Alien 3 (1992) Review

81hSkdNKqdL._RI_SX200_Alien 3 is the third movie in the alien franchise, it was directed by David Fincher who before directing Alien 3 was mostly known for directing short films and documentaries, after Alien 3 David Fincher went on to make a lot of classic movies including Panic Room, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Fight Club.


After escaping the Ship Sulaco at the end of Aliens a fire is started in the escape pod where Ellen Ripley and three other individuals were sleeping in cryonic stasis, the escape pod crashes on a prison planet where the inmates discover the wreckage and pull out Ripley the only survivor along with the bodies of those who perished.

Its quickly discovered that an Xenomorph was the cause of the fire and is now running freely in the prison killing everyone is sight leaving Ripley the only person with experience with the creatures having to take a leadership role in order to save the inhabitants of the planet, she also discovers that she has been impregnated with a Xenomorph cutting down the amount of time she has to do this

tumblr_memklxmkfl1qkcj94o1_1280The plot of Alien 3 is ok and it follows the story in a way that does make sense however within 15 minutes everyone apart from Ripley who survived in Aliens dies, these characters are given a very lazy send off and it really puts me off the film, I wouldn’t mind it as much if they maybe put a bit more effort into killing them off.

Put it this way imagine if you had just finished watching the Fellowship of the Ring so you decide to put on the Two Towers and the film opens with Frodo crying  because Sam died in his sleep.

How dumb does that sound?

Alien-3-05-gAlien 3 is just about as cheesy as aliens but maybe a little more serious, I didnt like the acting too much in this one as a lot of the lines felt forced however the cast was a lot of fun and the dialogue was silly enough to be funny, I cant get a decent picture of the Xenomorph however I have to admit that unfortunately it looks like it had just been pulled straight from a PS2 game and is not very scary in my opinion.

I know I havent said too many nice things about this movie however with all its faults its still a decent film, it has some good action scenes and some memorable deaths including one where a man who has been blinded by the alien accidentally rolls into an industrial fan, it also marks what I can only gather was supposed to be the end of Ellen Ripleys story and a scene at the end of the film where Ellen does the only thing she can to prevent another alien being brought into the world is really cool and and is one of the most epic moments in the franchise.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Alien 3 (1992) if you respect my opinion I will respect yours.

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