Rocket Power Review


Rocket Power was an animated series that came from Klasky Csupo who gave us Rugrats, Rocket Power was aired on Nickelodeon between 1999 until 2004 and it lasted for four seasons.

Great opening credits and a catchy theme song for Rocket Power, its one of my favorite theme songs for the older nickelodeon cartoons.


Rocket Power is about the gnarly adventures of four children, the two rocket children Otto and Regina as well as their friends Sam and Twister.


The four protagonists live in a fictional town called Ocean Shore where extreme sports including surfing, skateboarding, roller blading etc is very popular for the locals who live there.


Every Episode has one of the characters from the show learning a lesson which normally has something to do with sports, one of my favorite episodes is from season 1 when Otto Rocket ditches his dads snowboarding equipment to promote his competitions equipment after he is manipulated by the douche bag in image above.

And after accepting to represent the competitions brand he learns the lesson that the other brand does not care for him and only wants him for profit, its a hard lesson to learn but its a real issue that a lot of celebs go through when they agree to promote certain brands.



I like most of the characters on the show but my absolute favourites are the Rocket family (Reggie, Otto and their dad Raymundo) as well as Raymundo’s business partner Tito.

I never really liked Sam or Twister as much, I feel that the Rocket Kids have more personality and are genuinely more fleshed out characters.

Rocket Power was a really cool show that I have found more enjoyment from as an adult than I did when it first came out, it has pretty good animation, a fantastic voice cast, memorable characters and a lot of good morals as well as moments from the show that are hard to forget.

I wouldn’t say this is one of my favourite shows as I couldn’t get completely into it, I found the episodes seemed a little repetitive and there wasn’t much character growth in the series but apart from that Rocket Power is well worth a watch to see if you like it.

Normally with these cartoons I would like to talk about the theatrical films as well although Rocket Power didn’t have theatrical a movie (not including the made for TV films) so my opinion is purely based on the show.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Rocket Power

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