Revenge of Creature (1955) Review

The Season of Spooks and fear is among us and even though this year due to unforeseen circumstances parties and trick or treating has been cancelled, we can still enjoy some spooky media so please join me for Halloween 2020 !

Revenge of the Creature is the sequel to the much beloved sci fi-horror classic the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Check out my review of the original here

The opening of the film really caught me off guard because it used a mixture of the previous films footage as well as new scenes briefly explaining the events of the last film and this ultimately leads up to the creature being captured and put on display in a sea park.

The majority of the film takes place in this sea park and I have mixed feelings about this because while the film is scripted well enough that the simple environment of the aquarium do work well from a story telling narrative it is difficult to not miss the amazing shots from the North Florida Wakulla Springs.

Compared to its predecessor I would argue that this film is more light hearted and sillier but I think it works more in its favour because of this, a great example of this is the scene in the laboratory, it opens to a monkey painting and then eventually the films shows us a goofy moment regarding a missing lab rat from a scientist played by Clint Eastwood, this film was actually his debut role although he isn’t credited as being in the picture.

In this movie we get see the creature on Land much more than we do in water, he’s also more brutal and more animalistic with his mannerisms and the way he kills his victims, It’s hard not feel sorry for him in this movie because all he wants is to get back to the Black Lagoon and apart from trying to take the female lead with him to the water he doesn’t do anything that doesn’t have just cause, he only really kills people when he feels threatened and doesn’t do much harm to others.

There is a great scene film in this film where the creature escapes its captivity and all of a sudden the humans that imprisoned it panic and do not know what to do, in this scene the creature is only trying to leave the sea park but everyone is so terrified of him that he has to fight through their terror to try and get back to the sea so that he can breathe.

The casting is great in this movie and all of the characters are very likable, the three main cast members give the best the performances and give the most screen time, of course the creature is yet again played by Ricou Browning for the underwater scenes and for the land segments Tom Hennesey takes over the role. The two main love interests and scientists in the film are Clete Ferguson and Helen Dobson played John Agar and Lori Nelson.

I really enjoyed this movie and I like it better than the first, the original film is great but its a little slow in places, I like this version because it has silly moments that mix well with the horror, and with creature now having more screen time and some more on land segments his character is more entertaining and overall more memorable, at least this was the case for me and from what I understand a lot of people would disagree with my opinion as the original is often regarded as a much better film, either way there is still one more movie in this trilogy and I’m going to be taking a look at it later on in October so look forward to that.

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Lets take a look at (T-shirts)


This is not a paid promotion, I just want to talk about Red Bubble


Red Bubble is a really interesting company, they sell clothes and various other items which feature imagery created by artists, as far as I am aware you cant buy anything from this website in a store which makes a lot of the items on here very unique.

The website is really easy to use but you should give yourself plenty of time to browse due to all of the options available. here is a short guide on purchasing shirts on Red Bubble.


From the home page you need to type in what you are looking for in this example we will search for Transformers.


No matter what you search for you will most likely come across hundreds of designs so make sure that you search properly before deciding on which design is best for you.


After choosing a design you can pick the type of T-shirt you want, I find that the classic T-Shirt is the best type as its loose on the body and the sleeves.  You can also change the colour of the shirt and choose a size, there are 17 colours available for most shirts so check different colours to see what works with the design.

After you purchase your shirts, You can send comments to the artists and tell them why you like their design, you don’t have to do this but I personally like too.

I have bought four t-shirts so far from Red Bubble, three are classic type T-shirts and the other is a graphic print T-shirt.


Classic T-shirt


Classic T-shirt


Classic T-Shirt



Graphic T-shirt

Please excuse the camera quality, in reality the prints are more colourful than my camera has done them justice.

The general quality of the T-shirts I have bought are quite good but they are printed on cheap material, all of these shirts are quite thin and the graphic print is the only shirt that is completely comfortable to wear although the classic designs are comfortable enough that it shouldn’t be much of an issue for most people.

When your T-shirts arrive there is a strong smell, it’s not a bad smell but isn’t pleasant either, it is recommended to wash the T-shirts straight away and I also recommend doing this.

I love Red Bubble it’s my favourite place to buy shirts and even though they are not best quality they are very unique which is why I like them, they are well worth the money and they have decent delivery times. Perhaps one day we can look at some other products that Red Bubble sell but for the time being I can say that the shirts are really great.

Thankyou for reading my views on Red Bubble Shirts

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Thankyou for reading my views on Red Bubble shirts
Want me to review a specific game/movie/product or do you have a general question you would like me to answer? if so please email me at

The Invisible Man (1933) Review


The Invisible Man is a bit of a cheat this month, it is part of the Universal Classic Horror collections but most people would say its belongs more in the Science Fiction Genre as it doesn’t do to much for it to be considered a Horror movie.


Claude Rains plays the scientist Jack Griffin who is the Invisible Man, for most of the picture Jack Griffin’s face is covered completely in bandages but I find he is more fun when you cant see him, this is due to Claude Rains past work as a theater actor, he had only worked in silent movies before he was hired by James Whale for the titular role of the Invisible Man, a fun fact of the casting process for the movie is that everyone thought that Claude Rains audition for the film was over the top and generally quite terrible however James Whale couldn’t stop laughing at how funny Claude Rain was and it convinced him to hire Rains for the leading role of the film.


Two of my favorite performances are by E.E Clive who plays the innocent and witty constable Jaffers and Una O Connor who plays the emotional bar owner Jenny Hall, she gives a very over the top performance filled with screaming and crying, a lot of people would likely find this annoying but in a weird way I find it charming.


The effects in the Invisible Man were ground breaking back in 1933, this was before green screens and CGI so getting an invisibility effect to work was extremely difficult, when the Invisible Man had no clothes on the effect of him being in the room was done using cleverly placed wires which can be pulled to drag furniture and other objects, but when a shirt of trousers were to float in mid air and move as if they were being worn by an invisible person the effect was done by placing Claude Rains in a black velvet suit against a black background and it was very tediously pulled off using multiple shots in a matte process.

The Invisible Man is not a very scary film but it is a very impressive piece of cinema history, the effects are amazing, the acting is very over the top but also very funny and the wonderful cast really helps to make the film a beloved classic.

The Blu-Ray is unfortunately lacking in special features it does have one documentary and one commentary track however compared to the last three movies we have taken a look at this is rather disappointing.

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Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PS1, PS2, N64, 3DS, Dreamcast, PC) (1999) Review


After the massive success of Mario, Sonic and the Legend of Zelda making it big in the world of 3D gaming it was of no surprise that the rising video game star Rayman would soon be joining them and the result was one of the most beloved games of all time Rayman 2.


Every resident of the Glade of Dreams including Rayman has been captured by an army of robotic pirates led by Admiral Razorbeard, the reason behind doing this isn’t explained very well and my only guess is that they are only doing this because they want slaves.

Rayman manages to escape the Prison Ship and returns to the Glade of Dreams, here he finds out that the pirates have destroyed the heart of the world causing Rayman to lose his powers,luckily a new fairy called Ly is on hand to help rayman regain his powers while he is on his quest to rescue all the slaves from their kidnappers.


Similar to its predecessor Rayman 2 is an action platformer and the only major difference here is that this game is 3D and apart from that everything else is essentially the same, Rayman can run, jump, hover and grab and swing from pink rings, throughout the game you will sometimes run into Ly the fairy and when you do she will either give you a new power or she will enhance  power you already have making it more powerful and useful for example you can get a hover expansion which allows Rayman to fly in certain areas.


The main objective of the game is that Rayman needs to find and collect four ancient masks in order to awaken the god Polokus, once awakened Polokus can help Rayman by destroying all of the Pirates who remain in the Glade of Dreams while Rayman returns to the prison ship to take on Razorbeard.


There are still some fetch quests for Rayman this time around but luckily they are not required, one of the objectives is to find and collect all 1000 yellow lums (800 in the PS1 version) these yellow lums make up the heart of the world that was destroyed by the pirates, they are spread all over the glade of dreams and collecting them all gives bonuses in certain versions of the game in the PS1 version you will unlock the beta level of the original Rayman 2 before the game was made into 3D and in the pS2 and PC ports  you will unlock a minigame for each level that you collect all of the yellow lums, the PS2 and PC version also allow the player to purchase new upgrades and abilities using the lums you have collected.


Another collectible in the game are the familiar spirits, these creatures have been locked in cages all over the land, Rayman can free these spirits in a similar manner to first game by simply punching the cages, in the PC and PS2 port if Rayman brings these spirits to Ly the fairy he can take part in different minigames that he can try to beat in order to gain a health expansion.


In most versions of the game Rayman will travel throughout the Glade of Dreams via the Hall of Doors a magical portal to each stage in the game.


The PC and PS2 ports of the game scrap the Hall of Doors for an open world environment that Rayman can use to access all of the stages while also using the hub world for access to new content such as the shop and Ly’s minigames.


I have played a lot of 3D platformer’s in my time and out of all them this one has the best control and the smoothest frame rate, this was a big surprise to me because Rayman has so many abilities that it should make some of the games main mechanics quite difficult but instead everything is perfect and it feels great, this came out on the same systems as Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot but it feels better than some of the more modern Mario Games and that is just mind blowing.


The visuals in Rayman 2 are obviously going to be very different to the original game due to the leap into 3D, I like the visuals here but it’s hard to love them after playing the first game where its visuals were absolutely outstanding, the new look and style brought to Rayman 2 is nothing more than just ok and don’t get me wrong they are not by any means bad graphics, for the time they were up to par with the systems it had to work with, its just nothing about them is really unique or memorable which is more of a disappointment than an actual problem.

The soundtrack unfortunately has the same problem but in my opinion its worse, no music in this game made me sing along or made me feel any emotion, I’m sure there are people out there that love the soundtrack presented here but for me it was nothing more than generic and uninteresting.

Rayman 2 is a really good game but its not quite as unique as the original and that’s not really a bad thing especially considering that they are completely different experiences, the story is interesting, all characters are likable, it controls great and the only real disappointment were the visuals and soundtrack and even then that’s just a personal preference.

In my opinion I wouldn’t say that Rayman 2 is quite as good as the original game but I would recommend it out of the 2 of them its still a great game and the lack of needed fetch quests does make it a lot less stressful. 7.3/10

I hope you enjoyed this review of Rayman 2: The Great Escape

If you respect my opinion, I will respect yours

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Walt Disney’s Frozen (2013) Review

Lets talk about Disney’s Latest number one hit Frozen

Am I the only person who thinks this movie is overrated?

I’m not saying that Frozen is a bad movie, I actually find it to be very entertaining, but the fact that I really enjoy a movie doesn’t mean that it has no flaws and in my opinion frozen has quite a few.

Ok so lets start by talking about what I like

Frozen is a beautiful movie as the animation is really good, Arendelle is in my opinion one of the best looking towns that Disney has ever had in a movie and the character designs are near perfection.

For the most part it has an amazing soundtrack, the songs in this movie actually helps us understand the characters and the emotions they are feeling for example during “Do you wanna be a snowman” we see Anna’s Desperate attempts to get her sister Elsa to talk and hang out with her during her childhood and teenage years and this shows us the upsetting emotions and the struggling battle that both Anna and Elsa are going through, it also helped the movie progress childhood to their adult life in a well structured manner.

Another Favourite song of mine “First time in Forever” allows the viewer to really connect with Anna by showing us her extroverted and playful personality and also teaching us that Anna is fed up with being separated from the rest of Arendelle and we learn that she wants to find love and she’s excited because she now has the chance to do this because Elsa is going to be crowned Queen.

Frozen is based on the book “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson. I have never read the book but if the story is as good and well structured as the story of Frozen, then I will most definitely be getting the book at some point. Without giving away any major story details Frozen is very well put together, it never really seems rushed and as much as I have issues with this movie none of them are to do with its structure and pacing. Almost all of the characters have good reason to be in this movie and any loose knots are eventually tied bringing the movie to dignified and well put together ending.

Get ready to hate me, here are my issues with frozen

Prince Hans could have been a really great villain, Disney took the Gaston approach making what seemed to be the town hero or in this case the handsome prince eventually becoming the villain and having to be stopped. The problem I have is that Frozen didn’t need a villain at all and Prince Hans is hardly ever in the movie. First few scenes we see him in he’s a good guy, he’s very charitable and overall a very nice person but then through no character building he just turns out to be the villain.

You could argue that he needed to be in the movie so that Disney could show the morale that love at first sight does not exist and yes I do realise that this was Disney making fun of them selves in the past with Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty, but still they should have done more with Prince Hans maybe they could of shown his character becoming more power hungry in some of the scenes, this would of helped explain the sudden change in his motivations and maybe given his character an actual purpose, I personally feel that the movie would be hardly any different if he wasn’t in the movie at all.

The Duke of Weasel Town actually has a purpose to be in the movie, we learn early on that he is in control of trades between Weasel Town and Arendelle and that all he wants to do is discover the secrets to Arendelle’s Fortune. He may not be in the movie that often but at least he has a dignified reason to be there, unlike Prince Hans who I don’t recall even mentioning why he is in Arendelle in the first place.

As much I love the music in Frozen one song I cant stand is called “Fixer Upper” the Rock trolls for some reason get a song and as much as it is a pretty funny song I do find it annoying, I don’t know why but this song just isn’t really that good, put it this way where as everyone has “let it go” and “do you wanna build a snowman” on their I-pods I don’t know a single person who owns “Fixer Upper”.

Lets talk about “Let it Go” this song has had a huge financial success and is even in the top of the charts. Thats right a Disney song is in the Top 40 and with good reason, “Let It Go” is amazing it may be one of the best songs ever written for a Disney movie and I love it

I do have one small issue unlike most of the other songs in frozen which felt like they were written for a Broadway musical, Let it Go is a pop song and you can tell it was recorded in a studio and in my opinion I find this to be very distracting.

Also the song doesn’t really feel like it needs to be in the movie as they could have just had Elsa run off and then Anna goes to find her. It does seem like the only purpose the song had was so that Elsa could accidentally build Olaf and to be fair I don’t really see how they could have brought him into the movie in a different way. As much as I love frozen I really wanted to talk about some problems I feel the movie has that I feel are getting overlooked.

Of course this is just my opinion and I’m not in any way stating anything that I say as facts. I just really wanted to review Frozen and I could only give a fair review by also pointing out what I feel are some of the movies flaws as well as it’s obvious wonderful and perfect moments.

Thank you for reading my review of Frozen
If you respect my opinion, I will respect yours
By Padawan