Nintendo PETA Style

Nintendo PETA Style

I love Nintendo they are by far my favourite game developers of all time, if it wasn’t for Nintendo we wouldn’t have Star Fox, Mario, Donkey Kong, Pokémon, F-Zero, the legend of Zelda or any of the other game series that Nintendo has created. Nintendo is amazing they really know how to make great games and at the same time making the games blood free and family friendly.

There is one particular cause which really dislikes Nintendo and the messages they apparently tell children who play their games. I am of course talking about PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animal). PETA is a cause which fights for animal rights and they try to reduce the amount of animal abuse in the UK, they also try to spread their message to other continents such as the USA. It’s not just Animal abuse either PETA is also against using animals as food, wearing their fur, for entertainment purposes or any other reason you could possibly think of.

I am on PETA’s side when it comes to not abusing animals but one thing PETA has recently started is saying that Nintendo games encourages people to be violent towards animals, so far I have found three Nintendo games that they say are spreading the message that animal abuse is good this is obviously complete and utter rubbish but PETA must really believe this is true because they have actually made their own versions of the games, since PETA made the effort to do this I’m going to make the effort of actually comparing these games to the originals so let’s jump right in and try to have some fun.

Cooking Mama

If you’re wondering what cooking mama is the first clue is in the title I’m not so sure about the mama part but the idea of the game is to cook many different types of food. The problem is that PETA is against using animals for food and in cooking mama you cook a lot of meat of course PETA doesn’t agree with this so they made their own version of cooking mama which is called Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals.

Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals just from the title you can tell PETA is over exaggerating. I was correct PETA really are over exaggerating with this one the idea is that you’re Cooking Mama and you need to prepare a thanks giving dinner, that may not sound too bad but when you start to prepare the turkey it’s pretty ridiculous because of all the blood and guts, even the eggs bleed in this game that’s how much PETA have over exaggerated but if you keep playing you unlock a new mode which gives you the opportunity to give mama a change of heart and a love for animals or you could just go on your DS and play cooking mama.

(If you want to play Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals here is the link)


Super Mario

If you’ve played Super Mario Bros 3 or the more recent Super Mario 3D land you will know all about a power up Mario can get called a tanookie suit, now I had no idea that the tanookie suit is the fur of a real animal called a tanookie dog. According to PETA the tanookie dog is an endangered animal and poachers skin them alive so they can sell their fur as it is quite valuable and sells for a high price. Since Super Mario wears a tanookie suit PETA gets the idea that Mario is one of these poachers, obviously PETA has never played any Mario games because if they did they would know that Mario gets his tanookie suit from eating a leaf but PETA are idiots so they released yet another game called Mario Kills Tanookie.

I would tell you what this game is about but PETA has already doe that for us this is what PETA says Mario kills Tanookie is about

When on a mission to rescue the princess, Mario has been known to use any means necessary to defeat his enemy—even wearing the skin of a raccoon dog to give him special powers.

Tanooki may be just a “suit” in Mario games, but in real life, tanooki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur. Play Super Tanooki Skin 2D and help Tanooki reclaim his fur!

You play as a naked tanookie dog who is chasing Mario to get his fur back if you catch the tanookie dog is happy there is no special ending or anything.

(Wanna play Mario Kills Tanookie here is the link)

P.S there is one more Mario related game by PETA called Super Chick Sisters but I didn’t feel the need to mention it in this blog because Mario Kills Tanookie is more Mario related since it has Mario in it. Super Chick Sisters actually isn’t that bad of a game and you play it by going to this link


I left the most recent and defiantly the stupidest till last according to PETA Pokémon games encourage cruelty toward Animals because they are stuffed into the poke balls and then they are sent out to fight which apparently encourages animal fighting. PETA obviously played Pokémon Black and White because they felt the need to release a game about the Pokémon’s escaping from their trainers and adventuring towards their freedom this so called game of PETA’s is titled Pokémon Black and Blue.

I got to admit this game is pretty funny but I don’t think it’s meant to be which just makes it funnier

(Wanna Play Pokémon Black and Blue here is the link)

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog

You know PETA haven’t made a Zelda game yet and in Zelda you can kill chickens it probably won’t be long till PETA release a game where we play as a chicken and have to violently murder Link but until then good night, sleep tight and try to hold on to that little part of your childhoods which hasn’t been ruined by PETA.

This blog was written by Dan


2 thoughts on “Nintendo PETA Style

  1. The PETA Song (tune: The Pokemon Song)
    People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid trolls for animals since 1980
    We don’t care if our accusations make less than zero sense
    We don’t care if our image of Pokemon is as fictional as the evening news
    We just can’t stand anything that teaches people to abuse animals!
    POKEMON! What a cruel farce of a game, cruelty to animals is insane
    They beat each other black and blue
    POKEMON! Gotta free ’em all… YEAH!

    Bashing McDonald’s Wednesday to Tuesday even if it’s a slow news day
    Hating SeaWorld July to June, we freak out when animals die too soon
    Our goal is total animal liberation, whether our world’s animals like it or not
    We don’t care if our president is the dumbest animal abuser of all!
    POKEMON! What a cruel farce of a game, cruelty to animals is insane
    They beat each other black and blue
    POKEMON! Gotta free ’em all from PETA!

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