The Simpsons Arcade Game (1991) Review




Created and released by Konami in 1991 the Simpsons Arcade Machine was extremely popular when it was sent to arcades. Not long after hitting arcades the game was ported to MS DOS and Commodore 64, these versions were poor in comparison to the original game and we wouldn’t see a very good port of the game until 2012 when it was released on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.


The Simpson family are walking down the street when they bump into Waylon Smithers who has just robbed a jewelry store, the diamond that Smithers had stolen falls into Maggies mouth, Smithers steals Maggie and runs away leaving the Simpson family to fight off Mr Burns Goons throughout various areas from the show on their way to The Nuclear Power Plant to take out Mr Burns and Smithers.


In the game you can play with up to four players and each player can be one of four characters Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa Simpson.


The game is a 2D Beat em up which has the Simpsons traversing through various areas and defeating variants of enemies until the screen has cleared and the player can move onto the next screen. Each character has one attack move and each fight in different ways Homer fights with his fists, Marge uses a vacuum cleaner, Bart rides his skateboard and uses it to attack enemies and Lisa uses a skipping rope to defeat her foes.

In multiplayer two characters can merge together to perform a super attack, these attacks change depending on which characters are being played.

Players can also pick up objects in the various environments to either throw at enemies or to use them as a weapon, the sling shot is the most useful in my opinion.


At the end of each of the 8 stages you will need to fight a boss battle, each boss is quite difficult and unique to the plot.

Konami has always been really good with their video game soundtracks and this game is no exception, the music is super fun and fast paced and still has that Simpsons feel to it. Its by far one of best soundtracks in a Simpsons game, click the video above to check it out.

The Simpsons Arcade game is a fantastic Arcade game and should be played if you ever get the chance, it is quite tough which is to be expected from games in the Arcade as they are made to make money, it took me 30 credits to finish the Simpsons arcade. If you want a decent version of the game to play at home you can purchase it on Xbox Live and PSN, the Xbox Live and PSN versions of the game even come with some additional modes. If there was anything I would say to improve the game it would be to add an additional attack button as just having one main attack gets a little boring after a while, but all in all the Simpsons arcade game is great 9.6/10.

I hope you enjoyed this review of The Simpsons Arcade Game

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Book Review: Jack Dawkins by Terry Ward

I would like to say a big thank you to Publishers Push and the author of this book Terry Ward for supplying me with a review copy of this book.

This excellent book by author Terry Ward follows the story of Jack Dawkins better known as the Artful Dodger in the Charles Dickens classic novel Oliver Twist

The story continues where Jack’s fate was hinted at in Oliver Twist presumably being sent to an Australian penal colony after being caught stealing a silver snuff box.

In this continuation of the Dodgers story, Jack Dawkins is given one last chance to change his ways narrowly escaping the punishment he was lined up for.

Jack is sent to live with a man called Mr Godden who gives Jack work to do on his farm, his beautiful daughter Lysette catches Jack’s eye and she soon becomes the new focus of the Dodgers life.

Jack Dawkins by Terry Ward is a splendid book that shows the Artful Dodger in a new light, the book shows the past criminal as a caring and brave individual who shows several acts of heroism throughout the story in order to gain the heart of the person he loves.

In another side plot in relation to the Dodgers parents we see an emotional side to Jack that makes you feel for the character and root for his success.

My favourite part of the book was the love that Jack felt for Lysette Godden, I love a good romance so this soon got me hooked on the story, I also really enjoyed the references to Jacks criminal past as well as some character appearances from the Charles Dickens book Oliver Twist.

Jack Dawkins by Terry Ward may be one of the best books I have read in a long time, it is an excellent take on the Artful Dodger that gives the character more humanity and in my opinion makes him more likeable, the author was very brave to write a story based on such a timeless character but he did a wonderful job and I will be look out for Terry Wards books in the future.

Jack Dawkins, AKA as the Artful Dodger, wants to set the record straight about what happened to him after he was obliged to take up lodgings in Newgate Prison. Thanks to the genius of Lionel Bart, we all have a lasting image of him skipping away into the sunset, arm in arm with Fagin. Well, the young jackanapes is here to tell you that the truth is very different.
You don’t have to know your way round archaic words, history or the works of Mr. Dickens, because Jack has very kindly provided a Glossary that you can refer to as he relates in his own inimitable fashion, his encounters with an unusually erudite Bow Street Runner, murderous villains, turnkeys, philanthropists, Innkeepers, Owlers, passing strangers-and Miss Lysette Godden, the first human being he has ever loved. Strangely enough, Jack also reveals that, as he conducts what proves to be a highly dangerous search for his mother and father, he finds his true self.


I thought you might like to take a look at Jack Dawkins’ ghost-writer.
You can see more of both of us on the You Tube video ‘the spirit of the Artful Dodger’,
in which Jack does the decent thing by returning from ‘Mutton Pie and Porter heaven’ to give me a helping hand.


Thank you for reading this review of Jack Dawkins by Terry Ward

JACK DAWKINS- being the further adventures of the Artful Dodger’


Terry Ward.

In which the Artful Dodger expresses his opinions on:

Fagin:  He reminded me of one of those ravens you see strutting about, frightening the pigeons.

Poverty:  ‘Youi ought to try living on the streets of London, summer and winter; it’s an education.’

Judges; ‘I can’t stand their type.  They’ll condemn an out of work man for stealing enough to keep his family alive, then go home to a mansion and a two-hour dinner.’

Army generals:  ‘Kill one man and they’ll hang you for it.  Kill a hundred thousand and they’ll put up a statue with your name on it.’

Romance:  Well, there’s kissing and there’s kissing, isn’t there?

Sex: ‘You don’t spend your life living in overcrowded warrens without noticing things you ought not. I’ve seen just about everything from life being made and born, to death having the last laugh, so you’d better think again about what I can and can’t do.’

Down on the farm: ‘Farming is a disgusting business. Horse dung, pig dung and

cow dung keep piling up in pens and all over the yard. It makes

me grateful that the two hundred sheep Mr Godden told me he

owns are doing it in the fields, otherwise we’d be up to our necks

in the stuff in no time.’

Fantastic reviews for

‘Jack Dawkins-being the further adventures of the Artful Dodger’


Terry Ward

ISBN  9784-1-911546-30-6

Widely available from online book shops

Foyles, Blackwells, the Telegraph, Amazon etc.

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The Thing (1982) Review


The Thing is a Sci Fi and Horror movie written by Bill Lancaster and Directed by John Carpenter.


The Thing follows the story of American researchers in Antarctica who due to an unfortunate incident discover a strange alien creature that is able to take the form of any living entity it consumes, after discovering malformed humanoid bodies and a dog that had been affected the men become paranoid of who they can trust as the creature could have taken the form of anyone in the group.

The_Kennel-Thing_puts_out_tentacles_-_The_Thing_(1982)For me the best part of the film was the creature design, of course technically the creature can take the form of any living organism it pleases, however its the grotesque visuals when the creature is in mid transformation that it is most visually pleasing, each time this happens the form it takes is different but all of them are disgusting and really horrifying.

endjc3The entire cast is memorable and so are the characters they play but by far the two most recognisable actors who also give the best performance in my opinion are Keith David who plays Childs who you may recognise from my review of They Live and Kurt Russell who plays Macready the lead character of the film but putting these two aside everyone in the film did a fantastic job.

The Thing is an amazing film and the suspense and mystery of it is something that you don’t see much in films today, you don’t know where the creature is for a large chunk of the movie and while the characters in the film don’t know who to trust neither does the audience, and even to this day some questions about the creature have gone unanswered leaving many viewers to have to try and theorise certain areas of the movie for themselves.

I hope you enjoyed this review of The Thing (1982) if you respect my opinion I will respect yours.

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King’s Quest 1: Quest for the Crown (1990 Edition) Review

A few weeks ago a friend of mine begged me to play through and review a series of games called Kings Quest, I had heard about the games many times growing up, but I always skipped them because at the time I was more interested in my Sega so I tended to stay away from PC gaming.

I remember playing a Kings Quest game when I was in Primary school but at the Time I was way to young to be able to understand the puzzles and the complexity of the game.

It’s been over 15 years but I have finally finished Kings Quest 1: Quest for the Crown

Title Screen

in the game you play as Sir Graham the most heroic Knight in all of Daventry

Sir Graeme

The kingdom of Daventry is suffering from many hardships which can only be put to rest if a hero finds three legendary treasures that are hidden through out the kingdom, the treasures are a Mirror guarded by a ferocious dragon, a chest guarded by a towering giant and a shield guarded by the mischievous leprechaun king. During these hardships King Edward is dying and has called upon Sir Graham to find the three treasures and as a reward he will be crowned king of Daventry.


I like that the game has a simple to follow plot as this is a children’s game, a lot of critics complain that the plot isn’t very immersive and in depth compared to other fantasy series such as The Elder Scrolls. I don’t personally agree with this theory but if you really want a more in depth plot take a look at the games manual because there is an entire section expanding on the games story.

The most important aspect is the game play and for the most part its really great, for those who don’t know kings quest is a typing adventure game, you have the ability to move Sir Graham around the kingdom by either moving with the arrow keys or clicking with the mouse.

You can then communicate with the in game NPC’s and enviroments by typing an action such as look, talk, move, give, take, jump and duck


I really enjoyed the gameplay in some ways it reminded me of old Zelda games with its vast world and complex puzzles, but thats not to say that the gameplay didn’t suffer from some major issues such as its controls. Long time fans may dissagree but to me the controls felt really clunky. If I wanted to use the arrow keys to move Sir Graham I couldnt stop moving in that direction and this often led to my death but I also found that if I used the mouse to move I no longer had this issue but instead I would get stuck behind in game objects such as trees.

The controls did not help in certain areas which required fast or careful movements such as climbing a beanstalk or walking across a tree branch.


the puzzles and the layout of the map is perfect nothing really feels out of place and the map isn’t so big that the game gets too complicated but I do feel that younger players really struggle to figure out some of the games puzzles as their isn’t many clues and the player is left to figure things out by them self, I feel that the game could have benefited from a couple of difficulty options.

The game looks fantastic, I must say that for a game that came out in 1990 I am very impressed, the in game environments and NPC’s are absolutely full of detail and the game really benefits from a great mix of colours


My biggest issue is the lack of audio in the game, there is very few audio tracks in the game and the majority of the game has hardly any sound at all. I would be more forgiving if this was the original and not the remake as this is an issue they could have fixed for the re-release

I really enjoyed kings Quest 1, it was not as good as I expected it as it suffered a lot of major issues but when it shined it really shined. I had a great time and I cant wait to play the sequel 6.7/10

I hope you enjoyed this Review of Kings Quest 1
If you respect my opinion I will respect yours
By Padawan

Why is the Sims Fun?

I’ve always wondered why people love The Sims Video games so much, all you do is control a virtual human through mindless everyday tasks like taking a Dump, reading the newspaper, going to work, taking a shower among other things.


Why is this fun?, what about this game makes it so interesting?, What aspect keeps bringing us back game after game?

Well lets begin by discussing the general lifestyle of the average human being, most people live by a routine of how they do things and in what order, for example when I wake up I will use the toilet, have a shower, brush my teeth, get changed, walk my dog, make breakfast, wash the dishes, go to work, come home from work, use toilet again, watch TV, make Food, Play video games then I go to sleep and repeat everything again the next day. That is my routine and I use that routine almost every single day.

everyday things

As I stated most people have a routine which they use to help them get through life every single day. But here’s the problem life can be pretty depressing, we may live by a routine but what happens when things don’t go to plan one day and something terrible happens for example maybe you will go bankrupt or you may get fired from your job cutting off any income, meaning you cant pay your bills, water rates or rent. If things like this do happen you may need to change your routine to fit around your newer lifestyle and in some cases you can literally be doomed as you will be constantly in debt causing you to live a stressful and depressing life.

The Sims is literally everything I just said but in a video game, you take control of virtual human and you make them perform everyday tasks like go to work, have a shower etc. So why do we play these games? is it the funny language they speak or the fact that you can give them hilarious names and motivations.


I think its because the Sims isn’t really a game , its more of a life simulator. Have you ever noticed that a lot of people who play the Sims create big mansions and buy loads of really cool sound systems, massive TV’s in every room, Arcade machines, a big swimming pool.

A lot of people have dream lives that they want to live and for the most part The Sims allows people to create a virtual reality allowing the player to create their own family, house and lifestyle and they can choose how they want to live it. the best part is that if anything goes wrong you can just start again something which is extremely rare in real life and that is why I think people get so addicted to The Sims, even if they may not realise that they return to the game just so they can live their virtual lives for just a few more hours each day.

The Sims = A virtual Lifestyle without any of the Bullshit !!

Thanks for reading my Theory to why the Sims is fun
Do you agree with my opinion or do you think i’m just a crazy mumbling madman?
By Padawan