The Croods Review

I’m not gonna lie when I saw the trailer for The Croods I wasnt expecting much, I saw the movie in the theatres today and I didn’t realise that I was gonna get a lot more than I expected.


The Croods is about a family of cave men who live a danger free and boring life style of rules set by the Father Ugg, the whole family has learned to live like this but the daughter Eep wants more out of life and dreams of one day adventuring outside of the cave.

One night Eep sees a light and decides to leave the cave and follow it, following the light leads Eep to find a boy called Guy, Guy talks about the end of the world and how Eep and her family need to get to safety.

The rest of the movie is pretty much the family’s adventure to a high up mountain which will protect them from the earth cracking open the ground below.

The Croods is a very well animated movie which has a good blend of comedy combined with quite a few heart warming and even tear enducing moments. I particularly liked the croods them selves and this is because they actually seemed like a real, family, you got the over protective dad, the hard working mother, the crazy grandma, the sibling rivalry between Eep and her brother and the out of control baby which is also the dog (by far my favorite character). One thing that was a bit off putting was Nicholas Cage voicing the dad, I just don’t think Nicholas Cage and caveman is a good combination.

Overall The Croods is a very good movie which you definitely will not regret seeing.

Hope you enjoyed this blog
This blog was written by Dan (Padawan)


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