The Croods Review

I’m not gonna lie when I saw the trailer for The Croods I wasnt expecting much, I saw the movie in the theatres today and I didn’t realise that I was gonna get a lot more than I expected.


The Croods is about a family of cave men who live a danger free and boring life style of rules set by the Father Ugg, the whole family has learned to live like this but the daughter Eep wants more out of life and dreams of one day adventuring outside of the cave.

One night Eep sees a light and decides to leave the cave and follow it, following the light leads Eep to find a boy called Guy, Guy talks about the end of the world and how Eep and her family need to get to safety.

The rest of the movie is pretty much the family’s adventure to a high up mountain which will protect them from the earth cracking open the ground below.

The Croods is a very well animated movie which has a good blend of comedy combined with quite a few heart warming and even tear enducing moments. I particularly liked the croods them selves and this is because they actually seemed like a real, family, you got the over protective dad, the hard working mother, the crazy grandma, the sibling rivalry between Eep and her brother and the out of control baby which is also the dog (by far my favorite character). One thing that was a bit off putting was Nicholas Cage voicing the dad, I just don’t think Nicholas Cage and caveman is a good combination.

Overall The Croods is a very good movie which you definitely will not regret seeing.

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Walt Disneys Snow white and the seven dwarfs review


As well as being the first animated movie by Disney Snow White and the seven dwarfs is also the first full length animated movie to ever be made so it only seems right to pay tribute to it.

Released in 1937 Snow White and the seven dwarfs is the story of a young princess called Snow White (named for having skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as ebony). The Evil Queen gets told by her mirror that Snow White is pretty than her and the Evil Queen is not having this so she hires a hunter to kill Snow White and bring back her heart. In the mean time Snow White falls in love with a prince who quite literally only has a few lines in the whole movie and most of those lines are sung, any way the hunter finds Snow White but he won’t kill her because apparently she is to pretty and so he tells her to run away and instead he brings what I believe is the heart of a pig to the evil queen. It isnt long until the Queen finds out that Snow White is still alive and shes decides to kill Snow White herself the Evil Queen poisons an apple and takes the form of an old hag before hunting for Snow White


Snow white finds 7 Dwarfs (Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy,Sleepy,Bashful, Dopey and Doc) and she hides out in their cavern, the Dwarfs go to work in he mines and The Evil Queen finds snow white in her hag form and she offers her he apple.


Snow White takes a bite out of the Apple and she dies, the Queen takes off not realising that Snow White can be brought back to life with a kiss from her true love.


For a film that came out in 1937 I have got to say I’m impressed the animation is spectacular for the time, the film has some very delightful songs and as a whole its a very enjoyable film. I recommend seeing this one not just because its a good film also because it is Walt Disneys first animated movie making it a very important part of animation history.

Saturday animated movie review: Shrek

Sharpen your pitchforks and light your torches because I am one of the few people who don’t like Shrek



Shrek voiced by Mike Myers is an ogre who lives a peaceful life in a swamp, Shrek is a stereotypical ogre who enjoys mud baths, eating bugs and animals, being disgusting and scaring away any villagers who try to kill him. One day Shrek finds a bunch of fairy tale creatures are living on his swamp because the evil Lord Farquad has banished them from their homes, because of this Shrek heads off on an adventure with a donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy to find Lord Farquad and to get his swamp back. Shrek finds Lord Farquad and is told that he will get his swamp back if he rescues Princess Fiona voiced by Cameron Diaz from her tower which is guarded by a ferocious dragon Shrek agrees and heads out with Donkey to rescue the princess.

So what don’t I like about this movie, well in my opinion its just boring I will agree that I like the story and there are some moments which get a laugh out of me like the part when Fiona sang to the birds and they exploded that had me in stitches when I first saw the movie and what does she do with the eggs does she raise them, no she cooks them and that’s awesome. I wish the movie had more jokes like this instead of annoying pop songs and jokes which a lot of the time don’t make sense, its like when Donkey says he is going to make waffles the entire thatre was laughing at that joke and I don’t get it, is it because he is a donkey and shouldnt be able to make waffles because he has hooves?. Another thing that annoys me is that most of the movie is Shrek and Donkey talking which could be a good thing if what they talk about most of the time had a purpose or was funny but it isnt it just drags on and annoys the hell out of me. I do on the other hand really enjoy some of the characters my particular favourite being the ginger bread man, the animation is really impressive and at the end of the movie the morale that even if someone is ugly on the outside they can be loving, caring and beautiful on the inside is executed perfectly and is a lot better than most Disney Morales.

My final verdict is that if you have not yet seen Shrek go and see it because its not a terrible film its just overated in my opinion

I do however love the sequel but I will get to that another day

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Saturday animated movie review: Walt Disneys Tarzan

Tarzan was the first movie I ever saw in the cinemas as a kid and it was also the first disney movie I had ever seen.


Tarzan is the story of baby who lived in the jungle with his family and at the same time some gorillas also had a baby. Sadly a cheetah kills the gorilla baby and it also kills baby Tarzans parents, the mother gorilla finds baby Tarzan abandoned and so she takes baby tarzan to her gorilla partner Curshak but sadly he dosent like Tarzan as much as she does. Later on the movie skips ahead a few years and we see that tarzan is now a young man, the movie than skips ahead a few more years and Tarzan is now an adult. This is where the movie kicks in as Tarzan meets the british love of his life Jane.


Jane had come to Africa with her father and the soon to be villain of the movie Clayton (I don’t know if their is any relationship between Clayton and Janes family) to see the Gorillas.


Like I said Clayton is not straight away the villain until we find out that he dosent just want to see the gorillas and he actually wants to shoot them so he sell their heads and fur for money and the lenghts he goes to, to try and suceed in this.

Tarzan may not have a bad ass villain song but it does have a bunch of amazing tracks by none other than the music legend Phil Collins, some really smooth and rather impressive animation  and in my opinion one of the best story lines in disney history. If you have not yet seen Tarzan then I reccomend that you watch it.

Saturday Anime Review: Mega Man Starforce

Yay Mega Man one of my favourite video game series of all time, it’s made by capcom and like most capcom videogames it kicks ass. We all know about the classic Mega Man series for the nes, The Mega Man X series for the snes, the Mega Legends series and so on but what about the Mega Man starforce video game series for the Nintendo DS did you even know this existed I sure didn’t until I watched the Anime which is based on the games and this a review of that anime and that anime is Mega Man Starforce. I have never played the games this is a review of the Anime in general.

Image Ok let’s first of all discuss a problem and that of course is the fact that in the UK and USA only season 1 of the show is available as the later seasons were only aired in Japan why you may ask? I have no idea it’s probably because some new stupid show came out and they needed a time space for it to be aired so they just said bye bye to Mega Man Starforce and Hello to Super Kitty Rainbow Fight or something.

With that off my chest let’s talk about the show in general

Meet Geo Stelar ImageHe is the main character of the show and he wants to become an astronaut so he can go into space and look for his father who went missing, Everyone thinks that he is dead but Geo is certain that his dad is still out there. Ever since his dad went missing geo hasn’t gone to school and is instead studying at home (Ok let’s skip ahead a few chapters here as I don’t want to ruin much of the story for anyone who wants to check out the show). One night Geo is sat outside using a special pair of glasses his father once wore called the visualizer which allows EM energy to be seen by the naked eye and while Geo uses the visualizer he sees what looks like to lights fighting but one of these lights starts coming towards Geo and Geo gets hit by this light.

Now Meet Omega-XisImage

That light which hit Geo happened to be an Alien called Omega-Xis who has the power to channel EM energy. Geo meets Omega-Xis in his room, Omega-Xis explains who he is and his purpose on earth he also explains to Geo that he needs his help to defeat any of the bad aliens which will use the EM energy to merge with people who they can then control to their own advantages. Just like the other aliens Omega-Xis can merge with people using EM energy so Omega-Xis asks for Geo’s permission for them to merge energy cells so they can become one to defend earth (and for other reasons which I won’t say because like I said before I don’t want to ruin too much of the story). Geo agrees to let Omega-Xis  merge with him because Omega-Xis knows stuff about Geo’s Father, when geo and Omega-Xis merge  as one they become Mega Man and fight for earth’s safety begins.

If you’re a Mega Man fan go and watch this show because even though we can only watch the first season it’s a really awesome show, it has great story line, really shows the capabilities of an Anime based on a video game series and in general like I said before it kicks ass so go buy it you can get on Amazon pretty cheap and I will even leave you link providing you live in the UK as I am British.

I hope you enjoyed this review Mega Man Starforce the Anime this review is of my own opinion

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Saturday Anime Review: Mardock Scamble The First Compression

Mardock Scramble the first compression follows the story of a young girl called Rune Balot she has had a rough childhood having to deal with sexual abuse from her father. As an adult she has a profession as a prostitute. One day Rune is picked up by a Casino Manager called Shell, he is very kind to Rune but Rune does not believe he is so innocent so she does research on him on a computer, when Shell finds out he is Mad and tricks Rune into getting into a car with him but once she is in the car Shell leaves the vehicle and blows the car up with Rune inside. With all the Crime in Mardock police bring out a new law called scramble 9. Police allow a professor to modify Runes body to fit the needs of scramble 9, he then brings Rune back from the dead and both him and his mouse named Oeufcoque (who by the way can turn into anything even a car) trains Rune so she can seek revenge on her Killer.


Mardock Scramble the first compression is a great movie which any action/Anime fan will love. It has a great sound track and the animation is really impressive.  The story line is very creative and it has a really great cast of characters even if a lot of them are really weird. The movie may not seem weird from this review but once you see it you will know what I mean 😉

Mardock Scramble is in no way suitable for children as it contain many scenes filled with violence and gore, it also has many different sex scenes and scenes with full frontal nudity.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Mardock Scramble the first compression this review is of my own opinion of the movie, if you respect my opinion I will respect yours.

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