Walt Disney’s Frozen (2013) Review

Lets talk about Disney’s Latest number one hit Frozen

Am I the only person who thinks this movie is overrated?

I’m not saying that Frozen is a bad movie, I actually find it to be very entertaining, but the fact that I really enjoy a movie doesn’t mean that it has no flaws and in my opinion frozen has quite a few.

Ok so lets start by talking about what I like

Frozen is a beautiful movie as the animation is really good, Arendelle is in my opinion one of the best looking towns that Disney has ever had in a movie and the character designs are near perfection.

For the most part it has an amazing soundtrack, the songs in this movie actually helps us understand the characters and the emotions they are feeling for example during “Do you wanna be a snowman” we see Anna’s Desperate attempts to get her sister Elsa to talk and hang out with her during her childhood and teenage years and this shows us the upsetting emotions and the struggling battle that both Anna and Elsa are going through, it also helped the movie progress childhood to their adult life in a well structured manner.

Another Favourite song of mine “First time in Forever” allows the viewer to really connect with Anna by showing us her extroverted and playful personality and also teaching us that Anna is fed up with being separated from the rest of Arendelle and we learn that she wants to find love and she’s excited because she now has the chance to do this because Elsa is going to be crowned Queen.

Frozen is based on the book “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson. I have never read the book but if the story is as good and well structured as the story of Frozen, then I will most definitely be getting the book at some point. Without giving away any major story details Frozen is very well put together, it never really seems rushed and as much as I have issues with this movie none of them are to do with its structure and pacing. Almost all of the characters have good reason to be in this movie and any loose knots are eventually tied bringing the movie to dignified and well put together ending.

Get ready to hate me, here are my issues with frozen

Prince Hans could have been a really great villain, Disney took the Gaston approach making what seemed to be the town hero or in this case the handsome prince eventually becoming the villain and having to be stopped. The problem I have is that Frozen didn’t need a villain at all and Prince Hans is hardly ever in the movie. First few scenes we see him in he’s a good guy, he’s very charitable and overall a very nice person but then through no character building he just turns out to be the villain.

You could argue that he needed to be in the movie so that Disney could show the morale that love at first sight does not exist and yes I do realise that this was Disney making fun of them selves in the past with Snow White, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty, but still they should have done more with Prince Hans maybe they could of shown his character becoming more power hungry in some of the scenes, this would of helped explain the sudden change in his motivations and maybe given his character an actual purpose, I personally feel that the movie would be hardly any different if he wasn’t in the movie at all.

The Duke of Weasel Town actually has a purpose to be in the movie, we learn early on that he is in control of trades between Weasel Town and Arendelle and that all he wants to do is discover the secrets to Arendelle’s Fortune. He may not be in the movie that often but at least he has a dignified reason to be there, unlike Prince Hans who I don’t recall even mentioning why he is in Arendelle in the first place.

As much I love the music in Frozen one song I cant stand is called “Fixer Upper” the Rock trolls for some reason get a song and as much as it is a pretty funny song I do find it annoying, I don’t know why but this song just isn’t really that good, put it this way where as everyone has “let it go” and “do you wanna build a snowman” on their I-pods I don’t know a single person who owns “Fixer Upper”.

Lets talk about “Let it Go” this song has had a huge financial success and is even in the top of the charts. Thats right a Disney song is in the Top 40 and with good reason, “Let It Go” is amazing it may be one of the best songs ever written for a Disney movie and I love it

I do have one small issue unlike most of the other songs in frozen which felt like they were written for a Broadway musical, Let it Go is a pop song and you can tell it was recorded in a studio and in my opinion I find this to be very distracting.

Also the song doesn’t really feel like it needs to be in the movie as they could have just had Elsa run off and then Anna goes to find her. It does seem like the only purpose the song had was so that Elsa could accidentally build Olaf and to be fair I don’t really see how they could have brought him into the movie in a different way. As much as I love frozen I really wanted to talk about some problems I feel the movie has that I feel are getting overlooked.

Of course this is just my opinion and I’m not in any way stating anything that I say as facts. I just really wanted to review Frozen and I could only give a fair review by also pointing out what I feel are some of the movies flaws as well as it’s obvious wonderful and perfect moments.

Thank you for reading my review of Frozen
If you respect my opinion, I will respect yours
By Padawan


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