Dark Skies (2013) Review


Dark Skies is a Science Fiction horror movie directed by Scott Stewart and starring Keri Russell, J.K. Simmons and Josh Hamilton.

8RixCaThe Barrett family enjoy the simple life in a quiet American town, that is until strange occurrences begin happening around the house and eventually to themselves.


After some of the unusual activity becomes very concerning Lacy and Daniel decide to visit Edwin Pollard an alien specialist who tells them that they are being visited by an alien species called the greys who select humans for taking.


The greys tend to take children most of the time and the Barrett family become very concerned that one of their children may have been selected for taking by the greys.

Dark_SkiesThe alien design in Dark Skies isn’t too creative but is immediately recognisable,you will notice that they look rather generic and are very similar to how aliens are portrayed in most media.


Overall the entire cast did a good job of portraying their characters but one person who really stood out was Keri Russel who played Lacy Barrett the mother of the family, she gave a performance which felt real to me almost as if the children in the film were her real children as she comforted and protected them, she also gave an excellent performance throughout all of her other scenes and was genuinely a joy to watch.

Dark Skies was a surprisingly good film, I wasn’t expecting much from it but it managed to cut down on the jump scares and gave a really creepy vibe, the greys are terrifying and the mere presence of them in the film sent shivers down my spine, give it a watch if you get the chance.

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