Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows (2015) Review

I would recommend reading my review of Shovel Knight:Shovel of Hope before reading this review.


Shovel Knight Plague of Shadows was the first alternative campaign that was added to Shovel Knight. It was released on September 1st 2015.


The game stars Plague Knight who wants to collect the essences of the other knights in the game, once he has the essences Plague Knight  hopes to create the ultimate potion which can grant him anything he desires.


Plague-Knight-12The game mostly follows the same premise of the original Shovel Knight but it does have its differences. The major difference is the way that you traverse the various levels and defeat the bosses, Plague Knight cannot jump as high as Shovel Knight but he can double jump and use bombs to propel himself into the air.


A new arsenal of weapons comes with the game, Plague Knight is able to use bombs powders and fuses to defeat his enemies.

New relics are also available to Plague Knight, all of these have various uses such as absorbing health from enemies, creating a cloud of invincibility and creating floating platforms as well as many other useful relics.



Small green coins named Cypher Coins can be collected through out the game, these coins can be used to update the weapon upgrades you can buy in the shop and if you collect all of them you can unlock an upgraded version of the troupple chalice.


The game is a lot of fun although its hard not to find it a little bit repetitive, minus a couple of levels and a few changes this is the same game as shovel of hope, it has the same over world map, the same levels and the same boss fights the only major difference is the character you play as and how you get through the game.

A few new tracks were added to the soundtrack for Plague of Shadows and they are fantastic, I think I actually prefer this music to the music of Shovel of Hope.

And that is about all there is to say about Plague of Shadows its a new game based on the stages and the map of Shovel of Hope, it makes the game much more challenging with its new game play style and even though it does feel a little repetitive its still a really fun time and with a couple of new original music tracks Plague of Shadows is well worthy of a 9.7/10.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows

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