Hogwarts Legacy (2023) Review

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world action-adventure-role playing game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros Games.

The game had initial sales concerns due to some people choosing to pirate the game in order to not support J.K Rowling and her Antisemitic and transphobic views but even after these concerns the game went on to make an astonishing $850’000’000 in global sales in its first two weeks.

The game takes place in the late 1800’s and follows a new 5th year Hogwarts Student who gets wrapped into a wizarding battle revolving around an ancient dark magic which had been trapped inside of an secret repository, throughout the game the player will learn through pensives the dangers of the magic and at the end of the game can decide weather they want to free it or not.

There are three additional major side game plots that have the player deciding outcomes and how relationships will develop, these each tie into three in game houses Gryffindor, HufflePuff and Slytherin.

It is a bit lame that Ravenclaw never got one of these relationship quests but we did get astronomy tables as a unique collectible in the game just kinda wish my house had a much more thought through side story.

The three remaining stories each tie into the in game playing styles, HufflePuff focuses on Poppy Sweeting capturing magical beasts and taking out the poachers that are capturing them.

Gryffindor focuses on Natti Onai an African student who wants to seek justice against dark wizards due to her fathers murder in Uganda.

Slytherin definitely the best side side story focuses on Sebastian Sallow and how he desperately wants to access Dark Magic to save his sister Anne, this side story is the only way to learn the three dark magic curses including the Killing Curse.

Throughout the game you can attend classes to learn spells and you will also need to finish assignments these are normally just challenges to help you get used to how everything works, making potions from collected materials is necessary to keep yourself alive and can give you extra spell damage or defence against tricky enemies and bosses. Learning and developing new spell rotations is also highly recommended to learn how to use different combos to make sure you can get through the games thorough combat system.

Quests and lessons are not the only thing to do in the game, the wizarding world is massive and while you only remain in the Scottish Highlands surrounding Hogwarts Castle there is a plethora of areas to explore, collectibles to find and larger enemies to exterminate.

One issue I had with the game was definitely the crafting system, you can use herbology to grow plants and can brew potions providing that you have the correct number of items requested. It is impossible to do this anywhere but also there are real world time limits to crafting, the herbology I managed to work around by turning the room of requirement into a greenhouse, I rarely used plants so having them constantly replant themselves was useful, potions however were a real pain.

Wiggenweld potion will heal you when drink it and you can only store 25 at a time, when you run low you must go to the potions class and wait 15 seconds per potion to get them back, lets say you had completely ran out, if you wanted a full set of 25 you would need to wait around 6 minutes to brew a new set, in a mobile game this is acceptable because its free but when I have just spent £70 on a videogame having to wait around sucks!.

This could be fixed if you could simply brew as many as you want at once or you have no time limit and you allow players to craft anywhere from in game menu providing they have the necessary materials.

The only other issue I had with the game was the beast system, you can capture magical creatures in the game and release them into sanctuary’s via the Room of Requirement, here you can pet them, play with them, breed them and feed them to get new materials for upgrading your gear and adding special upgrades such as additional fire damage or better defence against Goblins etc. To be honest I hardly ever did this because you change gear so often by simply picking up better stuff that it just got annoying and I realised that I was doing fine enough without this feature.

I think it would be better if the beasts could assist you in combat or another way could be that if you did certain beasts missions you could unlock permanent upgrades that are attached you character and not specific items of clothing.

Apart from my small complaints general gameplay and exploration is fantastic, the world has had a lot of love went into its development, I love that you can freely explore Hogwarts Castle and all that surrounds it.

If you only focus on the main story the game is pretty short but if like me you focused on doing all the side quests and a fair bit of general exploration you will realise that there is so much to do and a ridiculous amount of content in this game. The majority of tasks will see you battling enemies and thankfully the game has really good combat system which can seem a little overwhelming but once you get a feel for it and start to create your own spell rotations and fighting styles it truly is one of the most satisfying combat systems I have ever used.

I found an offensive approach worked best for me using yellow magic to temporarily hinder my enemies before blasting them with my red attack magic to go in for the final blow worked best, when I was dealing with a lot of enemies the chomping cabbages I grew were seriously helpful for taking care of those health bars.

You can block in the game but I actually found it a lot easier to switch between attacks and dodge to quickly take down enemies while keeping myself alive.

I wont go over all of the side content but I do want to highlight the ones that I particularly enjoyed doing, I never went for 100 percent in this as I didn’t really feel a need to and only did the things I had the most fun with.

Merlin Trials are special puzzles hidden throughout the world by the Wizard Merlin, completing these will increase your gear slots, there are a lot of these but they generally come in certain varieties, set fire to all of the columns, move the boulder into the hole, find and return the missing fireflies, blast the items and traverse across the obstacles.

The big troll battles were really fun an could get challenging at times, these were really satisfyingly to beat and also gave you troll bogies one of the more rare crafting items.

I also did the general collection missions including finding the flying keys to retrieve house coins and the demiguise statues. The house coins will eventually allow you to open a chest unique to each common room and the demiguise statues will allow you to upgrade alohomora so you can open level 2 and 3 locks.

Visually from afar the game is beautiful and has some realistic visuals and uses colours extremely well to emphasize the atmospheric values of each in game area, it has some really great fog effects and even though there can be a lot happening on screen in one moment the game always remains well animated and I didnt experience any lag or other gameplay related problems.

Once you approach objects and characters up close there is some distinct drop in graphical quality, facial features become flatter and most things become more pixelated but it never really takes away from the experience the game offers.

The games soundtrack took direct influence from the John Williams score of Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone, even going as far as basing some of the tracks here on those original compositions. The music really is magical and makes you feel like you are the world of Hogwarts.

There is a fantastic video from Youtuber Charles Cornell a Jazz Pianist who discusses the influences in much better detail

I am so happy that this game was successful especially after it’s initial sales concerns because it really is a wonderful videogame and it offers so many details and secrets that you will want to keep coming back to it time and time again.

It isn’t perfect I feel like some changes to the crafting systems definitely need to be made in order to better experience a potential sequel but also we need consequences. The game allows you to make good and bad choices but none of them effect the outcome of the story enough to warrant taking different paths.

No matter what you choose you will always be heading towards that light hearted ending, you cannot become fully evil in this and while I normally go down the good path I think a consequence system similar to the Fable series would have been a great choice here and is something I really want to see in future games.


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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released on the eighth of July 1999 and is the third book in the Harry Potter franchise, for a lot of people this is their favourite book in the series and I can see why, for one its scarier and darker than both its predecessors with maybe a few exceptions in the Chamber of Secrets plus it introduces some fan favourite characters including convicted murderer Sirius Black and the new defence against the dark arts teacher Professor Lupin.


After his some what demise in the last book the lack of Lord Voldemort is not too much of an issue especially with the addition of Sirius Black being a potential threat as well as the terrifying Dementors who are guards at Azkaban, the Dementors will suck out the happiness of anyone who comes near them and what makes the Dementors even more frightening is their kiss, a Dementors kiss will not only suck out a persons happiness but also suck out their soul leaving the victim to a fate worse than death, Harry learns a new spell called Expecto Patronum which can help fend off the Dementors protecting Hogwarts Castle from Sirius Black.

As with the previous books a few moments in the Prisoner of Azkaban differ from the film however not much really stands out here, for example an entire section focusing on Harry Receiving a Fire Bolt broomstick is in the book but in the film Harry doesn’t receive it until the very end completely skipping over this plot point, the big twist with Scabbers is focused on more in the book and Hermiones new cat Crookshanks actually plays an extremely useful role here unlike in the film.


Harry Potters third adventure is yet again an excellent read and is a great addition to the franchise, I can understand why a lot of people really love this book but personally I still enjoyed Chamber of Secrets slightly more.

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second book in the Harry Potter franchise, the book was written by one of my all time favourite authors J.K. Rowling and it was published in book stores on the second of July 1997 just one year after the release of its predecessor.

As a child the Chamber of Secrets was my favourite book in the Harry Potter series and at the moment that opinion is still the same, Harry’s second year at Hogwarts spawned many of my favourite characters and moments in the story, I would say that the most memorable for me would be Gilderoy Lockhart the new defence against the dark arts teacher who is a snobby, big headed and manipulative liar which is written to be obvious to the reader at first but throughout the book you start to learn of some of the more horrid things he has done to become as famous as he is, of course you cant forget the introduction to the Whomping Willow either, the Whomping Willow is an extremely violent tree that lives on the Hogwarts Castle grounds, its notorious for attacking anyone or anything that comes near it by swiping at them with its massive branches and in most cases causing very serious damage, then there’s Harry’s weird first encounter with Dobby the house elf and finally you cant forget that this book also reveals the true identity of Lord Voldermort who had not been completely defeated at the end of the first book.


Speaking of the first book it should be noted that the second entry in the series is much darker and is therefore mildly scarier in comparison, the book deals with some rather grizzly topics including the murder of a student, hearing voices, numerous students being petrified by an unknown force and certain creatures wanting to devour the flesh of Harry and Ron.

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movies then you may be interested in reading the second novel since a lot of moments in the book were missing from the film adaptation, in particular my favourite chapter “The Deathday Party” where Harry, Ron and Hermione join the ghosts of Hogwarts in the dungeons to help celebrate Sir Nearly Headless Nick’s day of passing is one of my fondest memories of reading the Chamber of Secrets as a child, on top of this J.K. Rowling yet again does a fantastic job of making all of the characters lovable apart from the the more villainous ones and when the mystery of the book is finally solved it actually links back to the early chapters which is great because not only does that prove that J.K Rowling didn’t just throw together some half arsed answer but the reader is able to actually solve the mystery themselves before the answer is revealed which only makes the book worth reading even more.

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Book Review: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by JK Rowling


Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was the first book in a long and beloved series of books written by one of the greatest authors of our generation JK Rowlingshot-a-014n

I cant imagine that anyone one on the planet doesn’t know the story of Harry Potter but just to be safe the first book is about an eleven year old boy who suffers tremendous abuse from both his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon who legally became his guardians after his parents Lily and James were killed by an evil Wizard known as Lord Voldermort, Voldermort tries to kill Harry as a baby but Harry survives hence why he is known as the boy who lived, while he grows up with the Dursleys who make him sleep under the stairs, praise their other son Dudley for hurting him and are genuinely terrible people, the only surviving memory Harry has of his parents is a lighting bolt shaped scar on his forehead that he was left with after the attack.

After receiving countless mysterious letters in the mail all of which are destroyed by his Uncle, Harry eventually finds out that he is a wizard and is sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry so that he can learn to become the legendary hero he was born to be, by now we have been introduced to one of the most important characters of the franchise Hagrid the grounds keeper and not too long after that we meet some of the other very important characters including Hermione Granger an intelligent but rather bossy young witch, Ronald Weasley who is very clumsy but has a good heart, Draco Malfoy the snobby school bully who thinks that his family is better than everyone else, Neville Longbottom who is the most important character in the franchise other than Harry but we will get to that another day, Severus Snape a potions master who really dislikes Harry, Albus Dumbledore the Head Master of the school and most importantly in this book is Professor Quirrell a seemingly nervous wreck of teacher who stutters every sentence and is constantly on edge.


Hogwarts has four school houses Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor each student is placed in one these houses depending on their personalities the bravest and most courageous students are placed in Gryffindor, the most knowledgeable and witty students are placed in Ravenclaw, the most caring and loyal of students are placed in Hufflepuff and the most ambitious students are placed in Slytherin but a clever detail JK Rowling has hinted at in the series is that Gryffindor is the only house you can choose to join since you have to choose to be brave and if you have seen the movie or read the book then you know that this small detail plays a very important part in the Harry Potter story.

While on break after learning new spells and how to make potions Harry, Ron and Hermione accidentally enter a forbidden area on the fourth floor corridor and what they find behind the door is what leads them to start trying to unravel the mystery of the Philosophers Stone and who they believe may be trying to steal it.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is one of the most important books in existence, not only was it the start of Harry’s journey into becoming a wizard but more importantly it was the start of JK Rowlings journey of becoming one of the most influential writers of all time.

This is a fantastic book, its well written to point where JK Rowling doesn’t explain things in a lot of detail so the reader is able to use their imagination to create a vision of the magical world in their own minds instead of how the author sees it, the characters are perfect you will find Hermione annoying just like Ron does but you will learn to warm up to her through out the book, Draco Malfoy and Dursleys are all really unlikable and you will hate them which is great because you are supposed to dislike them and Albus Dumbledore really does seem like a very wise old wizard who has a unique perspective on life,however there are one or two plot holes in this first installment but obviously due to spoilers I won’t go into them, if you are unsure as to whether you want to check out the Harry Potter books this is a really good place to start because not only is it the first of the franchise but its also the shortest and in my personal opinion one of the very best.

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