Breath of Death VII Indie Game Review (Xbox live, Windows PC)

Just the other day I was scrolling through a list of RPG’s on Xbox live when I came across a game called Breath of Death VII It looked really good from the images and I had to try it out, with it being an Indie game and only costing 80 Microsoft Point I wasn’t expecting much but boy was I wrong because Breath of Death VII blew my mind wide open.

 ImageThe Story

Basically there was a World War in the year 20XX and a nuclear weapon was created by scientists and was the last and only hope to end the war, luckily the war did end but the effect of the weapon unfortunately wiped out the whole of mankind, it’s not all bad news though because the nuclear effect brought some of the dead back to life but as monsters (Zombies, Ghosts, Skeletons etc). The unfortunates to be brought back in this state built a civilization to live in, all was good until an evil force came to the new land and tried to take over, after hearing this terrible news a skeleton warrior called Dem travels across the land meeting new companions, killing monsters on his way to this dark force so he can defeat it and bring peace back to the land.

The game itself

If you’ve ever played Final Fantasy on the NES Breath of Death VII plays has a very similar game play style to that, it has tight controls, of course breath of death VII is a turn based game and that style of game play is not everybody’s cup of tea but if you enjoy turned based games Breath of Death VII if worth checking out, one thing Breath of Death VII offers that some RPG’s don’t is that it allows players to make certain attacks more powerful by not using them during turns it battles once the player has been patient the game rewards the player a with a more powerful attack. There are three playable companions which will join Dem’s party while you progress though the game they are a ghost called SARA she is a magic type character, a vampire called LITA she uses ranged weapons such as guns and ERIK a zombie who just like DEM is a  warrior, during the game you will come across towns in the towns you can talk to the town folk this is important as some tell you what you need to do next, sleep in inn’s to regain heath and mana and you can find shops to buy weapons and armour for all your characters. This games pretty funny too as it makes fun of a lot of RPG’s

Image Image


The graphics are amazing for a game which uses only 8bit, even Final fantasy or the legend of Zelda which are both 8 bit games cant even compete with the visuals Breath of Death VII gives off. The graphics are so impressive that you could probably find an RPG on the DS which doesn’t look as good. Just look at the visuals they are pretty awesome.



Because this game was so cheap I wasn’t expecting it to have music or if it did I was expecting it to very basic, I was wrong it did have music and it was amazing you could tell that Zeboyd games really put a lot of effort into making this game and the soundtrack makes the whole experience even more epic. I’m not going to write about every track in detail because it would take forever but I will leave you a link to my favourite track the battle theme music enjoy


As you may expect from any RPG Breath of Death VII offers a range of different boss battles I won’t give too much away but I will say that one of the more difficult bosses is two tanks you need to defeat, defeating bosses is very similar to normal battles obviously they are much more difficult than regular encounters and they do require some strategy for you to be able to defeat them but once you figure out a good attack pattern they’re not too difficult.

You’re Alter Egos

A really cool boss fight in the game is right before the final boss, Dem, Sara, Lita and Erik all need to defeat evil versions of themselves, they are not too difficult and can be defeated easily as long as you know the secret of defeating them, I will allow you to figure that one out yourselves.


Final Boss SPOILERS!!!!

You’ve finally made it too the end of the game, it’s time to tackle the evil force which is trying to take over the land, it’s time to fight Ultimate Evil I’m not kidding that’s what it’s called its basic but genius since he really is the Ultimate Evil. Now with the your Alter Egos being pretty easy to defeat you may expect this guy to be quite easy too but jump to a conclusion because this guy really hard to kill, it took me four attempts with all my characters at level 32 for me to defeat him. Luckily I figured out a good pattern to defeat him but you figure that out yourselves.


 Final Verdict

I’m not a big fan of Indie games but I feel that this game deserves a 10/10 because it’s a great game and the developers don’t even ask for a lot of money for it they only want 80 Microsoft Points which I believe is 80 pence and for game that feels like Final Fantasy that’s a bargain. I highly recommend getting this game either on steam or Xbox live, Zeboyd Games have made another RPG called Cthulu saves the world but I’m still playing that one and once I’ve beat it I promise I will put up a review.

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This review was written by Dan


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