Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions (SNES) Review

Daffy Duck: The ‘Marvin Missions is an Action, Maze Platformer for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, a Gameboy version was also made but today we are primarily looking at the Home Console version.

In the game Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck) is sent on a mission to stop the plans of Marvin the Martian who is causing trouble on the Resort Planet by taking over with an army of meddling Martians.

The main gameplay style is Action platforming, the game is quite fun as Daffy needs to use various weapons and use some strategy to get through stages and beat the mini boss. The only real issue with the platforming is the Maze style they use, this can be pulled off really well if done correctly, games like Super Metroid or Castle Vania Symphony of night do this phenomenally because the entire game is one large map, there are goals you need to reach but every path you take leads to something and the paths you cant cross can be returned to later on when you find upgrades. The Marvin Missions uses a level system and while the stages are complicated there is only one true path you should take on each level which only makes it frustrating when you go the wrong way. I think this would have been much better if it was just a simple action platformer with guns instead of trying to be a style which does not work unless it is very carefully planned out.

A very impressive aspect to the game is how well animated Daffy Duck, his sprite is very flexible and looks like a cartoon, don’t get me wrong the limitations of the Super Nintendo make it obvious that this is only a video game so your not getting visuals a kin to Hercules on Ps1 but more like Aladdin on Sega Genesis which is definitely a benefit in my book with Aladdin being one of my favourite games.

I do really like the gun system though, you get access to most of these from the get go but with limited ammunition, in the game you earn money and can spend that on upgrading the guns so they can hold more ammunition.

The boss fights are great in this game, none of them feel the same and each has a unique way of defeating them, none of it feels as repetetive as some of the stages do and its nice to have some variety, considering that there is only one Looney Tunes Villain you may think the developers would cut some corners, but with Marvin using robots its about as creative as some of the old Sonic games boss fights and as a big Sonic fan you cant wrong pick a better series to inspire your battles.

The music is awful, I’m sorry because some people praise this soundtrack but honestly to me it’s just noise, I found it annoying and very uncreative, I had to mute the tv at times because the music just got so infuriatingly bad and this sucks because the SNES is home some of the best video game music of all time and I know Sun Soft can do much better than this, their game Batman on the NES has an amazing soundtrack so its not like they couldn’t have done more here.

Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions was disappointing, I think the biggest issue it has is that the developers tried way to hard to make this better than it is, sometimes simplicity is best and this is a great example of how trying to do to many things can really ruin a game, the badly designed maze style levels, the wacky soundtrack which is extremely annoying and the fairly uninspired plot really take away from this one. It does have great animation and very well designed boss fights but that is not enough to redeem this for me. I don’t think its terrible I have reviewed much worse games than this and I feel that with enough practise you could find enjoyment here but from a first playthrough I can only award a a below average score of 4.6/10 because honestly I would rather be playing Porky Pigs: Haunted Holiday and even that game isn’t very good !

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