Raggle Fraggle 2012 Christmas break

Hey guys Christmas is coming up and lets be honest we love writing blogs, they are fun, they give a sense of accomplishment and and of course they also give us something to do three times a week but just like everyone else on the planet Raggle Fraggle will be taking a Christmas break but don’t worry we will be doing Christmas related blogs starting on the 18th of December up until the 22nd of December but after that we will see you guys in 2013 that is unless the aliens come and take over the planet. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and be good because a fat bearded man is watching you, he will break into your house, eat your cookies, drink your booze and he will mark his territory by leaving things under your tree.

ImageThat’s right this guy I like to call him Steve, Oh you thought I meant Santa Claus yeah he does that too but in a cute and friendly way.

Any way Merry Christmas from the Raggle Fraggle Team 🙂




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