Issue 1 Review: Stranger Things

Welcome to another of my comic book reviews, this time we will be taking a look at the first issue of the comic series Stranger Things which is based on the popular Netflix show.

The comic book takes place during the first season of the netflix show and while following the same plot line the comic book shows the events from the perspective of Will Byers who gets lost in an alternate dimension called the upside down.

I love the lay out and writing style of this comic series, there is less dialogue than would be expected but clever pacing and story telling really makes this one stand out as the journey of Will Byers is told to the reader with more emphasis on the journey compared to other elements of the story.

Stranger Things is the first issue of a 4 part comic book series, it’s a great read for fans of the television series but I feel those who haven’t seen the show won’t enjoy it as much so my advice would be to watch season 1 and then check out the comic book, this was an unexpected find for me which I am pleased to have spotted.

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