The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004) Review

Originally planned to be the shows grand finale (although it is considered the ending of the canonical timeline), 2004 gave us the Spongebob Squarepants movie a surprisingly well written film where Spongebob and Patrick are sent on a quest to receive King Neptunes stolen crown from Shell City.

The film mainly revolves around a new restaurant opening the Krusty Krab 2 and how Spongebob not getting the management position affects him.

While Spongebob is grieving Plankton has started his evil plan Z where he steals King Neptunes crown and blames Mr Krabs resulting in Krabs being frozen while Spongebob and Patrick go on an epic road trip to get the crown back and clear Mr Krabs name.

The movie was directed by Stephen Hillenburg the series creator and you couldn’t ask for a better director as he best understands the characters and the world of Bikini Bottom. Since the movie was made when Hillenburg was still involved in the shows production the film holds up in quality, comedic timing and feels like a love letter to Spongebob fans of the time.

My favourite part of the movie is actually the opening, the film starts with eccentric Spongebob fans (pirates) discovering tickets to the Spongebob Squarepants movie where they soon give the audience a live rendition of the shows theme song in the style of pirates shantie.

The film is a lot darker than the show, there is one part that’s always creeped me out and that’s when Spongebob and Patrick run into the ice cream lady, this seemingly innocent old woman is actually a giant monster which draws inspiration from the Kelpie as well as Grandma from the episode Have you seen this snail.

Plankton is particularly evil in this movie, this is by far his most sinister plan, he not only frames Mr Krabs for his crimes but he even enslaves the residents of Bikini Bottom.

A character called Goofy Goober plays a small role in the film as a food mascot but his influence on Spongebob and Patrick throughout the movie helps them both to see emotions and learn maturity. It’s the place were spongebob goes to grieve over his loss of the manager position and is even used at the end of the movie to foil Planktons plans.

With great jokes running from beginning to end, new characters, original songs and special cameo appearances, the Spongebob Squarepants movie may be the greatest film to ever be made of an animated property, it managed to stick to the nature of the show with a few updates to help it work for a cinematic experience. It’s not just a great ending to the Spongebob timeline but its just a great movie in general, its very cheap to rent on apps such as amazon prime and the Sky Store and I highly recommend you do, this is honestly one of the funniest animated movies I have ever seen and I guarantee you will find enjoyment in it even if you haven’t seen the show.

My Favourite Spongebob Episodes – Have you seen this Snail

Since I mentioned this episode earlier on in the review, whats a better time than now to talk about it.

In this season 4 episode Spongebob is too distracted by his new Paddleboard set to remember Gary’s feeding time which results in Gary Running away from home.

He is eventually picked up by a kind old lady who gives Gary a life of luxury and lots of homemade foods, later on in the episode Gary discovers a sinister secret about the old lady when he discovers lots of empty snail shells piled in a cupboard.

In my opinion the most memorable part of this rather emotional episode is the original song “Gary Come Home”. Since the new movie, Sponge on the run follows a similar premise to this episode many fans are hoping it appears in the film.

Not one of the funniest episodes in the series but Have you seen this snail packs plenty of emotion in a very memorable episode that reminds its viewers to remember the importance of taking good care of their pets.

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