My Neighbour Totoro Review


My Neighbour Totoro has become quite an iconic film over the past few years, it has become so popular that it became the logo for Studio Ghibli the production company responsible for many of the greatest anime’s of all time.

My Neighbour Totoro’s story is that of a family who have decided to move house, they have moved to a fairly quiet location in countryside, I imagine that they moved here to live a peaceful life style but little did they know that where they have moved to is also a hangout for many different spirits.

In any other film this would usually lead to a scary or spooky movie but surprisingly in this film the spirits are just there and they don’t seem to alarm or bother anyone in the family, As you may have guessed one of the neighbouring spirits is the huge Totoro who has a surprising resemblance to the Pokemon Snorlax.




That’s pretty much the movie the girls discover Totoro and the entire film is essentially them interacting with him and that’s what sort of makes it so good, Totoro is a very peculiar character as he seems very human he likes to take naps, he catches the bus and in general he doesn’t actually do much, he doesn’t have much dialogue so making him a lovable character is mostly about the pacing of his actions and trust me the animators really nailed this one on the head, yeah Totoro doesn’t do much but he is so well animated that every time he smiles, bounces or yawns its hard not to love him and the timing of these actions are always perfect and again its difficult to explain without me just telling you to watch the movie but if you do will see what I mean.

The family are great in this movie the dad is a hard working individual but he is also seen to be a lot of fun in many scenes of the film but by far the best characters are the two sisters, these girls honestly seem like real sisters in real life the older sister can at times be bossy but caring and the younger sister is excitable, very curious and genuinely quite innocent

Like I said not a lot goes on in this movie there is a climax near the end of the film but its nothing too crazy so don’t get your hopes up.

I’m not huge on the music in this film it’s not bad I just don’t think that its very memorable but the animation is really something special, at times the animation looks similar to every other Studio Ghibli film but every now and again something really cool and interesting will show up, everyone loves Totoro and his character design but personally I don’t think anything can top the cat bus its so bizarre that this movie has a bus that is also a cat but it looks so cool that you just really wanna ride it.

Cat Bus

My Neighbour Totoro is a special film as its surprisingly brilliant, not a lot goes on in the movie but everything is so well paced and well animated that the entire film is very memorable, the animation and character designs are pretty superb and every character in this film is interesting and likeable, if you ever want to watch a movie that you can chill out too and also appreciate its brilliance then My Neighbour Totoro is the film for you.

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Saturday Anime Review: The Cat Returns

Another great movie from Studio Ghibli This week I will be reviewing The Cat Returns

 ImageThe Cat Returns is a great Anime which was produced by Studio Ghibli and directed by Hiroyuki Morita. The movie follows the life of a young girl called Haru who is able to talk to cats, One day she saves the life of a cat who was about to be hit by a truck the cat turned out to be a prince called Lune he is the prince of the cat kingdom. As a way of thanking Haru the Prince sends her gifts of both mice and cat nip and is then asked if she will take the Princes hand in Marriage they take her mixed reply as a yes. Haru does not want to marry a cat and gets very upset, she then hears the voice of a female telling her to go and find the cat bureau. I won’t say much more as the story line is very simple and I worry that I may ruin the story line for you, I will say this though The Cat Returns is a must see and can be truly loved by all the family I find the movie to unisex meaning that it can be enjoyed by both the male and female audience.


The animation is really great in this movie this is what you would expect from a Studio Ghibli film, The movie is enjoyable if watched in both Japanese and English but I would recommend seeing it in Japanese with English subtitles as I found that watching the film in Japanese was the more enjoyable experience.

Kiki’s Deliver Service Review

Saturday Anime Review Kiki’s Deliver Service

It’s Saturday and today I will be reviewing another Anime movie this week Kiki’s Delivery Service

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli in 1989. Kiki’s Delivery Service follows the adventures of a 13 year old witch called Kiki and her black cat Jiji. When a witch turns 13 they have to move away from home for one year for witch training so that can find out their special skill.

Now that Kiki is 13 the time has come for her to start her own witch training so Kiki and her cat Jiji set out looking for a city to stay in.  Kiki doesn’t have much luck finding a city on the first night so Kiki and Jiji sneak onto a moving train and hope that it will take them to a city.

The train doesn’t take them to city but it does take them to a small sea side town Kiki seems to really enjoy the area so she decides that she will do her witch training here.

The next problem is that Kiki and Jiji can’t find any where to stay due to Kiki being a minor.  Kiki is about to give up and look for a new town at this point a woman who owns bakery is trying to return a pacifier to another woman’s baby, Kiki realises that the woman won’t make it in time and decides she will return the pacifier for her the baker agrees and is amazed when Kiki fly’s off on her broom stick.

After returning the pacifier Kiki goes back to the bakery to tell the Baker she returned the pacifier. To say thanks for Kiki’s assistance the baker allows Kiki to stay in the spare bedroom. The next day Kiki asks the baker if she can help out in the bakery the baker agrees and explains that she could really use a delivery girl Kiki agrees to help and Kiki’s delivery service begins.

Kiki’s Deliver Service is a great movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family, it has an amazing soundtrack, very impressive animation for the time and a simple story line which suits the movie well. At times the movie feels like it drags on a bit but it quickly picks up again.

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