Lets take a look at redbubble.com (T-shirts)


This is not a paid promotion, I just want to talk about Red Bubble


Red Bubble is a really interesting company, they sell clothes and various other items which feature imagery created by artists, as far as I am aware you cant buy anything from this website in a store which makes a lot of the items on here very unique.

The website is really easy to use but you should give yourself plenty of time to browse due to all of the options available. here is a short guide on purchasing shirts on Red Bubble.


From the home page you need to type in what you are looking for in this example we will search for Transformers.


No matter what you search for you will most likely come across hundreds of designs so make sure that you search properly before deciding on which design is best for you.


After choosing a design you can pick the type of T-shirt you want, I find that the classic T-Shirt is the best type as its loose on the body and the sleeves.  You can also change the colour of the shirt and choose a size, there are 17 colours available for most shirts so check different colours to see what works with the design.

After you purchase your shirts, You can send comments to the artists and tell them why you like their design, you don’t have to do this but I personally like too.

I have bought four t-shirts so far from Red Bubble, three are classic type T-shirts and the other is a graphic print T-shirt.


Classic T-shirt


Classic T-shirt


Classic T-Shirt



Graphic T-shirt

Please excuse the camera quality, in reality the prints are more colourful than my camera has done them justice.

The general quality of the T-shirts I have bought are quite good but they are printed on cheap material, all of these shirts are quite thin and the graphic print is the only shirt that is completely comfortable to wear although the classic designs are comfortable enough that it shouldn’t be much of an issue for most people.

When your T-shirts arrive there is a strong smell, it’s not a bad smell but isn’t pleasant either, it is recommended to wash the T-shirts straight away and I also recommend doing this.

I love Red Bubble it’s my favourite place to buy shirts and even though they are not best quality they are very unique which is why I like them, they are well worth the money and they have decent delivery times. Perhaps one day we can look at some other products that Red Bubble sell but for the time being I can say that the shirts are really great.

Thankyou for reading my views on Red Bubble Shirts

If you would like me to review a specific game, movie or product or if you have a general question you would like answered please email me at ragglefragglereviews@gmail.com

Thankyou for reading my views on Red Bubble shirts
Want me to review a specific game/movie/product or do you have a general question you would like me to answer? if so please email me at ragglefragglereviews@gmail.com


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