Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) Review

Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) Review

Super Mario Bros 3 if like me you enjoy playing old Nintendo games every time you say or hear that name you feel like a god why you may ask I will tell why you feel like a god because its Super Mario Bros 3. Considered to be the one of the greatest video games of all time Mario 3 really left an impact on our childhoods it was the game that made up for Super Mario Bros 2 and it showed what kind of game play, graphics and sound the NES was capable of producing, but enough of me having a nerdgasm lets get on with the review.

The Story

The story to this game is simple but awesome take a wild guess what happens I’m going to give you five seconds  5 4 3 2 1 still don’t know well Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser and Mario has to save her geez what a shock. This may seem cliché but there is a small twist Bowser now has seven children known as the Koopa kids each of these kids have some sort magic staff which gave them the power to take over 7 kingdoms using the staffs to turn the kings of each land in to animals. This means that as well as defeating Bowser Mario needs to take out each of the Koopa kids as well other than that it’s a basic Mario story line.

The game itself

The game controls for Mario 3 are perfect there is no delay on the controls throughout the entire game. As you may have guessed there are many different ways to attack your foes in this game you can jump on enemies to defeat them shoot fireballs with the power flower, become invincible with the power star, Throw hammers with the hammer bros hammer and you can hit enemies with your tanookie suit tail. The tanookie suit is my favourite suit in the game because of one small thing it allows Mario to fly yes that’s right you can fucking fly in this game it may not be that special now in 2012 but trust me in 1991 this was the greatest thing ever and I’m so glad they brought back the tanookie suit Super Mario 3D land.


As well as being an amazing experience Mario 3 looks amazing too it’s brightly coloured throughout the entire game, it has amazing character detail and overall its one of the happiest looking games I have ever played. I love this game so much I think it looks better than the Legend of Zelda and trust me a game needs to be pretty fucking impressive for me to say that.



The Music in this game is amazing now the NES had a lot of games which suffered from non enjoyable soundtracks but there are few NES games out there which have soundtracks which in my opinion are better than most video game soundtracks from modern games if you like the soundtrack to halo go play any of the Mega Man games and you’ll see what I mean and once you’ve played Mega Man go Play Mario 3 because it provides a soundtrack that you don’t wanna miss out on. Another aspect about the Music in Mario 3 I love is the amount of different tracks in the game just like Mc Kids there is almost a new track for every single level and there are 48 levels in this game and for the NES to be able to produce a new track for each of them levels is pretty god damn impressive.


There are three different kinds of bosses in Mario 3

The Gatekeepers- OK there not really called the gatekeepers there called boom booms but they hold the keys to the gates in the first 7 worlds, opening these gates allows Mario to have a check point so that if you get game over you don’t have to start at the beginning of the world and instead you can start from half way through, any way to defeat these guys you got to jump on their heads three times and once defeated you can then earn the gatekeepers key.

The seven Koopa kids- Just like the gate keepers to defeat the seven Koopa kids you got to jump on their heads three times to defeat them but don’t think this is an easy talk to do the Koopa kids become really challenging towards the end of the game. The Koopa kids each look different and each have different skills which they use to the best of their abilities some are faster than others, some are stronger than others, some are big, and some are small and so on.

Bowser- I love this Final boss because Bowser pretty much kills himself which is hilarious instead of jumping on Bowser’s head you fight him on top of a load of bricks and Bowser tries to squish Mario with giant turtle ass all Mario’s got to do is avoid Bowser and eventually he will fall through the bricks the final battle isn’t as easy as it sounds though just like the Koopa kids Bowser provides a lot of challenge but he’s not too difficult.

Final Verdict

It’s probably no surprise that I’m going to give Super Mario Bros 3 a 10/10 because it’s one of the greatest video of all time and with good reasons, it never gets boring, it looks and sounds great and overall it’s an experience you should never live without and it will live in our hearts forever it isn’t just game is Super Mario Bros 3 man it feels good to say that. I hope you enjoyed this review of Super Mario Bros 3 this is my opinion of the game if you respect my opinion I will respect yours.

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