Aliens (1986) Review

Aliens_posternine years after the first movie, a sequel to Alien was made and this time James Cameron took the directors chair, before writing and directing aliens, James Cameron had done the same for the Terminator two years prior.

aliens_05Fifty seven years after the first movie Ellen Ripley is discovered sleeping in status in a shuttle that is floating through space, after being rescued her employers do not believe her claims that an Alien slaughtered her entire crew and left her with no choice but too blow up the ship.


A colony has been set up where the alien eggs were found in the first movie,  when contact with the colony is lost Ripley is asked to go with a group of marines to check out the disturbance, while at first unsure Ripley eventually agrees and goes along after it is confirmed to her that the mission is to completely destroy the Xenomorphs.


Aliens is more of a cheesy action movie when compared to the dark and creepy horror film which was the original, this film is crazy fun and has all of the cliches to go with it, you have a sarcastic sergeant who always has a cigar in his mouth, a bad ass child character who is way more useful than any of the adults and some crazy marines that are full of banter and funny one liners, this may seem strange when compared to the first movie but the silly nature works surprisingly well here and the combination of scares, action and silliness helps to make this my favourite film in the franchise.


Speaking of our child actor I want to give some credit to Carrie Henn that played Rebecca Jordan aka Newt, Newt was discovered by Ripley and the marines during the mission, Newt is an orphan who lost her brother and mother to the aliens and once she finds trust in Ripley she helps her and the marines with the mission. Newt is a great character and it adds more tension to the movie when there is a child involved and she is just fairly bad ass throughout making the audience root for her survival.

Alien-Sigourney-WeaverThe set for Aliens is very similar to the first movie however there are more of them and since more lights are used in the film they help to show more details of the architecture. In my personal opinion I think the sets in Aliens are cooler,way more interesting and way more scary, the first film was scary because you couldn’t see much of the Alien but here there are loads of them and you get to see all of the grisly details up close including a horrific cocooning scene where the aliens cocoon their victims next to a non hatched Face Hugger egg leaving the victim forced into a grizzly fate.

Aliens is an amazing sequel to one of the scariest movies of all time, the first film created a genre while this one expanded on that and  gave us a different take on the series, this the alien movie where aliens get blasted, flattened, burned alive and blown to bits and its awesome, the movie once again ended on a cliff hanger leaving audience desperate for more.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Aliens (1986) if you respect my opinion I will respect yours.

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