the titan and leaves her open to attack.

Reiner is caught and crushed in the titan hand but surprisingly he survives without much damage to him at all, the titan retreats but this is not all good news because Armin quickly realises that the titan is heading to where Erin is located and that he believes Erin is who the titan is looking for

This episode was amazing, its really cool that Armin got his own episode without Mikasa or Erin, speaking of Armin this new titan looks very similar to him I have a feeling it may be relative (possibly his mother) but this doesn’t explain why the titan may be targeting Erin.

this episode had loads of action, we got some very interesting new plot I cant wait to learn more about this new titan, and Armin really shined in this every time he has a big role in an episode I start to love his character more and more each time


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The girl who leapt through time (2006) Review


Makoto Konno is an ordinary teenager, she goes to high school, hates her little sister, her emotions are all over the place and she loves hanging out with her two best friends Chiaki and Kosuke

All Hanging out

Apart from the fact that Makoto is extremely clumsy and a bit of goof ball her life is fairly normal for a girl of her age, but that all changes when she is asked to return some books too one of classrooms in her school, when she arrives the class room appears to be completely empty, she discovers a message on the blackboard which reads “Time waits for no one”


She thinks nothing of this and she returns the books to their proper place but being the klutz she is, she falls on a walnut and crushes it. On her way home she is racing down a steep hill on her bike, she hears a railroad crossing ahead as it is bleeping warning pedestrians of  an incoming train, Makoto tries to use the brakes but they wont work, she hits the rail and flies off her bike straight into the oncoming train and presumably dies.

A few Seconds later she is back on top of the hill and is in pain after falling off her bike and she hears the rail road crossing warn passers by of the same train that hit her previously.

Obviously she gets very confused by this and she goes to visit her Auntie Witch

Aunt Witch

She Explains to Makoto that she had peformed a time leap which means that she leapt through time and time traveled. We also learn that time leaps can be peformed by a lot of teenagers her age, but not many know that they have this ability.

As you may expect like any person who discovers that they can time travel Makoso starts time leaping whenever she can, she starts time leaping to get what she wants, to change how she deals with situations because if she does screw up anything she can reverse time and start again, she even time leaps so she can keep redoing her maths test until she has a perfect grade.

Makoso starts to get very selfish knowing that she can now have multiple chances at any thing that life throws at her and that nothing in her life will ever go wrong again.

At least that’s what she thought because later on in the movie Makoso notices a Tattoo of the number 9 on her arm, at first she thinks nothing of it and she carry’s on time leaping only to realise that the 9  is now a 6, this number represents the amount of time leaps Makoso has left,.

Makoso starts to feel foolish that she wasted almost of all of her time leaps and with only one left she decides that would be a great idea to time leap back to the begging of the movie so that she can get her friend Kosuke in a relationship with a girl who has a crush on him, but by doing this she ends up managing to sprain the girls ankle, since Makoso just walked away not realising what had happened Kosuke borrows Makoso’s bike and starts rushing to his house to get the girls ankle fixed but little does he know that he is heading towards the same train from the beginning of the movie.

Makoso Realises this and with no time leaps left she runs to try and stop her friend before it is too late.

The films plot is very impressive considering that a lot of anime’s are full of action, have an antagonist of some sort and are genuinely un-realistic, but with this anime its not the case at all because these teenagers act like normal teenagers, the high school looks and feels like a normal high school and even when Makoso starts time leaping she uses her new ability for non important things such as redoing karaoke over and over again, going back in time so she can eat her meals for a second time and to just genuinely avoid awkward situations, the reason I bring this up is because when I was a teenager if I this ability I would be using it in a similar manner.

The icing on the cake is the animation, this movie is beautiful every scene is hand drawn and its amazing. What may surprise a lot of people is that the animation and designs of the characters are quite simple but the backgrounds have had so much effort and time put into them that they really stand out, I don’t see this as a bad thing because its actually quite a nice change of pace considering that with most animated films and animes its the characters them selves which stand out the most compared the the rest of the imagery the film has offer, this film is a complete reversal of the usual formula and it works really well because it allows the viewer to really soak in the animation and ultimately 9 times out of ten they will appreciate the animation a lot more as well as the time and effort that went into making the film.

Makoto-and-Chiaki-the-girl-who-leapt-through-time-movie-18174508-604-329 gwl2 1104_girlwholeapt02

The girl who leapt through time is an amazing film it has top notch animation, a wonderful cast of characters, a brilliant plot and writing and it some heart warming and heart breaking moments which are bound to bring out some emotions in any who watches it.

If you haven’t yet seen this movie, I highly recommend giving it a watch

I hope you enjoyed this review

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Attack on Titan E2 That Day

Shorewood Blu-ray Ocard


Spoilers !!!

This episode was awesome, it follows the events of the last episode the Titans have now broken into the city and are starting to eat everyone they can find. Any survivors have to make their way to a boat which will take them to a new town where they can live safely from the Titans. Our main character Eren is sick and tired of hiding from the Titans and his emotions caused by his mothers death build up rage within him, Eren want’s to fight back against the Titans and nothing is going to stop him.

Times start to get really tough for the survivors, they are short on food and some how have to survive, I am curious to see how things will turn out.

I have no complaints about this episode it was perfect, this was definitely an emotional episode, you really feel for all of the characters and the troubles they are going through. I love it when anime takes a serious approach like this and so far i’m slowly falling in love with Attack on Titan because of this aspect.

Their was quite a few titans this time they all looked really cool but by far the most awesome was this giant Titan. Who barged into the town gate making the wall fall to pieces, it was really awesome.


This episode was great and the best part is that it was much easier to follow than the first episode, the emotional segments were really well done and everything fell together nicely. Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 2 gets the full 5/5

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